Jazz musician, actor Roger V. Burton passes away at the age of 90

Jazz musician, television actor and developmental research psychologist Roger V. Burton passes away. He was 90.
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Jazz musician, television actor and developmental research psychologist Roger V. Burton is dead. He was 90.

He died on November 30 at his home in Santa Monica, variety.com reported.

Burton began as a professional jazz trombonist at the age of 11, playing in big bands and on studio film soundtracks. Earning himself the nickname "Schoolboy" for doing homework between set breaks, he started college at University of Southern California at the age of 16 and graduated with a BA and BM in music, as well as an MA in Sciences.

His musical history includes playing with Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee, Andre Previn, Johnny Ray, Frankie Laine, the Lennie Niehaus Octet, The Ink Spots, the Chuck Cabot Band, and the Dick Pierce Band. He was a regular on Ernst Gold studio recordings for films as well as The Hoagy Carmichael Show on NBC.

After taking lessons from friend and jazz legend Charles Mingus, Burton switched to the bass and began playing in smaller combos. However, this would not be Burton's last career change, as he went on to study psychology at Harvard University after writing a response to a study that claimed musicians were irresponsible. In 1967 he worked with Swiss child developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, and later with John Whiting.

For the last few decades of his life, Burton changed careers yet again to become a television actor.

He played Philips on "The Cool Kids", Zach Galifianakis' father-in-law on "Baskets" and had roles on "Shameless", "The Clapper", "My Name is Earl", "Fargo," "Super Clyde", "American Body Shop", "Monk", "House", "The George Lopez Show" and "Up All Night". 

He also appeared on "American Idol", "Good Morning America" and "The Tonight Show." 

Ten years ago, he and his late wife, novelist Gabrielle Burton, climbed to the base camp of Mt. Kilimanjaro at 80 years old, reported variety.com.

Burton is survived by his daughters, Maria, Jennifer, Ursula, Gabrielle, and Charity, his sons-in-law, David Mathieson, Aniruddh Patel, Graeme Boone, Darin Henry, Steve Duron, his sister JoDe Kielhofer, nieces, nephews, and his eight grandchildren.


What an interesting life and combination of careers he must have had!May his soul rest in peace.

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