Kiara Advani: Kabir Singh is not obsessive, he is a protective lover

In an interview with a leading news agency, Kiara Advani was asked about her film Kabir Singh, the self-destruction and obsessive lover angle shown in the film. She stars alongside Shahid Kapoor in it.
News,Kiara AdvaniKiara Advani: Kabir Singh is not obsessive, he is a protective lover
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Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani are all geared up as their film Kabir Singh will soon hit the screens. As seen in the trailer, Shahid's character Kabir is heartbroken and shattered after Kiara leaves him. He gets addicted to alcohol and drugs and turns into a violent person. His character also looks very possessive and obsessive as a lover.

In an interview with PTI, the MS Dhoni actress was asked about the self-destruction part shown in the film. Kiara told the news agency that they are not telling the audience to go on a self-destruction mode through this film as it is not good for the person and their loved ones. She added, "We are not propagating that or glamorising that in any way. One should not do what Kabir is doing."

Advani added, "For me, it is ok to be a protective lover but there is a thin line between becoming an obsessive lover and a protective one. Kabir is not obsessive, he is a protective lover. He loves her a lot and she is head over heels in love with him. It is a passionate, intense, innocent and raw love story."

Kabir Singh is an official remake of Telugu film Arjun Reddy which was helmed by Sandeep Vanga. Even the Hindi film is directed by Sandeep. 

The film will hit the screens on June 21.

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i have seen the telugu one and he is not just possessive.. he is over possessive and started controlling the girl's every move from the day she entered the college.. in the telugu version he even slaps her.. i hope they dont show that in the hindi version

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