Kriti Sanon gets SLAMMED on social media for sharing photos with Cheetahs from Zambia; Here’s what she says

Kriti Sanon is currently on a vacation with her team in Zambia. The actor visited a national park and clicked some photos with Cheetahs. Post her sharing the pictures on Instagram, her fans slammed her for promoting animal captivity. Read on.
Kriti Sanon gets SLAMMED on social media for sharing photos with Cheetahs from Zambia; Here’s what she saysKriti Sanon gets SLAMMED on social media for sharing photos with Cheetahs from Zambia; Here’s what she says
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Bollywood actors often face backlash from fans on social media for their actions. Recently, the target of trolls became Luka Chuppi star Kriti Sanon. The gorgeous actor had jetted off to Zambia for a quick vacay with her team. While she was there, Kriti shared some gorgeous photos of her posing in front of the waterfalls and picturesque locations. However, her recent photos from a national park got her maximum criticism from her fans. Kriti shared photos with Cheetahs from the Zambia National Park. 

On Instagram, in one of the photos, Kriti is seen holding a leash to one of the Cheetahs and posing with it. In another picture, two of the Cheetahs can be seen with Kriti as she is perched behind them. While the photo received a huge thumbs up from Bollywood celebs like Sophie Choudary, Badshah and more, fans were completely disappointed with the Luka Chuppi actor for promoting captivity of animals with such pictures. Many users also alleged that the Cheetahs were drugged for the photos. 

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Kriti shared photos with Cheetahs with a caption, “He wanted a selfie!! Couldn’t say no.” While the actor defended herself and mentioned that the Cheetahs were not drugged and that they were in their natural environment, users seemed to have trolled her for the photos. The actor later deleted the photo. 

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He wanted a selfie!! Couldn’t say no.. #Zambia

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Here is what Kriti replied to a user:

This is not the first time a Bollywood celeb has been slammed for promoting animal captivity. A while back, Sushmita Sen’s brother, Rajeev Sen and his wife, Charu Asopa were trolled for sharing photos with sedated Tigers while they were honeymooning. Meanwhile, Kriti is gearing up for her next release which is Arjun Patiala starring Diljit Dosanjh and Varun Sharma. The film’s trailer is out already. Helmed by Rohit Jugraj Chauhan, Arjun Patiala is slated to release on July 26, 2019. 


Apparently the people informing these celebs and media houses about the reality of sedation are trolls
Way to go pinkvilla

how insensitive and hypocrite people can be

Please kriti sanon, you are better than this. Wild animals belong in wild. Please stop animal abuse.

Guys calm down. There are places in Africa where they roam around the residential area as pups and later become used to people.

these animals are dosed with cannabis oils in their food to keep them calm&sleepy most of the day..&any person esp a celeb&social media influencer who is not aware of what goes on behind the scenes with these animals is living in their own sweet bubble.The temples in thailand where people pose with tigers is another example of it.

Pinkvilla is also a Hippocratic page

Why the f is a carnivore/ predator being leashed and taken out on a walk like a domestic dog? Something is seriously wrong with anyone that has such pictures of themselves clicked - celebrity or no. Hell even those who kill wild animals are trolled on social media including Don jr Trump etc. Kriti should stop acting like she was being targeted.

This picture is actually quite upsetting shame on you Kriti.

It definitely look drugged. So sad!

lions &tigers in african safari parks&reserves with whom you can play&pose&the same for the tigers in thail temples..all these animals r drugged..&yes none of the officials are going to admit it as its a source to make money&attract people to these has to be a responsible human being&do ones research before heading to such are only consoling yourself..if you really believe they are born&orught up there&thus domesticated.

sorry to say say kriti..but 99.99% of these animals used for taking selfie are drugged, park rangers will not be telling you the 100%truth.its a part of their business&daily earnings..&by posting such pics you are encouraging ppl to go&take such pictures&thus promote the abuse of animals.

What's more shocking is someone who strongly claims to support animal initiatives like Alia, who is an ambassador for #coexist liking Kriti's posts holding the leash, which she deleted out of fear. It useless to expect most Bollywood actors to be and act responsibly and intelligently like many Hollywood actors. And Kriti is shamelessly lying about the malnorished cheetah not being drugged. Look at it's eyes and how frail t looks. It has definitely gone through some kind of torture so that she could click the selfie for her selfish entertainment. So much for being am engineering graduate. Too bad she is unable to apply that logic and reasoning to her real life.

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