Lata Mangeshkar on Atif Aslam's version of Chalte Chalte song: I don’t want to hear it

When a media agency asked Lata Mangeshkar about Atif Aslam's version of her song Chalte Chalte from Pakeezah, the legendary singer revealed that she doesn't want to hear it.
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Recently, Atif Aslam crooned the recreated version of Lata Mangeshkar's soulful song Chalte Chalte from Pakeezah for the upcoming film Mitron. The music and lyrics for the cover version were given by Tanishk Bagchi. This rendition received a lot of mixed reaction from the listeners as many slammed the makers for recreating a classic track. The music for the original song picturised on Meena Kumari was given by Ghulam Mohammed while the beautiful lyrics were penned by Kaifi Azmi.

Recently, IANS asked Lata Didi about her reaction on the recreated version of Chalte Chalte, to which she said that she hasn't heard it. The legendary singer stated, "And I don’t want to hear it. This trend of remixing old songs saddens me. Where is the creativity in simply lifting acknowledged, beloved classics and shuffling the notes around? I’ve even heard that the lyrics are changed in the remixes. By whose consent?" She further said, "The original poets and composers wrote what they had to. Nobody has the right to tamper with the creativity of these great composers and lyricists."

Earlier, when singer Babul Supriyo was asked about the song, he said, "Today, even the‘’poetic’ term ”artistic liberty’ is at the verge of extinction. With due respect (and disrespect) to Atif Aslam, as a singer myself, I will observe a 2-minute silence to mourn rather than offering a comment."

Moreover, Alka Yagnik also shared her reaction when asked about the recreation of her song Dilbar. She said, "Why don’t they make a new song and make it a super hit if they can, instead of picking up an already super hit song, distorting it, and releasing it again… and then saying, ‘See, it’s become so popular!"


the main problem today is that we dont listen songs but watch songs. only visuals are important no soul nothing ..

Yes she's a great singer but it is no secret that she tried her best to dominate the industry, telling music directors she'll never sing for them if they ever signed her competitors, and allowing only her sisters to sing in the decades she was singing. Given all that, she is uninterested in hearing another person singing her song comes as no surprise. Again, she's a great singer. I know. But never a great personality.

it's not the singer's is the music director's vision to create a remix. Stop attaching Atif Aslam's name to this headline.

Bollywood completely destroyed the sabri brothers songs tajdar e haram without asking for permission but that's OK? Really she has an issue with the ethnicity of the singer

The way I see it , making a remix out of our own old song is better than stealing from others i.e. western countries. So the so called 'original' they keep bragging about is also copied.

It's not the singer's fault and some comments saying today's singers are crappy is also not true. Arijit , Arman Malik, Daljit Dosanjh etc are very good. It's understandable where previous generation's artists are coming from , their songs are being distorted and changed. Some of remixes are very bad. But it's also true that it opens younger generation to the said song which they likely didn't know existed.

We don't want to hear anything from her either. She retired and should rest in remainder of her days instead of giving opinions how industry should do their work. Her time is up in the singing industry so make way for the youngwer people. Most of her songs were copies and inspirations too.

sure can you voice your opinion on recent bw versions of NFAK songs

That song doesnot belong to her either. She was just a singer for those songs in the movie. So her consent is definately not needed. Her real problem is that a pakistani singer singing that song. She need to stop the biased attitude. Indian directors remix pakistani singers songs all the time. So I don't understand what is the big deal.

At what point did LM say that everyone needs to take her consent? She's just referring to these songs' respective lyricists. There's no need to distort her words. And how many Indian singers are being invited to Pakistan to sing some of their old classics? Have you heard of Indians being ivited to remix some of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's classics? Do you have even one half-decent reason to give me why we can't promote our own talent, especially with a population rapidly approaching 2 billion? Get real, man!

Oh please! Lata jee at this age talk with some logic and sense. Indian directors remix pakistani singers songs all the time. So what is wrong if a pakistani singer pays tribute to your song by remixing it. Have a big heart and make room for the new generation and biased jealousy doesnot suit you. Remixes of songs and movies are common everywhere around the world. Even in hollywood.

Atif Aslam rocks. love his voice

amazing BW keeping destroying NFAK songs no media bats on eye on that but atif oh yes how dare he

Music directors are responsible mainly to give these old songs a new style and changes

Old days, everything original and natural, new days, everything artificial, people can be good judge

this proves we lack creativity ...Period!!!!!

Sorry but no one cares about u ! Atif is the No 1 singer right now. He is giving one superhit after another. His songs are on top.

OK atif

The worst part is that they take main lines of popular classic songs, add some lyrics of their own, and called remix version of old songs. Where is credibility?

Not good atif aslam...make your own name create your own glory. ..Don steal lataji's glory...shame shame...

It's the composer who gave him the song.he is already famous singer who started from scratch,worked hard and became successful

Atif is a really good singer - the new version is different, time has changed..

Hope the composers wake up. Even flop films in 2000 had good original songs unlike films today which have back to back remixes.

Not the singer , it's the music composer & lyricist who is to be blamed for taking an old song instead of composing a fresh tune . I personally hate remixes of all sorts , but then Lata should understand (like Asha did) that it's these remixes which make the young "Fevicol Se" generation want to listen to the original - which they wouldn't have even heard of ! For example Gautam Menon's Tamil movie , ' Vaaranam Aayiram' showed Surya singing " En iniya pon nilave " ( composed by Illayaraja, singer Yesudas) to Sameera Reddy . This was not a remix or a full song , but people realized later that it was an original beautiful old Tamil song & appreciated song , singer & composer all over again after decades !

sour grape, still complaining.

whatever lata mangeshkar sang was original... even her voice was original unlike Atif who is a good singer but has been "auto tuned" so much. So i can see why thinks this is all ridiculous.

I feel sorry for your ignorance, you will never understand her level because you probably do not have that intelligence, not your fault, you probably survived listening to shitty crappy today’s songs, you have no idea what the real talent is.

Loved atiff version, it was not supposed to be the same , the composer had different version for the movie, Atiff did a great job with it. Time does not stay the same for anyone!

Well lata copied many of noor jehans songs so who's she to speak now. No music is ever original

well said. caught her red handed.

and didn't give the credit either.

Perhaps our innocent Lata ji doesn't know that she herself song copied songs by these original composers (yes they all copied western songs)

Finally someone calling all these thieves out! Hats off to lataji, Alka Yagnik, Babul Supriyo. Now let's hear it from Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, Asha Bhosle, Sudesh Bhosle, Usha Uthup, Sadhna Sargam, Kavita Krishnamurthy. CUrrent music directors are worst crop bollywood has ever produced. PV please post.

So true, today’s crappy singers have no clue what actual singing is, I am so glad Lataji talked about it, it’s a shame that these people ruin these classics under the name of remix, no real talent left in Bollywood.



She should also criticise Asha Bhosle,who also sang remixes and copied many original songs.....

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