Karan Johar thanks Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty says, ‘Ranveer is and will always be SIMMBA for life’

Today, filmmaker Karan Johar posted a thank you note on Instagram, thanking the director of Simmba Rohit Shetty and Ranveer Singh. Take a look!
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Thanks to Rohit Shetty’s Simmba, the year ended with a bang with Simmba and just like all the happy fans, the producer of the film, Karan Johar, is a happy man. Well, why not because while on Day 1, the film earned a whopping Rs 20.50 crore at the box office, on day 2, the film earned around Rs 23.50 crore and as we speak, Simmba has earned Rs 96 crores at the Box Office. After watching the film, we can say that the film is bang for one’s buck and in an ode to the film, the filmmaker decided to dedicate the first post of the New Year, 2019, to the director and actor of the film.

Alongside a picture of Ranveer Singh, Rohit Shetty and Karan, KJo wrote, “Working with @itsrohitshetty has been one of the best experiences of my life! Have learnt so much from his process and his precision! Making a mainstream film that is loved across the audience base is no mean task and he has mastered the art of doing just that!!! He loves his audiences tremendously and only makes movies for them! Thank u my dearest Rohit for everything! You have a large heart and a solid one too! @ranveersingh is and will always be SIMMBA for life!! You two were meant to be brothers in biceps!!!! Love you!!! Thank you! What a great end of the year to have!!!.”

Simmba released on December 28, 2018, and opened to amazing box office numbers. Simmba is a remake of Telugu film Temper, which featured N T Rama Rao Jr and Kajal Aggarwal. In the film, Ranveer Singh is seen playing the role of a cop named Sangram Bhalerao, and Sara Ali Khan plays his love interest. The highlight of the film was Ajay Devgn’s cameo and Akshay Kumar’s entry as Veer Suryavanshi.




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Nice post from Karan - why shouldn't he congratulate people who worked on a film he co-produced? It's not his fault that Zero failed.

kjo you should have included Ajay Devgan in your fake thank you post

Karan is alayws leaching on others success why did Rohit co produce the movie with him is beyond me

If SRK didn't stereotype himself with Karan stupid movies and take his advice on his career choices, this would not have happened
Karan is in a happy mood while his so called brother and family SRK is struggling
Salman and SRK are spending a lot of time together which is amazing since they were brothers in the past and I believe KJO has poizend their relations during the fallout, also Aamir is advsing SRK on movies which is great givin his good sence of script
The three Khans will pouns back...but SRK is about time you relize that karan is a sanke

I totally agree, karan is partly responsible for what is going on with SRK,
Just to add, all three Khans have production companies and they can do amazing work through it if they back great scripts directors and cast the right talent for their movies, not friends or family in case of Salman
Aamir SRK and Salman are closer now then they were in the past and I believe they are stronger together, they made Bollywood what it is today and I am rooting for them
SRK waiting for your claim back to the top, reflect on your mistakes and start fresh

the movie soo boring and RS cant act, and sara daughter of mega family of 3 actors coming from the family cant do such roles, leave those to struggling people, pick up right choices and rohit sheeeeety is overrated and RS is 100% overrated he is no comparison to RK

time's over for 50+ heroes dancing with 20+ actresses...time to realise their age and give content based films.

Rohit praises their bonding before even the movie releases ! And Karan praises AFTER the movie turns out super hit ! Iam not surprised karan...

SRK will be surely upset with Kjo and Ranveer. Can already sense the Khans plotting their revenge on Ranveer. lol.

There is so much manipulation in this movie. Paid critics, desperate actors, aging uncles doing cameos, manipulated PR etc etc. It's response is underwhelming compared to the setting that went into making it look like a success. Ranveer is eager to please but he has still not done it on his own.

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