Katrina kaif- Before or After Lip Job?

Katrina Kaif's lips seem fuller these days. Rumours are that the "actress" has gone gone through lip collagen treatment. Her face looks different than what it used to once.

*** The First 3 pics are BEFORE the Lip collegan and the rest are AFTER:

Credits: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.indango.com/buzz/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Katrinhttp://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.pinkvilla.com/files/imagecache/ContentPreview/filehttp://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t160/indianmakeupdiva/breakdowns/katrina-kaif.jpg

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No difference (other than the age and make-up). Jealous people!

She looks beautiful & gorgeous in saree

you know these days there is another procedure called "lip lift" and the lips look like her lips anyone who has it has the same lips (kim k now has same lips as katrinas in her most recent season an she got this lip lift done; me thinks).she has had a lip lift and then shes uses collagen injections or plumper on top of that.

And then her fans say she is all natural lol lol

Guys dis is all rubbish,i saw her first movie she is same as she was before,but katrina used be more beautiful.now she has lost lot of weight and lost her charm.she need to put
on sum weight.
One thing i am very much sure that pc has gone through lot of surgeries as she was weird and needed it.
Kat was alwz beautiful.

The pressure from the hindi film industry to look good in front of the camera is the cause for this.

How do they take such risks with their face. A person going for such things only highlights their insecurity.

hey ppl take a chill pill. its her money and her body. let her do what she wants. geez relax

Forget lip job she's defo had a nose job...

first time i noticed her lips were in namastey london..her up lip had collagen in the center..looked so bad..no it seems as if she got the lower lip done to..maybe that's why she talks with a lisp..lol

Is this the first time you guys noticing that Katrina got a lip job. Wow! Some people are just too slow. I noticed long time ago. She was really pretty back in the days with films like Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye, Namastey London, Singh Is Kinng, Yuvvraaj... then I saw her in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. I knew it at that time she got a lip job done. Her lips were just too big in that film.

I don't mind whatever else she's done to her face but her lips have got to go! They're gross and very distracting.

that is so beauriful

Oh wow! This is the first time I am seeing this and I have to say, it is very clear that she has done something to her lips and I think even her nose!

Why can't these actresses be happy with what God has given them and try to make themselves too perfect like a doll? It shows, cause I haven't seen any human who is perfect!

Nose job and fuller lips

i find the nose too hooky in the BEFORE pics and the BEFORE FAME pics from another news

Too much work, working girl take a break lol.

what's wrong with that! she's free to do what she wants with her body, her life her choices, she's cute then & now. A kareena fan.

i dont find any difference...its just the different make up which is making
her lips look fuller...she is one gorgeous woman i must say

i wud pick "BEFORE"...she was more cute and natural....nooow...shes just an another aishwarya....FAKE !

i liked it without the plump.. it's more real and her face didn't need it.. she would be called a very beautiful woman without the additions too...

Yep! That and nose job plus cheek implants

she did also a nose job. very obvious

who is she??

katrina ur still sooooooooooooo preity and the akshay and prianka and shahid they are stupied the comments they made about u and plzzzzzzzz marry salman u 2 r made 4 each other plzzzz forget ranbir ieven like ranbir but he dosent suit u salman is way better than him im ur big fan

she didn't get a lip job done...stupid media can't believe it cuz shez just so preettty nd she even said she wud nvr get any job odne

katrina didnt need a lip job. she was so gorgeous Salman Khan fell for her.
By the way can you show before and after pics of Kareena Kapoors cheek implants? Theyre too obvious.

one can see a major difference

get a life & stop worrying about katrina's lips

i know it looks better than yours :D lmao im just playinq... but seriously ; like come on, actors and actresses have a life 2 .. who r U 2 judge them?

This is so wrong! lol its too funny

@ Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2009-12-30 19:07.

ummmm when did she win the best lips and smile award????? god!!!! her fans are so delusional!!! stop making up things like that!!! and you guys are the ones that need to get a life urgently!!!!!

ALL MY American Friends that saw Race with me said that Katrina was not that Pretty. The said she looked ordinary and nothing special. On the other hand, they said that Bipasha was the more prettier one. It is only stupid Indians that think Fairness equals beauty.

She did not do anything to her lips, my sister has thin upper lips, but with lipstick and gloss and lipliner their look fuller and plumper. why would she go for a lip job when she won the best lips and smile award. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh guys get a life.

she even got her nose done.

LMAO @ ode to casper the friendly ghost.
yah her lips look weird now specially in the last pik. not to mention...casper.

2nd photo: why.. it's Winnie from the Wonder Years.

who would have thought... Winnie is India's Barbie..

If you're seen as a dull girl-next-door out in the West, just come on into Bollywood where you can make it so long as you are the fairest of them all...

@Anonymous on Wed, 2009-12-30 01:13. please stop lying. she was 19 at the time boom released (2003). as we all know, kat was born on 16 July 1984

hahaha the one with ET good one..

she has that strange look in the last photo: 'look , buy this bogus product so I can get an extra million bucks to give to my sisters who don't work and don't wanna work, buy champagne, and take another trip to London folks' . these stars have beaten the recession cold.


she sure as hell is ove 28....

In the before Pic, she looked like Winnie.. in the Wonder Years... cute.. but 'grand??'. artifice rules today's stars...

lol after thi i think sh has had a nose jod 2!

the last pic is an ode to Casper, the friendly cartoon

stop scandelize her lips again and again that post sucks!!!!! and here i would like toclarify it appears due to applying lipstick probably to give a shape to lipstick relating to the outfit


it doesn't look bad

in boom she is 17...since when can minor can star in such role in a movie like that...actors lie about their age..and they all get surgeries and lie about it too....

what's up with her last pic? planning to remake ET?

I think once in an interview I am not sure if she said or someone else said or I read somewhere that she had an alergic reaction to something and that is why her lips were swollen. But then it should have went down. lol

Not fair the oldest pic of hers here is one where she is in purple dress and at at hat time she was barely 17 years old...its from her Boom days........and she is grown up lady now

ALien. She now looks like an Alien!

I am sick of this kind of post, WHY WHY WHY WHYYYYYY DDO U DO THIS!

ofcourse...its pretty obvious she gets her lips injected
but according to some of her fans "its just makeup" lol ...
Whatever makes u happy i guess

if she has had it dne shes lookin gud with it ....but it may just b the lip gloss, lip gloss automaticlly makes lips look fuller n she puts alot of it on! also the then pix hv dark lipsticks those make lips look smalleer

wow, there IS a considerable difference. makes me want to get collagen in my lips too;)

The collagen is obvious!

wait for ppl telling u its a "lip gloss", hehe
i would say "before". i am a huge katrina fan(ok, of her beauty, the acting part is debatable), its a little disheartening for me to see that a girl as pretty as her had to fit into this mold and get some procedure done:((

who cares
she looooooook hot

Her lips look awefull now. If you have thin lips you shoud be proud.

after lip job and shruti hassan after nose job ;)

yes, i noticed it 2 while watching ajab prem.... i was exactly wondering that..


Give it a break seriously people don't really care! The fact is that she one beautiful woman people have seen after a long time.

sometimes for movies and photoshoots dont the stars use lip-pumpers?
cos maybe i thought thats what katrina did?

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