Love triangle: Nargis Fakhri, Ranbir Kapoor & Katrina Kaif

Kal aaj aur kal? Nargis Fakhri, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif

All is not well between lovebirds Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. We hear that the two are on 'maun vrat' and haven't spoken to each other for a few days. The fight was over his Rockstar co-star Nargis Fakhri (unfortunate name, eh?) While RK maintains that he and the newbie are just friends, Kat thinks otherwise.

Perhaps because the Kapoor boy has been spending a lot of time with Ms Nargis even on days they are not shooting. This has irked Kat. Earlier, RK would answer her calls promptly, but of late, they have been going on missed calls which aren't returned. It seems like the two are on a break and things will get back to normal only when Ranbir promises to keep his distance from Nargis.

Kat's retort to Dippy barb
Katrina Kaif needs to develop some claws. Her diplomacy isn't helping her. In the upcoming episode of Koffee with Karan, when the host asked Deepika Padukone if she had a message for Kat, she said, "No. but I have a question. Can I see your passport?" It is clear that Ranbir's ex is taking a potshot at his 'older' girlfriend Katrina. When, at the music launch of Tees Maar Khan, someone asked Kat for her reaction, it was: "There is nothing in my passport, everybody can see it!" We'd like to see her phone. Wonder if she will offer that as willingly?

**This only gets better haha

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I hate Katrina! Ranbir is much better than her. I hope I get to marry him. He is so good looking. Katrina doesn't deserve him at all!

Both looks like aged more than his elder sister.

both of them are TOOO old for Ranbir..

Katrina lied about her age, thats why deepi wants to see her passport and she is right.. in one interview Kat gave away her real age, when she was talking about her life story from Hong Kong to India.

haaah:) it's weird how the three look like each other!
anyway, fake news

kat just go back to sallu

Katrina is just so lame and immature. She should seriously concentrate more on her acting skills, than all this crappy lame guy stuff.

kat is still with salman as far as i know. i'm shock right now. is this even real? :O

I guess RK realized he was seeing a Man and moved on to a girl.

Kat forever

Nargis is gorgeous !

i cant believe teh shit these people come out with! kat is still with salman! u really think kat would cheat on sallu with ranbir n he n ranbir would still be cordial with eachtother ? come on get a life! leave poor ranbir alone! deepika sits there being bitter and talking crap about everyoneeee and people n media believe it! bottom line is deepika is BITTER because she got dumped by ranbir...get over it u moved on the first chane u got so who exactly is the person that needs any form of contraceptives?

who said salman got dumped?

katrina got dumped. salman broke up w. katrina cus of her relationships w. other men. Salman made it very clear at a press conference that he broke up w. her. when kat heard that she hurt her ego/pride.
when sallu heard that he backed her up sayin it was a joke. but we all know that katrina got dumped big time. who would want a Wh**** by their side? not me!

salman u the man. ur better off w.out her. shes a

Casanova !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Papa will applaud again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

So Salman is dumped again, poor him I think? Strange!

lol who comes up with this nonsense. katrina isnt going out with ranbir...

how do they know all this inside scoop of who is getting whose calls, who is having a cold war and what their intentions and thoughts are. some talent these writers have.

Ok the media needs to stop about ranbir-kat-deepika and now ths nargis girl....i can hardly keep track of ranbir's gfs..wonder how he keeps track of em lol

wow i thot katrina was good looking but nargis just blows her out the water. cant blame ranbir

so if we believe the media ranbir is the reason priyanka and shahid broke up and he cheated on deeps with kats and then cheated on her with this chic? Man ranbir u do need that pack of condom and maybe extra security cuz everyone wants to beat u up now lol

these stories make me laugh


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