Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Mindy Kaling come together to work on a Wedding Comedy for Universal Pictures

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Mindy Kaling announced their major Hollywood project for Universal Pictures today. The Quantico star took to Instagram to share a photo with Mindy and producer Dan Goor to announce their next which will be a romantic comedy. Read on.
Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Mindy Kaling come together to work on a Wedding Comedy for Universal PicturesPriyanka Chopra Jonas and Mindy Kaling come together to work on a Wedding Comedy for Universal Pictures
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If there is one Bollywood actor who has managed to successfully hit the right mark in Hollywood as well, it is none other than our Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra Jonas. After trying to venture into Hollywood with music videos like ‘In My City’ and ‘Exotic’, Priyanka managed to make a mark in Hollywood with her TV show, Quantico. With her recent hit Isn’t it Romantic, Priyanka is on a roll and following the success streak, PeeCee announced her next big project with none other than Mindy Kaling. The Quantico star will be seen alongside Mindy Kaling in wedding comedy. 

The two announced the same together on Instagram as well. Priyanka and Mindy will be coming together for a wedding comedy for Universal Pictures. After the production giant won an auction for a pitch by Priyanka, Mindy and Dan Goor’s project, they are now working on the wedding comedy together. Dan Goor is an executive producer, while Mindy Kaling is known for her role in Ocean’s Eight and has also produced The Mindy Project.

Talking about the concept of the wedding comedy, Priyanka and Mindy will be seen together in the film which is being touted as a mix between Crazy Rich Asians and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Mindy will be engaged in writing the screenplay of the film and will star with Priyanka Chopra in the wedding comedy. Also, the film will be co-produced by Mindy Kaling under her company Kaling International and by PeeCee under Purple Pebble Pictures along with Dan Goor. Priyanka also shared a photo with Mindy Kalin and producer Dan Goor on Instagram. 

Check out the photo:



#PROUD @mindykaling @DanGoor

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Meanwhile, Priyanka will be seen in a Bollywood film, The Sky is Pink which also stars Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim. Helmed by Shonali Bose, the film is about motivational speaker Aisha Chaudhary who was suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. The Sky is Pink shoot wrapped up last month after the crew came back from Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is slated to release on October 11, 2019.

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good lord what a cartoon she is home wrecker

Studios fighting it out for this project, Joe Russo saying he’s in talks with Priyanka for a film he’s producing, then there’s also Ma Sheela film directed by Barry Levinson. Some amazing things coming up. More power to Priyanka!

This is amazing! Making boss moves. All the best!

When no one is offering you a role you have to make announcements with no story or script and say you are producing your own movie.

Every top studio was bidding for this project and Universal won the bid. This is huge. You’re just ignorant or bitter af

So PC was going to announce big endorsements and Bollywood movies once again a few weeks ago and that came to zero why does she lie so much? People would respect her more if she stayed honest.

No one said they were going to announce anything. Clearly you make up all this stuff in your head. Get a life!

Avengers director is a huge fan of Robot/Enthiran and Debaang he may give any of these actors a token side role in the next movie but as yet there are no Indian Superhero's at all with Marvel or DC so there is unlikely to be a main role for Indians so chill.

It's all been done by Gurinder Chadda with Bride & Prejudice but they are trying to capitalise on Crazy Rich Asians and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Making the heroine drunk will no doubt make her modern buhahah.

Irfaan, Tabu, Ash, Anupam have all been there and done that successfully and more for God's sake people are already aware of these Indian actors who have done well so PC needs to stop trying to lie to people that she is the first one to do so or has done something no one has done before.

No one in the west even knows these people’s name

Bride & Prejudice part 2 more like it.

I am so happy for them. Universal pictures. Thats amazing. Pc is producing too. Glad.

i love mindy, but i am afraid this will flop. Plastic Chopped cant act she can only fake act or overact.

Here comes Cameo Queen with another Big announcement of her side role.

Desperately seeking roles that is why PC is announcing something that is not even on paper yet.

No story or script yet these are desperate times then

So no big Hollywood roles being offered to PC that she is reduced to produce her own.

Most Big Bollywood actors produce there own movies. I guess they don't get big roles offered. Priyanka has a solid production company now so it makes so much more sense for her to produce her own movies, it's much more profitable. The Avengers director himself was saying in interviews how he is in talks with her for a movie so don't worry she is doing just fine :)

Bride & Prejudice 2 copycats

Mindy's sidekick role next?

She can act anytime she wants in Bollywood it’s all fake actors and Fake acting that’s why no one makes it to Hollywood . Their all stuck there to bad movies

Proud of her . She’s doing something no Indian actress have done before . Hahahah to all the haters keep it up

Why such fuss about this woman here? She's no more an Indian after she bought her green card for the States with this odd wedding.

because its only on indian forums that she gets even the occasional positive comment,everywhere else she's downright ridiculed as the west has realized her to be a fameseeking can check dailymail,buzzfeed,any western publication.she's still desperately paying money to be featured on those

pc is best

Dream team! So proud of them for the shift they’re making for South Asians in Hollywood. All the best!

That’s huge! Congratulations!

So bored of these endless American comedies. YAWN!

romantic comedies are far beter than that illogical super hero/sci-fi crap

What about her so called "big Bollywood projects"? Was it fake news from her as usual?

She walked out of Barat and stayed in The Sky is Pink because of timing issues. She clearly cares about content, which most big Bollywood movies are lacking. She's producing 2 movies in Hollywood: The Wild West, and now this. She has ventured into two companies. Production company in India. And the Avengers director himself was going around saying how he is in talks with Priyanka and wants to work with her. So I'm sure she would weigh her options and choose what works the best for her, and TBH Hollywood has more growth for actresses. Bollywood is trying to get there, but it is not there yet.

Lol, from 5 likes to 1 like? Has Chopra open her purse again today for PV? Fake gossip side.

who cares bollywood films when you gets hollywood projects lol

who cares bollywood film when you get big hollywood projects lol

She has those too. Don’t worry, you have lots to burn about!

So we will get more typical indian characters from PC who said she will not play Indian stereotypes but has played Yoga teacher, Bolly dancer and now this over there?

PC hasn't played one typical Indian character in the US. Quantico, Baywatch, and Isn't This Romantic. She didn't even have an Indian name. She was a swimsuit model/yoga ambassador (which isn't a thing). Also, most yoga teachers in the US are white. Also, you don't even know the storyline/plot of this movie. If Mindy is writing the script I doubt it will have typical Indian characters. I have seen a lot of the stuff she's written (The Office and The Mindy Project) and she's a great comedic writer.

All FLOPPED my dear

she played spy in quantico, single mom in a kid like jake, bussiness woman in baywatch

FYI both yoga teacher & bolly dancer are from same movie lol

And which one was a Hit pray tell?

Haha, I already see PC as a "Desperate mom in law" ;)

jealous aunty spotted... just bark & eat shit looser

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