Jacqueline Fernandez: I am my best critic; I analyse my own performances

Jacqueline Fernandez was last seen in Race 3 and will be next working with Salman Khan in Kick 2. In an interview with a publication, the actor got candid about her films, career, success and criticism.
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Jacqueline Fernandez appeared on the August issue of Femina. The actor looks drop-dead gorgeous on the magazine cover.

She gave an interview to the magazine where she spoke about her films and career. When asked who does she owes her success to, she answered, "I think, at the end of the day, there are so many people who come together and are immensely helpful and supportive while making a film. But it does also ultimately come down to you—on how much you want something and how far you’re willing to push yourself for it."
Her films Judwaa 2 and Race 3 have been a box office hit. She has worked with Varun Dhawan and Salman Khan twice in her career. Which co-star does she feel most comfortable to work with? To which answered, "Varun and I are close friends so he’s very easy to work with. I’d love to say Salman, but I think he’s very intimidating (laughs). I say this just because of his star power. I also find Akshay (Kumar) easy to work with."

The Kick actor was asked if criticism to her films and performances affect her or not and she said, "A lot of the time it doesn’t get to me as much; it doesn’t even come my way. I don’t read a lot of film reviews or hear of them much. I am my best critic. I see myself on screen and I analyse my own performances. I recognise if I could have done something better, or changed something about a character a bit. Trust me, I don’t live in a bubble where I think I’m perfect. I live in a bubble where I think, ‘oh my god, this is terrible’. I know where I need to put in more work and where I need to train more."


Jaqueline you got amazing entrepreneurial talent. Just apply same instinct to your acting career as well. What you need author backed roles. You have great potential to unlock. You can work with either countries be it Sri Lanka or India when it comes to artistic cinema. Sri Lanka also have fantastic young directors.

Jaqueline has got great comic timing other than Kangana she is the best. It is not easy to be great in comedy films as there is not middle ground in comedy either make you laugh the audience or not. She has done very good few films Brothers, Murder 2 and Roy. She did another English film which is Sri Lankan -Australian joint production called According to Mathew, thriller , she was really good in it. She needs to show those films here in India.( But it may be controversial in story line is concerned) . For my understanding she is under utilised actress.

she should take constructive criticism. theres not a lot of that around but she should seek it out and build to improve herself.

Time to change your critic honey!!

Maybe try a change of critics? You need good advice

I don't think you are eligible for anything more than a Barbie Doll roles. If you get time, please analyse Smitha Patil, Shabana Azmi & Manju Warriers films, they might give you a cue about something you really need here, i.e Acting

I think none of the current so called Deepika, Alia Kangana can not make patch of Smita Patel. In this case watching all those artist films must apply to current generation of actress.

some people talking about her acting skills..she"s multi talented. i never seen such a energetic and talented,hardworking girl. it"s ok you all think she cant act,because she still doing commercial films.. then what about 'BROTHERS' ? most of her films directed by choreographers,dubutants and people like sajid.. their failure continuously afected her. her FIRST critic film THE GIRL IN THE TRAIN on the way.as fans we know why she"s still in same level of acting, but i think you dont know. no worries... she didn't started yet. by the way , SOME PEOPLE MISSING KATRINA. HERE, WE ALL KNOW ABOUT KATRINA ,PLS STOP atache her to jackie. jacqueline never jealousy with others and no have two faces..GOD BLESS YOU JACQUELINE YOU'LL START RISING ONE DAY !!!!! 'DEAR PEOPLE YOU CAN'T JUDGE A BOOK FRM IT'S COVER'

She can't act. But she can feature in a commercial films that doesn't require acting. I am sorry, but even Katrina and Sonam have a few films where they acted so well. Can't say the same about Jacqueline.

Jaqueline passed Katrina's acting levels in her third film. For your information Katrina is yet to act , she is just featuring in films. Jaqueline's is far better actor.

Jacqueline did really well in Murder 2, Roy and Brothers when it comes to performance. I found her acting to be really good in these 3 films in particular. She also wasn't bad in Dishoom & Kick.

She is better than katrina in many ways.Be it dance ,looks,nature,body everything.She may not know acting but is far better than katrina

Katrina has given far bigger hits tahn her

Ha s she given bigger hits without Khans . Answer is no. Even after 15 years in the industry . She can not give a hit her own or any young actor as a core star.

Then u should know u r the next Katrina of bwood? No talent only body show, dance and Salman?

Kat has better star value than her.

But Katrina could not make a hit with any of the young stars. That shows her star power. She has star power as long as any Khan is in the film. Jaqueline made hit even with Imran Hasmi, two with Varun. Deepika is the only one who got real star power as far as actress are concerned. Pinkvilla I have posted few comments you did not publish any of them. Why? It does not have single foul word only facts.

This made me LOL!!!

Me too

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