I don’t know how SRK could work with him: Delhi-based actor accuses Producer Karim Morani of raping & drugging

A Delhi-based aspiring actor has accused producer and friend of Shah Rukh Khan, Karim Morani, of drugging, raping and blackmailing her, read on!
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By every passing minute, we are introduced to a new #MeToo ordeal and the latest story that caught our unqualified attention was narrated by a Delhi-based aspiring actor who has finally come out of the closet and decided to lend her voice to the #MeToo revolution exploding in Bollywood. For starters, the survivor recounted the horror for the first time on television and exposed top Bollywood producer Karim Morani.

To begin with, the survivor shifted to Mumbai in 2014 and since she knew the Morani family, the survivor recalled that a year later in 2015, during a function at the Morani household, she got in touch with the producer. Thereafter, the survivor said in an interview to Republic, “Morani came home around 7pm with a bottle of wine. I didn't drink but he forced me to drink. Next thing I know, I wake up at 4am. I was numb and shocked. Physically and mentally, I was in a state of shock. Karim was not there. I saw there were marks on my body when I woke up.”

However, later, when the aspiring actor confronted Karim, he laughed it off. She recounts, “I found the courage and called him next day. I confronted him and asked him - what did you do to me? I told him I'd call his wife and brother. He just laughed over the phone. Can't forget that laughter. I felt helpless. I was 21.”

After repeated threats from Karim Morani of circulating her nude pictures to getting her eliminated by the underworld, the victim recalled that he would confine her and rape her. “The after effects were that I stopped talking to people, stopped working, became a recluse. It wasn't just one time. He came over a couple of times more. It was 12th Sept 2015 and he calls me and says I want you to come here. I was scared he'd circulate my nude pictures to family. He sneaked me into the room. He didn't even let me leave,” shared the victim.

The accuser also went on to lament that how can people like Shah Rukh Khan work with him. “I don’t know how SRK could work with him. I don’t want to drag SRK into this but how can such an icon work with this 2G accused and support a man like this. Nobody spoke out about me or backed me up. How can top actors like SRK work with him?” questions the victim.

Later, the survivor lodged a complaint against Morani in Hyderabad's Rachakonda and although the producer is facing rape charges, he is currently out on anticipatory bail.  In the last hearing that happened in April the Telangana police did agree in front of the Supreme Court that there is enough evidence against Karim Morani to prosecute him but soon after in May, the SC did upheld the bail to Karim Morani.

Karim Morani has produced films like Chennai Express, Ra.One, Happy New Year and Dum, among others.


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If SRK kept quite about this to ptotectc a friend than he is partner in crime too. He should spare us his speeches about respecting and protecting women, because the only women he really care about are the one living with him in Manat and that too is for his family image

