Imran Khan: I have heard Vikas Bahl’s story from actresses, been silent for long & it makes me feel dirty

Actor-turned-director Imran Khan lends his voice to the #MeToo movement as he says that everyone in the industry knew about Vikas Bahl and his stories of sexual misconduct. Read on!
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The #MeToo movement has finally hit Bollywood and with each passing day, this movement is gaining momentum in the industry. After Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahl and Alok Nath have been accused of sexual misconduct but what is note-worthy is that many B-town celebs have extended their support to the victims on social media. Actor-turned-director Imran Khan is the latest to lend his voice to the MeToo movement and although in the past, Imran wanted to talk about incidents of sexual harassment in the industry but the actor was asked to remain quiet. “I think it was long long long overdue. There have been times when I wanted to speak out. I was advised to stay quiet because they said people will assume I am trying to grab publicity. Time and again, people around me will tell me to not speak up,” Imran said in an interview to Indian Express.

Allegations of sexual assault against the Queen director Vikas Bahl have been making headlines ever since an employee of Phantom accused Vikas of sexual harassment. While the employee’s story has been corroborated by Anurag Kashyap, Imran Khan, too, substantiated the news. Yes, the Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na actor shares an incident about director Vikas Bahl and his stories of sexual misconduct. Before narrating the incident, Imran reiterates that this is what he was told by the actresses. Imran said, “Everyone is talking about Vikas Bahl. I have heard his stories from three other actresses. Ranging from inappropriate touching to straight up saying that if you were cast in the film, what will I get in return. Again, I am telling you what I know directly through the actresses or from the industry. The story of this girl (in case of Vikas Bahl) came somewhere a year ago, if I am not wrong. Everyone in the film industry knew. I was at a social gathering 5-6 months ago, with a lot of people and the conversation came about MeToo movement in Hollywood. At a point, I said what about Bollywood.”

But like other stories, Vikas’s story was brushed under the carper and nobody paid heed to Imran Khan and the actor was advised to stay mum. Imran said, “As a man, I know what it is to say that. I do not want to deal with negative publicity but how these women have come out is brave. I do not want them to feel that men in the industry are not standing by them. I have chosen my words and said what I intended to say. I have been silent for long enough and it makes me feel dirty.”

Imran Khan was last seen in Katti Batti (2015) opposite Kangana Ranaut and recently, Imran made his directorial venture with Dharma 2.0.  


Attention seeker who is coming as if he is witness

imran is truly a good man..i say it from personal experience....he is a devoted husband...he never even looks at another woman

Respect for you Imran.. when the biggies of Bollywood refused to comment.. this man has collaborated the stories .. keep supporting Imran !!

what an opportunist.

Your comment is the perfect example of why people don't want to get involved and/or help others. Because they are screwed either way. Imran has nothing to gain from this.

Perfect Imran! We need more men like you to come forward and support this movement.

Will he speak about Jessica Hynes and Fatima?

Those are love affairs..not sexual harassment!

What’s that got to do with #metoo? Consensual affairs, bad dates and bad breakups are not what this movement is about. Don’t get this confused as it dilutes the seriousness of what is happening.

Everyone heard stories about you too

Everything seems to be like a planned campaign against Vikas. This guy is neither witness nor victim. He is just someone who "heard" something from parties and is coming to media talking as if he knows everything n everybody. He shud first clean the skeletons from his own family first.

Rajkumar Rao shud walk out of Mental Hai Kya

A gentleman among thieves

avantika&his mil vandana malik are strong minded women as well ,iam sure they have a postive influence on imran.

The likes of Ranbir woldrun from Avantika. Only a man of character can be with a woman of strength!

Too good of a soul Imran

Imran You are far far better than Dramebaaz Hrithik.I like you as a person.

Hrithik Roshan acted innocent in public. Even though he knew everything he did a movie with him. Now acting all innocent. How many times do you believe Hrithik guys??? Can't you see what type of person Hrithik is.??

He is a Professional actor who does not discuss personal life of others. Neither is he a friend of Vikas nor has he anything to do with 2015 incident. Chinese whispers are not facts. Else, we all know the kind of lies Kangana has spread around industry too. Instead of questioning Hrithik, u shud ask Kangana who supported Vikas all thru Queen and also during 2017. Same with Anurag who said nothing was proved against Vikas until last month. Am sure had her film not clashed, she wud hv still praised Vikas

Once again HR and KR PR and their super fans spoil everything. Please stop bringing their names into this serious movement as it dilutes the importance. These two selfish people bore and annoy the crap out of me.

Once again HR and KR PR and their super fans spoil everything. Please stop bringing their names into this serious movement as it dilutes the importance. These two selfish people bore and annoy the crap out of me.

Once again HR and KR PR and their super fans spoil everything. Please stop bringing their names into this serious movement as it dilutes the importance. These two selfish people bore and annoy the crap out of me.

Once again HR and KR PR and their super fans spoil everything. Please stop bringing their names into this serious movement as it dilutes the importance. These two selfish people bore and annoy the crap out of me.

Slow clap Imran. If you really care, name others. Vikas's time is already up, no point in joining the bandwagon.

Always respected this young man. He was too good a soul for this stupid industry.

He is a coward for not speaking out earlier!!!

Why should he take names when he was not exploited.. may b those actresses who were exploited shud hv opened their mouth ..but no they mite getting work 4 keeping mouth shut

Imran says that everyone in the film industry knew about that story which means that Hritik knew about it but still started working with him and only when it became open and people started bashing him Hritik woke up and said that he'll not work with him

Yeah bcoz this guy is some PM that every word of his has to be taken seriously. Maybe others hv a job to take care of than reading unsubstantiated rumors. The directors of Phantom themselves were supporting Vikas all thru and u expect a Professional actor to peep into personal life of some director?

Nobody ever heard of it until now.

Absolutely you all believe Hrithik because he acts like vulnerable, classy and all. Please don't believe he's actually a dramebaaz. Kangana may not be classy interms of accusing, she may utter everything but she has got the point. She always supported all women. This vikar bhal incident happened last year right? No one supported that woman even though he was giving her another script she stood by this woman. This Hrithik planned so well to let down Kangana, to make her look like lier. Associated and empowered this type people. Now you can see his true face. Don't believe him guys

Hritik was my biggest crush ever and I couldn't believe that man with such a pure and innocent eyes could do any wrong but then I took pink glasses off since his divorce. I mean he was having affairs and his wife divorced him, he make her guilty in that, he had a fling or affair or just slept with Kangana he made Kangana look guilty and now started working with a man who everyone in film industry knew was harrasing women and there was already complain on him when Hritik said yes to that project

Kangna, take ur meds

There was rape case on Aditya Pancholi when Kangana dated him, there was rape case on Madhur Bhandarkar when Kangana worked in Fashion, there is Sexual harassment case against Jeetender under whose banner she is working now. In contrast, even today, there has been no official complaint against Vikas. Get ur facts right

Kangana worked with a man who had a Rape FIR against him. And is working with Balaji whose head has a case against him. She knew Vikas case and yet supported him.

Der aaye durust aaye

My respect for him today. He made a very strong statement. I hope more names are taken now and bigger names comes out!
Amitabh, this is what a role model is.. not you anymore.

Imran is a gem. He is a wonderful soul.

Good imran. Better late than never. Please teach your mamu to speak up also.

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