Pics: Taimur Ali Khan wants to join Priyanka Chopra in Miami as he has vacation written all over his tee

Today, Taimur Ali Khan was snapped outside his house and as always, this little munchkin looked cute as a button, see pictures!
Today, Taimur Ali Khan stepped out of his house rocking a Miami TeeToday, Taimur Ali Khan stepped out of his house rocking a Miami Tee
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And just when we thought that our Tuesday was getting boring and mundane, we had Tim Tim to brighten up our day as he decided to step out of his house. And as opposed to other days, looks like today Taimur Ali Khan had vacation on his mind and tee as he decided to sport blue-and-black shorts and Tee with Miami written on his shirt. Well, don’t worry Taimur because we are sure mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan and daddy Saif Ali Khan will take you to Miami for your next holidays.

And well, guess what, while Taimur has Miami written over his Tee, we were instantly reminded of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas who are currently vacationing in Miami. And so, Taimur will get company in that exotic island since Priyanka Chopra and hubby Nick Jonas are currently holidaying in Miami. In these pictures, soon after stepping out of the car, Taimur looked straight at the paparazzi before going inside to play and we couldn’t help but notice Taimur carrying grass in both his hands. And if you have noticed anything different in Tim Tim’s hairstyle, then let us tell you that a few days back, Taimur got a new hairstyle as he was seen stepping out of the salon sporting his super cool spike cut.  

We all know that Taimur-inspired dolls had become a sensation and were selling like hotcakes in the market and now, reports suggest that a confectionery has started selling Taimur-inspired cookies as a confectionery specialises in custom cookies and has now designed Taimur cookies for their shoppers. 


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pv do not malign this sweet boy by joining his name with the mistress of Bollywood doesn't look good on you and I know you won't post this. assholes milking a child


I think it's the opposite! PC was in Miami before whoever it was dressed Taimur in the Miami t-shirt. Doubt if Kareena picks out his clothing every day based on the location of another movie star!

He would be in good company with Priyanka,she is great with kids ,gives the time and plays with them

LOL Bebo wont let him anywhere near Plastic Chops.

Now Chopra has to connect to Kareenas son to stay in the news? Lolololol, will it become even more miserable?

Seriously desperate PeeCee PR? Stalking this sweet lil boy to bring such brainless post? If Kareena has slightest interest where this wannabe celebrates her endless parties. Ridiculous.

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