I always thought the same, Karim Morani is really a piece of work. All of them are. I had to work with them once for an event and they basically just gave me the work because they thought I looked good and wanted me around which I realized after. Even though I was applying to work for the company for this 3 day event, when I actually started working they acted like I was Ali's "special friend" and gave me all access to everything and gave my duties to someone else - the job I was supposed to be doing which was coordinating some of the timings for the lesser stars who were arriving for this event. Instead they just made me hang around with Ali and anytime anyone approached me to try and chat with me and ask who I was someone would come by and say that I was with "bhai", and the person would back off immediately. It was interesting to see how dedicated yet completely b*tchy the stars were. Priyanka Chopra gave a fit because the dancers costumes were a similar colour to the outfit she was wearing and she made them all have new material put together, she also even though I smiled at her gave me dirty looks since this was before she was a "kind international woman sisterhood celebrity" that she is today. SRK smoked constantly and didn't allow any of the employees at the venue to take a photo with him and he was quite rude, Katrina was dedicated and stuck to herself and was super boring, Ranveer was energetic and seemed like he was on coke. Sonakshi and Anushka had a lot of tension as there were rumours he slept with Sonakshi one of the nights and then Neha Dhupia the next but was supposed to be dating Anushka at the time and you could hear Anushka slagging off Sonakshi who avoided Anushka completely even though they were in the same room. The other lesser male stars although married were all trying to get with someone. Anyway, since I was getting paid and wasn't really sure what to do with the change of events (ie. having no actual duties to do) I started talking to Mohammad's son who was really really nice and kind. Ali was at first as well which kind of put me at ease even though I didn't really have much to do I thought maybe they want me to stay with the top stars in case they need anything (as the Morani's were only ever around the top stars like Mrs ARB, her husband, SRK etc). Anyway as the night progressed after the final event was over, the group I was with which consisted of Ali and Mohammad as well went upstairs to one of the suites for a party which I obviously was going to go to because by then I just thought everyone was just hanging out and as there were so many people including other celebrities and a few other actresses like the very pretty actress from Padmavati I felt comfortable going and thought wow this is so random and exciting! After a while the drinks were running out and I said that I had some alcohol in the bar in my room and I would go down and bring it back up to the party and Ali said he would accompany me in the lift as he had to outside to get some fresh air (was not going to my room but was going down at the same time). So we walked to the elevator and I was a bit nervous because I realized he was really an important person the way everyone behaved around him and we had not really spoken to each other or been alone yet so I didn't know what kind of small talk to say but obviously I felt like he was trying to chat with me alone since it was on his orders that I didn't really have any work to do but stand around with them. He asked me about my school (I was studying in university) and whether I had an interest in ever moving to Mumbai and when we got in the elevator he started saying "I think you're really sweet, I find you really sweet" and he kissed me on the lips. I backed away and said oh I'm sorry sir I don't think this is what I was expecting (I was trying to be really nice as I didn't know how he would react to rejection) and he backed up and started rubbing my lower back and I just looked at the floor feeling like a slut because I blamed myself immediately since I was at this party with them I immediately just blamed myself and thought maybe I had given the wrong impression somehow. Finally my floor came and I quickly exited the lift and I just remember thinking god doesn't he have a WIFE and KIDS I had met his daughter earlier and she was older than me, what a nerve. I quickly got the alcohol and went up to drop it off and by then I realized everyone was really drunk and I didn't feel comfortable staying at the party even though there were even more people now and the actresses were all still chilling and some of them were smoking. SRK was not there. But I didn't want another encounter with Ali and I didn't like the way they all acted like I was with him when I wasn't so I left with another girl and two other actors who were hungry and wanted to go get food. They were normal, nothing happened other than we ate and went back to our rooms. The next morning which was the last day at this event, he acted like nothing had happened and he told me to contact him if ever I came to Mumbai and gave me his card. I went back home to my normal life thinking only a few things - that SRK is a sicko for being with these people considering that Karim has had arrests and carries a gun and all, and also that he's basically the Morani's b***ch cuz they paid for everything for him and flew him around private and were talking about how they were going to fly somewhere else next so they could watch this important game (cricket or football I can't remember now). I also realized that there were many more important people BEHIND the stars who just kind of seem like the face and the puppets behind the actual masters who were powerful people like the Morani's and I'm sure the Ambani's as well. To see SRK kowtow and act subservient to them was an eye opener for me. Then later in life when I saw Happy New Year come out I was just shocked that they would feature so publicly in the film. I don't know, doesn't seem good for SRK's image that he cares so much about to associate himself with these people.

Does anyone know who is the Ali mentioned in this post?

This sounds like fan fiction at its best. An entertaining read and because of the harsh reality now, entirely plausible--if you have never read good fan fiction. Well done!

The reality is - it's not fiction. Granted it's not as bad as some of the stories but it just shows you how confusing it can be for a girl, especially when something is not totally "wrong" like it's not like they are flat out asking you to have sex but it's very confusing because it starts off small

She had wine and passed out seriously. I’m sorry I’m a feminist to the core but this sounds like an episode of Ekta Kapoor serial.

"Cineyug as an entertainment company to me is like a family whether it is Mohomed Morani, Karim, Aly or Bunty Soorma and all the boys and girls who work with them work for them, I don’t think anybody works for them. I don’t think anybody works for them the company works together as a whole is one of the most professional units I have worked for for the last ten years , is one of the most high profile units that I have worked for for the last ten years and best part about Cineyug whether it is during event management or it is while producing a film I am sure I have not worked with them for a film as yet and I will one of these days but as far as there management is concerned as far as there approach to work is concern I can say one thing it is not about how well they manage something which is going right, how well they are doing something and making it look even better than it is how well they are able to collect a number of stars and actors and performers and musicians, singers and dancers under one roof with there respective ego’s and respective problems and being able to solve it but Cineyug is about how well they manage things wonderfully when things have gone wrong and I wish them all the best and I hope more and more work is done with Cineyug whether its me or people outside and I hope they remain the top most company in our country." Google it, Cineyug, big pic, numero uno endorser smh

these delusional srk apologists are missing the point. it's not about what srk did. it's about what he didn't do. this guy preaches about "women empowerment" all the time but keeps such filths in close company. you can't claim to support women and support these pigs who hurt women. and please spare the stuff he had no idea. this is bollywood. every insiders are aware of what's going on. everyone is an opportunist. srk's platform is one of the biggest and turns out he's a hypocrite.

