Katrina Kaif is a pocketful of sunshine in this gorgeous photo as she is all set to promote Bharat

Katrina Kaif will be next seen in Ali Abbas Zafar's Bharat alongside Salman Khan. Today, the actress shared a gorgeous picture on her Instagram page before heading for Bharat's promotions. Check it out.
News,Katrina Kaif,BharatKatrina Kaif is a pocketful of sunshine in this gorgeous photo as she is all set to promote Bharat
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Katrina Kaif is all geared up for her first the film Bharat which is all set to release next month. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, she will be seen alongside Salman Khan. Salman, Kat and Ali had earlier given the blockbuster Tiger Zinda Hai (2017) and hence, the excitement level and expectation for Bharat is way too high.

Today, the Zero actress shared a gorgeous picture on her Instagram page as she starts promoting Bharat. Dressed in a yellow outfit, Kat looks radiant and stunning in the pic. The actress along with the team of Bharat will be promoting their film at the IPL match today. Kat captioned the pic, "Bharat Promotions पहला दिन."

In Bharat, we will get to see Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in different looks from their younger to older days. The film also stars Tabu, Disha Patani, Sunil Grover and Jackie Shroff in pivotal roles. The songs of the film are already winning hearts. Bharat will hit the screens on Eid this year.

Check out the pic:



Bharat Promotions पहला दिन

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After Bharat, Katrina Kaif will start shooting for Rohit Shetty's cop drama titled Sooryavanshi. She stars alongside Akshay Kumar in the film. After a gap of 10 years, Kat and Akki will be seen together in a film.

Recently, there were reports that Katrina Kaif will be reuniting with Shah Rukh Khan for the remake of Satte Pe Satta which will be helmed by Farah Khan. However, as per our sources, the actors are not yet approached for the film.


She is so lovely!

the summer tanned you gorgeously

I am a big fan ofkatrina and like all her fans I have always been mesmerisd by her beauty, charm, hardwork and her ability to work in bollywood not knowing the language and her hard work. However, (this is constructive criticism) her face and lips is off putting these days and so is her skin colour. She needs to embrace hernatural beauty - thats what people loved her for and do the tanning and lip only for glamorous roles.

She was v fair but wat has happened to her these days ...she looks v dark ..y to tan wen ur naturally fair

why she is wearing a ring on the ring finger? Given by Ranbir when they were living together?

Such a Beautiful & Gorgeous actress I have ever seen.

She used to look fine ... what did she do to her face though? Why do women listen to these men who tell them they need plastic surgery or botox to look pretty or young ... such a shame

pinkvilla is loosing its tech or loosing what made it popular! search article form 2014 / 2016 ect the comments were full, many user were comming regularly had picture on their profil and used to come/ write and engaded and I USED TO come 30 times a day to press like and dislike on what i wrote or for " fan war" but now even like button dont work and slowly everything changed so for me no need for comming her anymore. good bye pinkvilla i gave you 3 years of my life...

30 times a day to like your comment and dislike other's comment. You wasted 3 years of your life in doing shit like fanwar. May be God wants you to do something worthy with your life and not live like a shit that you were for those 3 years.

Yeah i have also noticed since her early days only her face and hands are bright not her full body .

She is looking gorgeous these days. compare her to langur alia and you will know who is the real beauty.

Alia looks fresh , pretty and natural as compare to Lizard Kat is looking plastic manly and ugly these days and you will know who is the real beauty

be fair to post please pv

Beautiful, katrina u forgot to tan ur hands lol.

no she didnot forget to tan. brown is her original color. her hands and face us comaratively bright. skin lightening or she uses whitening crean only on her hands i have been noticing this since 2010. u can see her body is darker than hands and face.

that doesn't make any sense. why would she only lighten her hands and face but not the rest of her....? she obviously tans. if you seen her old pics, or after a movie promotion her skin is suddenly pale like a ghost. explain that?

She forgot to tan her hands.

Horribly dressed.

Photoshop queen Katrina.

Adorable Sunshine..God bless!


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