Kareena Kapoor May Join Twitter Based on People's Interaction With Her

Kareena Kapoor, a much sought after actress in Bollywood is missing from all social networking sites. There are innumerable fan clubs dedicated to the actress but the actress herself has no presence in the virtual world.

However, Kareena was in conversation with her twitter fans last week and answered their questions regarding her upcoming flick, 'Satyagrah', about her personal life including her favourite cuisine, colours, and of course, her new husband, Saif Ali Khan. A fan perhaps asked about the possibility of her joining Twitter to which, Kareena very sportingly replied, "Maybe I will join Twitter after today, depends how nice everyone is to me! :)."

Although, not much can be denoted from this statement but surely, it's a ray of hope for die-hard Kareena fans who are waiting for a chance to interact with the actress.

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Credits: http://zeenews.india.com/entertainment/celebrity/i-will-join-twitter-depending-on-how-nice-everyone-

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Kareena looks like a wax figure in that picture

i just hope she joins fast...

you are so beautiful

kareena - breadthtaking beautifulllll.

Tue, 2013-07-30 06:04 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Oh God u guys are bashing Kitty for nothing btw i like Kitty coz she's one of the most honest person on Pinkvilla..
Ehhh, honest? Sorry, bad comments have nothing to do with honesty. Its about what you say and how!

Kareena looks like a beauty godess.

I agree, Kitty is lije a bad fish in the pond, wherever she goes, leave a bad taste in everyones mouth.
But she sure is persistent in ruining kapoors reputation.
one wonders how much she gets paid.


Waiting for kitty the pinkvilla keyboard warrior

she'll leave it next day.

Wish she will join. Nobody will ask her to live twitter. She will face tons of insults.

Oh God u guys are bashing Kitty for nothing btw i like Kitty coz she's one of the most honest person on Pinkvilla..

she'a user i know she will join twitter only for her movie but not for her fans...she 's a despo.

Kareena is ten notches above every btown actress.
She reminds of elizabeth taylor wen she was young.

Good thought... But I think u should let it go, as personalities like srk cannot tolerate. I think they should not join....coz people can get nasty

girl don't do it! there are a lot of evil people on twitter.

reply 7/29 18:44

you r so right, kitty is so obssessed with kapoor girls, bent backwards to always say sometbing negative and bad, in poor taste. I feel sorry for her. She is really one miserable woman.

And as far as Kareena is concerned, she is looking absolutely beautiful, radiant with a glow ln her face, dressing impeccable with flawless skin and makeup...
she looks better than ever before..

Kareena is being raved on every one of her post..

but I guess soms people cant help-.poor souls

She is a very stunning Begum of bollywood!

haters are getting ready to bash Kareena on twitter. hahaha starting with Kitty :P

oh my oh my
she looks so divine
wonder how this special hater who has compulsive disorder to say somethin negative about this Diva gona react to this mysterious woman.

who cares!!

She looks extremely beautiful in pic..

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