All these comments about not being a fan of Shah Rukh anymore are so irritating. Don't say it to Pinkvilla - why don't you instead unfollow his Twitter, Instagram, etc. In the meantime, those numbers continue to grow because of all these empty "I'm not your fan anymore" threats. You want him to know you're not his fan anymore? Pinkvilla's not going to shoot him an email. . .

i don't know what the srk name does here, did he rape her no , did she told him and he did nothing like anurag and vikas no , did he spoke against her no , will he work with karim after that no ? the only conclusion srk can sells.

I agree. This is not SRK's problem yet. But i think people are reacting because being a best friend and in close contact and probably witness to or hearing about these events makes it look really bad on him.

Perry, come on...write one para atleast I honor of victim. It seems you are losing steam very early in this #metoo movement. Why restrict your anger to nana o ly? Let's show people you care equally for all victims. Where's your condemnation of shahrukh khan?

the Moranis are notorious crooks and have always been best friends with Shahrukh

Omg! All this is so disgusting. Every second article is on this. I have no respect for these Bollywood industry now. I’m ashamed to be an srk fan as well.

Shame on you SRK...MOrani brothers are your bets friends and business partners...Fraha Khan is your friend. Your group is no less than Akshay's.

SRK....am ashamed to be your fan...w eput up through your flops and priyanka chopra affair...but this is really bad. Not a fan anymore...

The fact that people now hold you accountable for the actions of your friends or colleagues is ridiculous, especially for the decisions that they made in their personal lives.

As a woman, I cannot agree more! There is no need to call out someone who was associated with someone who is accused. I work with people and are friends with them, and i don't know what they do in their personal life. I don't even know what my best friend is doing in her personal space...we need to drag the right people down the drain and not just use the buy one get one free mentality

Not sure if metoo movement will bring justice to the victims but it will certainly expose scumbags vs righteous people. Sadly the bigger the star the bigger the scumbag

Read the victim's account on republic world...multiple rapes, blackmail and threat to life through underworld...numerous crimes of the highest order!!! Is this an industry to work OR a brothel!!

Arrest him immediately.

As if Sri did not know about the underworld

The victim is too brave for words I hope more people realize that, it is hard enough to name any one in ent industry but when you have the underworld involved and you fear for your life and still speak out, well then, not everyone can be as brave, I fear for her but hope all turns out ok. Why do you think srk is shutting up, no talk

This is getting scarier and scarier. In less than a week, we've read about 3 cases of drugging and rape by prominent people. What I thought about casting couch was completely different from this. I always thought it was a 1 time thing, consensual. I have come across enough harassers to know that they exist everywhere but why is violent rape so rampant in Bollywood. How can these people hold placards, say all the things they say when it happens outside while this is going on in their house. It makes me sick to even watch Hindi movies anymore. To the girl who spoke out about this filth, more power to you. Stay strong, you've been through so much, I hope somehow you feel okay. Timesup

You stole my words! What the heck this Bollywood is. This is a fucking mafia of its own. These guys are worse than our politicians! What the fucking heck this place is. I don’t think I will be able to watch a Bollywood movie again. Disgust. And they raise slogans for others? What the fuck man! They make patriotic movies. Vikas behl made queen. And

the rape charges happened in 2017 and srk has not worked with karim since 2015 in dilwale. and i hope srk severs all ties with this scumbag for good.

Post MeToo, the perspective with which I saw pictures/videos of actors/actresses being close/kissing/hugging other person has drastically changed.

Everyone knew of casting couch which I thought was 1 time or 1 film consensual act in return of film offer. I forced myself to think that no, not everyone has come that route.

But now, with stories of rampant rape, date-rape, torture and abuse - it all makes sense. ALL of them have tortured multiple people and all the aspirants have borne the torture and few made it to the top. Once at the top, everything is forgotten OR you also become a part of the torture system.

This picture of SRK-Morani-Deepika is disgusting. Now I know, why do all these people hug/grope/kiss each other without having any meaningful friendly or work relationship..such a behavior with stranger or acquaintances is NOT normal in world. Turns out, they are all there to get favors and give favors (or abuse to be truthful).

