Mira Rajput shares a picture with her youngest 'limited edition' baby Zain Kapoor and its all things cute

Shahid and Mira Rajput's pictures together as a family are a huge hit online. However, we haven't seen too many pictures of Zain Kapoor.
News,Shahid Kapoor,mira rajput Zain looked adorable leaning on his mother Mira's arms and wearing a cute sweatshirt which read 'I'm limited edition'.
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Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput became parents for the second time last year when they were blessed with a baby boy whom they named Zain Kapoor. The couple are now proud parents to two beautiful kids -- Misha and Zain. Shahid and Mira often share pictures of their kids or their routine activities. The pictures on social media are full of love and scream cuteness. While there are tons of pictures of Misha, pictures of the family's newest addition are not often shared by the couple. There are barely any pictures of Zain on Instagram. 

In a brand new photo shared by Mira Rajput on Tuesday, the stunning mommy posed with her youngest one as they both looked straight into the camera. Zain looked adorable leaning on his mother Mira's arms and wearing a cute sweatshirt which read 'I'm limited edition'. 

Mira looked pretty in a pair of blue jeans and white top while flashing the victory sign in the picture. She captioned the picture, 'Limited Edition, baby'. Take a look at the picture below: 



Limited edition, baby.

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Hello World

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Don't the mother and son duo make for an adorable picture?

Zain was born in September 2018 and both Shahid and Mira had taken to their respective social media handles to announce the arrival as well as share Zain's first picture. Their pictures together as a family are a huge hit online. In an interview with Mid-Day before the birth of his baby boy, the actor spoke about becoming a parent for the second time. He said, “It’s completely different this time. I think we are calmer and more relaxed.” He added, “Mira and I would be asking questions and having doubts. But this time around, we feel like veterans. We have done it once, so we can handle it this time around.” 


what an adorable baby!!

What a cutie. He looks a lot like Mira, but I think he has Shahid's expressiveness.

Mira and kiddo are gorgeous

SHe actually got married at 20. She was two months shy of turning 21.


So happy Taimur is not limited edition .. Paps do a great job chasing him :)

I know ill get a lot of hate for those but that kid looks like aNepali ... inherited his mom’s slant eyes and father’s short legs ! Poor kid ... nothing going for him

Dude! You havent seen Nepalese people and no those tibetan auntys selling momos are not the only nepalese people around! and honestly, there are a lot of tall people in Nepal! Like, what are you even talking about?

Nobody cares about this average looking non-achiever. Yawn

Can't tell who he looks like! Mira is not likable at all. There is something about her face...she seems like those typical high society women who are rude and arrogant.

Sweet heart with love and prosperity Mira Kapoor Ma'am and zain Kapoor looks very cute together always be a characterful and good person in life because character is the most important thing in life always remember the word character always respect your parents and your elder sister misha Kapoor always in life be a good boy little zain Kapoor always stay happy and healthy always in life because life is like a bird that flies and files with great respect and dignity

Mira seems very snobbish. The baby is adorable.

puppy cat

So cute

she is one lucky woman !!! got two beautiful kids !! i have none and i am 39 !!! marrying at the sage of 21 was teh right decision. and that too in a wealthy family..what else u want ?? A loving weathy family, kids, whatelse !!! good luck meera. You are sooo sooo lucky

Don’t fret and be happy with small things in life. I am in the same shoes as you and unfortunately lost a friend and realized that whatever time you have in life it’s best to value..

Hello Mira!

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