Katrina Kaif snapped at airport as she returns to the bay after Maldives getaway; See Pics

Katrina Kaif had jet-off to the Maldives a few days ago and reportedly the getaway was a mix of work and leisure.
News,Katrina Kaif,Yasmin KarachiwalaKatrina Kaif had jet-off to the Maldives a few days ago and reportedly the getaway was a mix of work and leisure.
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Katrina Kaif and celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala returned to the Bay on Sunday morning after soaking up the sun on their Maldives trip. The duo were snapped at the Mumbai airport today as they made their way out. Sporting denims, Katrina Kaif had jet-off to the tropical nation a few days ago and reportedly the getaway was a mix of work and leisure. The 'chikni chameli' star had also shared pictures from her beach getaway which included her friends make-up artist Daniel Bauer and Yasmin Karachiwala.

The actress looked a wee bit tanned as she was snapped exiting the airport. While Yasmin was in her usual workout outfits, Katrina Kaif was sporting a white tee, denim jacket and a pair of comfortable jeans. She completed her look with a pair of dark tinted sunglasses and a pair of shoes. While in the Maldives, Katrina had shared an adorable group picture and wrote “My best people... Couldn’t do much without you." She also shared a few close-up pictures of herself. 

Check out Katrina's airport pictures below: 

On the work front, Katrina Kaif has completed shooting for Salman Khan-starrer Bharat, in which she replaced Priyanka Chopra last year. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Bharat is slated to be this year's Eid release and it will be Salman and Katrina’s sixth film together. Bharat is an adaptation of Korean war drama, An Ode To My Father and is produced by Atul Agnihotri. 


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Katrina is fine the way she is. I’m sure she’s happy w all her millions. Obviously when you are 20 and when you are 35 there are changes in appearance that will happen ! Also given that she prob spend a lot of time in the sun harsh lighting for films and photos and heavy makeup the aging process is worse for stars. Yes she was stunning in her prime years (namstey London was her best look ever and Singh is king ) and yes she looks different now but she is still pretty! People saying elsewise are just rude. Everyone ages and for some it’s an easy process for others not as good Bc of life styles but that does not take away from her. She form
What I see is a pretty happy successful confident lady.
And atleast she’s not putting on a fashion show like so much of Bollywood at the airport for God’s sake

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I think it's really horrible for any human to trash talk about someone if u hve nothing to say it's good to keep quite imagine if the same was said to uu

I think it's really horrible for any human to trash talk about someone if u hve nothing to say it's good to keep quite imagine if the same was said to uu

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