SICK!The ones who seek it, the ones who give it - both are sick, even if the entire industry is like that, it doesnt make it normal, it doesnt make the harassment routine or acceptable. SICK!

Sick! Really. These guys are criminals of the highest order. I can’t helieve the anushka and deepika of the educated families - what are they doing here? Yuck. I would never ever work in a work place like that even if I in person do not face any abuse. What kind of people are they? They thought would’ve our role models! Please, I had more courage and more morals than these people even when I was 5! Bloody faggots.

I read her full interview on republicworld. It is horrifying.This man should be hanged.He is not a human.

Read her full interview here

I don't know why the need to drag SRK's name here. None of the other victims asked how can Akshay worked with sajid or how can Amir or hrithik work with ...
She shouldn't have drag his name in to this just to get people to notice her metoo movement

I was SRK's fan as a teen then I just liked him despite his bad movies now I have no respect left for this man

Another man who always had a rep for being a sleaze bag .

Miss depression aka deepika plz stand up...speak up.

Miss depression aka deepika plz stand up...speak up.

Ms Padukone you worked with Sajid khan, karima..Do you at least speak now? Or you still say gender neutral? Being a fan yours today I feel I just wasted my energy..feel like I supported someone who never speak.. Always tries to play safe and extremely selfish

guys don't waste time & money on these people, they have no ethics. stop watching movies, any which way they don't make a difference to the society

Shame on you SRK...you are such a hypocrite. Now I understand why there was no word from you on #metoo movement.

Deepika you are talking about depression right? Many women in your industry are suffering from depression because of this sexual assault and abuse.. Why don't speak up? What's the Use of having those many followers? When you never speak.. She always play safe guys.. Doesn't have gutsss.. Dia mirza is better than you.. When you ask her about me too.. She dodges it saying gender neutral blah blah.. Sometimes I feel Sonam and Kangana was right about her

Maybe Deepika was also going through the same and she just call it depression instead of harassment.

Oh please don’t even compare Kangana and Deepika.. Kangana totally calls out bullshit and Deepika is a PR mechanism..

She has picture kissing Morani. Please look at his expressions. How can you kiss someone like that man?

Deepika you are talking about depression right? Many women in your industry are suffering from depression because of this sexual assault and abuse.. Why don't speak up? What's the Use of having those many followers? When you never speak.. She always play safe guys.. Doesn't have gutsss.. Dia mirza is better than you.. When you ask her about me too.. She dodges it saying gender neutral blah blah.. Sometimes I feel Sonam and Kangana was right about her

Srk is the biggest hypocrite.. Compared to him Amir khan is far better.

the srk fans that were attacking aamir, sallu, HR, akki etc in other thread. please respond do this? let's see your objectivity.

nice. SRK did nothing but she's involving him to bring attention to her case. she says I don't want to drag him into this but that's exactly what she's doing and she knows it.

SRK and Ranveer and PC will do anything for money and fame !

She has filed a case before but I’d never even heard about it why was the media silent till now? Instead of asking stupid questions like when stars are getting married why don’t you ask about stuff like this?! Why is this man not in jail?!!!

Hate Bollywood and SRk. So much hypocrisy. What this women faced is nerve racking. Would SRk still be quiet if it were his daughter?? What he preaches is nowhere close to what he practises.. I no longer will watch his movies

Why did she drink liquor in first place with a starnger .When you cant handle the drink then better not to drink

Why did that woman get on a bus wearing a skirt. When you wear a skirt than better not to complain you are raped on a bus.

You knuckle heads- this is not a case of not being able to handle a drink- more like she thought no harm in having a few sips to be polite and not to annoy him since she is a newcomer and he a well know Bollywood person. He obviously put some pills in the drink...he planned it all to abuse her not once but several times with fear of naked pictures etc. Guess his parents were so proud when a son/he was born---only to grow up into a monster and indulge in devilish acts!

So it is her fault?? The man has no control or what??

He’s gone and Deepika too..

SRK is a hypocrite

SRK partied with Karim Morani even after there were public accusations against Karim for rape.

Wen? This news came just yesterday.

No, he didn't party with him. Just because he was present at the same venue where there were another thousand people doesn't mean they partied together. There are no pics of them together in that party. Since the rape allegations, SRK has stopped working with Morani. Morani is not a producer on Zero either.

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