Karisma Kapoor bonds with Shweta Nanda at Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan's Diwali bash

Shah Rukh Khan's Diwali bash was a grand affair, which saw the attendance of several biggies from the Bollywood industry. Among others, Karisma Kapoor was seen bonding with Shweta Nanda. Check out the picture
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Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan hosted a grand Diwali bash at their residence last night. All the Bollywood biggies marked their presence at the party. From Jaya Bachchan, Shweta Nanda, Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar, Sidharth Malhotra, Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha, Arpita Khan, Kajol to Shilpa Shetty Kundra, celebs arrived at Mannat in their dazzling best.

Pictures and videos from last night’s bash are going viral on the social media and among others, it was Karisma Kapoor’s picture with Shweta Nanda which garnered eyeballs.

Karisma shared a picture on her Instagram story, where she is seen striking a pose with her ex-Abhishek Bachchan’ sister, Shweta Nanda. She captioned the picture ‘glamourous gals’. Both the ladies are looking pretty in their ethnic attire. Check out the picture

Lovely, isn’t?

It’s always good to see the celebs moving on from their past and bonding together.

For the uninitiated, Abhishek Bachchan once got engaged to Karisma Kapoor. Their engagement broke off soon after for the reasons best known to them. But this surely didn’t affect her relationship with the Bachchans. Karisma has been very good friends with Abhishek’s sister, Shweta Nanda Bachchan and their recent bonding has once again proved that two beauties believe in bygones are bygones.

Coming back to the Diwali bash, Karisma danced the night away. Several videos of the gorgeous diva hitting the dance floor went viral. Check out the videos:




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On the work front, SRK will next be seen in Zero where he will be seen essaying the role of a vertically challenged man. The film also stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma as the female leads.


I feel sorry for Abhi. He's such an outgoing guy and gets along with everyone (even Aish's ex).
Aish on the other hand doesn't get along with anyone. She ignores people and isolates herself from everyone and this has affected her career. Because she stays away, Abhi is forced to stay away too. He loses opportunities to hang out at Bollywood parties. Everyone knows parties are a platform to network. Poor guy

Life goes on.. previous break up, passing of loved ones doesn’t stop their loved ones from living, life has to go on, people should make themselves happy instead of dwelling on it forever.

Ash and Karhishma have met at many parties and talked and hugged. Get over it as they have.

Swethas diwali wear are all screaming for attention. I dont dislike her, but all her outings off late show how poor her styling is. Yuck. Swetha please wear a proper pallu and you dont have the figure to carry such atrocious wardrobe.

Sweta’s father in law died this year. Bachchans has cancelled their diwali celebrations for that and Sweta herself is dancing in parties. She has no family values . Worst daughter in law. Jaya has raised a good son and bad daughter.

Shweta's father in law recently passed away. Amitabh cancelled his bday for that and also loss of Krishna Raj Kapoor.. And see what daughter in law is doing. Family values, ethics.. Great...

Shutup and let people live

wow Shweta way to be a mean girl. Respect to Abhishek for making his wife and child a priority. He probably learnt his lesson seeing all the divorces and seperations around him including his sister's.

Lolo is such a stunner.. slayin it everywhr she goes..

And i think its absolutely ok for her to be friends with Shweta.. they have grown up together as kids and a certain bond must be there..

Although am not an aishwarya fan but why unnecessarily bring her into this without any rhyme or reas on.

Aish is no longer in good terms with the Bachhans.

Shweta few years back told in every interview that she hated the glamor of BW, the dressing up, parties etc. Now look at her doing the exact same thing and even launching fashion label (thanks to daddy of course).Lolo and her both are enjoying the single life and have much more in common. As for Ash, she was pretty close to her in laws until Shweta came and settled with them. She was of course separated from her hubby and needed all the attention and encouragement from Daddy and Mommy to buy her a career. Team Ash all the way.

Oh please, stop making excuses for Ash.....it’s very clear that she doesn’t get along with anyone, not even her own brother and his wife. Of course the fakeness of staring into Abhi’s eyes and acting all regal with maa and paa had to come to an end when rubber needed to hit the road.

Maybe her ideas and thoughts changed. Why does she have to stick to same idea all her life.

Krishma ka Charisma.
She looks so darn good.
Live her hair, make up and saree.

karisma is angel

Karisma and Shweta both looking so beautiful.
It's clear to me, it was Ash who came between Karisma and Abhi.
I think Jaya was never in favor of Abhi marrying Ash. She had lot of baggage, too much attitude and thinks she is above everyone.
She finally showed her true colors and you can clearly see the drift among the family members.

Karisma looks Stunning!!!!!

I like Shweta enjoying her life. I like her experimenting with different looks. She is tall and actually looks very pretty when she is dressed up. And she is also a real woman. She knows where she stands in beauty, fashion and in Bollywood in general. Unlike Ash, she is so damn blind that she still think she is the most beautiful woman.

On the contrary all her fellow actresses look FAR better than her -- be it Kajol, Maduri, Rani, Karisma. They all her talented, confident and kept up with their body image -- everything that Ash lacks .

Karishma tring to enter bachhan house? That's how it start n brothers sister will b a Brothers sister to bhabhi. They all show true color n backstabbers in their own houses.

Aish went to Goa because she knew nobody would invite her for Diwali bash anywhere

yes...but she won't miss the opportunity to check every post on shweeta and post her hateful comments about how she is way prettier than shweeta and how mean shweeta caused problems between her and her paa...

Swetha is married to Karisma's first cousin. Maybe that should be mentioned and let the old news be that, just old.

Exactly! Karisma and Shweta are family!! Their kids are cousins too! This has nothing to do with anyone else.

her almost sister in law

Why wear a saree when the intention is to only expose

Wow. Lovely. Aish might be upset after seeing this

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