Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor snapped while entering a hospital in Mumbai's suburbs; See Photos

Today the couple were spotted at an unusual place. Malaika and Arjun were snapped at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai's Bandra area.
News,malaika arora,arjun kapoor Malaika and Arjun were snapped at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai's Bandra area.
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Bollywood's newsmaker worthy couple in recent times undoubtedly has to be Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora. The couple took the Internet by storm when slowly, but steadily, they began revealing about their love for each other. While Arjun has been rather tight-lipped about his lady love, Malaika has no qualms in accepting that she likes Arjun. On the recently-concluded Koffee Wth Karan, Malaika confirmed their relationship rumours when she said 'I like Arjun this way or that way'. 

From making joint appearances at parties to going on dinner dates, Arjun and Malaika make heads turn whenever they make their way through the city's popular celeb spots. However, today the couple were spotted at an unusual place. Malaika and Arjun were snapped at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai's Bandra area. 

Sporting casual and comfy clothes, the stars were seen entering the casualty ward instead of the main entrance of the hospital. Also, they chose to cross the road and enter instead of driving their car inside the hospital premises. However, there is no clarity as to why were Arjun and Malaika visiting the hospital. Take a look at Arjun and Malaika's pictures at the hospital: 

The love-birds had set the Internet buzzing when rumours of their April 19 wedding started making rounds on the Internet. It was reported that the stars had planned on getting married in a Church wedding. However, April 19 happens to be Good Friday, an auspicious day for Christians which commemorates the death of Jesus on the cross. 

Well, we guess only time will tell when the love birds decide to take it to the next level. 


They have come to the hospital to do nothing but to make a news abt themselves. Else they wudnt call the paps. How low!

Guys chill ! Can be some health issue , some routine check up , and that is it , and for instance if they are going for ivf or anything related , its up to them , its their life , let them do what they feel like. Why so much hate , people in our society do all sorts of acts , just they are anonymous and are not always caught on camera , but everything is happening around us too , cheating , extra marital affairs , drugs , alcohol , tharki uncles hitting on young girls , young boys trying to woo , women 10-years plus their ages. Everything ! Why do we react like we are and live with saints , when it comes to these actors. Let them be , good or bad , they have chosen it for themselves

everything's not boney kapoor's fault.
arjun is a 33 year old man.
he makes his own decisions and y'all need to quit blaming his 66 year old father for it so he can take ownership of his own shortcomings.


Maybe its a real health issue..who knows.. but why would they call paps is beyond me

surrogacy or ivf?
i'll been ivf.

so THATS why they are getting married? malaika is pregnant?


Arjun's liposuction

Desperate couple. All over the place.
What a son you have raised Mr. Boney Kapoor ? Your hypocrite ladla never once acknowledged the existence of Sridevi or her daughters. After her death faking love & affection with her daughters. Shame on Bollywood. No values or ethics. They beat Hollywood when it comes to sleeping around .

The problem is Boney Kapoor did not raise him. He wasn’t even around. He himself was running behind Sridevi, and set precedence for his son to do similar acts

They can just visit hospital for normal checkup. But was very sure people would speculate something like this. Maliaka will ruin his career. This gentleman has gone mental completely.

you dumb witted morons!! No one goes to casualty for IVF, surrogacy and pregnancy!

ivf preparation started..

So shameless!! Thiese 2 douchebags are in this together. Same type..shameless.

IVF, Egg donor, surrogacy..can be anything.

Desperate overrated women...

Why have they called paps??

ivf maybe


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