Priyanka Chopra on honeymoon plan: I think it's going to be a surprise; that's what my husband is planning

Priyanka Chopra gave her first interview post wedding today and talked about her bridal trousseau, honeymoon plan and her next film.
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Priyanka Chopra gave her first interview post marriage today as she dived into work after the couple’s wedding reception yesterday. She attended an event with husband Nick Jonas in Delhi today for a company she has invested in. Priyanka and Nick looked perfect together at the event. Priyanka talked about her dreamy wedding in Jodhpur, her bridal trousseau, her next film The Sky is Pink and honeymoon plans in an interview with NDTV. She revealed that she wanted the longest veil and got it in the dress designed by Ralph Lauren.

When asked about her honeymoon destination, Priyanka said, “I have no idea. Right now, I have just work commitments this whole month.” She has some work commitments that will keep her busy besides the shoot of her film. She added about their honeymoon plan, “And I don’t know. We still haven’t figured out where. I think it’s going to be a surprise though. I think that’s what my husband’s planning." The couple will go on their honeymoon after they wrap up their professional commitments. They will ring in the New Year abroad.



And forever starts now... @nickjonas

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Priyanka also had an advice for the newlyweds, “I would just tell brides out there, whatever your priority is, is right. It doesn’t matter if your priority is work, that’s right. If your priority is honeymoon, that’s right. If your priority is doing nothing, that’s right too. ’Cause as newlyweds, it’s really your turn. you get to do whatever you want. And with us, these are the choices we took that work for us.”


they are too public imo. I like pc...but she needs to tone it down. you are not going to get this attention and validation on your relationship in 10 years. sorry, you are just not..the younger stars now will become bigger and that's just how it has always been. I think if they want a healthy and long lasting relationship..they need to and stop taking pcitures everytime thre together and making it so public. I mean if I see pics of their honeymoon that is getting way too personal and you are involving too many people in something that should be intimate. video weddings are intimate imo...and she has them all over the place.

Lol just waiting for some destination to accept the amount they are PAYING - team PC is actually paying for coverage instead of being paid lol!

Priyanka spoke with NDTV for Bumble India launch because she’s an investor. Probably should’ve mentioned that.

The entire world will get your plans. Bet hundred posts here until the lamest loser pap will get it. Her promo show will never end like her desperation about her low jobless life!

You should get a life

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