Raveena Tandon on Tanushree Dutta case: Have heard of Nana Patekar’s volatile temper but never witnessed it

Actress Raveena Tandon opens up on Tanushree Dutta's harassment case which happened over a decade ago. Read on to know more!
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Actress Tanushree Dutta has recently opened up about the harassment she faced on the sets of Horn OK Please in 2008 and how she continued to suffer mental trauma all these years. Tanushree accused Nana Patekar of calling goons who broke her car’s windshield and climbed on top of the car, in which she was traveling with her parents. Police was called by Tanushree’s parents on the sets of the film.

Nana Patekar reacted to her allegations and laughed it off. He said that what harassment is she talking about and reasoned that 200 people were present on the film’s set. At the trailer launch of Thugs of Hindostan, Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan were asked about Tanushree Dutta’s allegation. Amitabh Bachchan said that he can not speak on the issue since he is neither Tanushree Dutta nor Nana Patekar, Aamir Khan said that it is very sad when something like this comes to fore and that it should be investigated.

Actress Raveena Tandon also took to Twitter in support of Tanushree Dutta. She expressed her feelings through a series of tweets. ''When our industry fails to stand for and protect its own.They get their chance and lose it. Makes our films on women empowerment hollow. The deafening silence on #TanushreeDutta case is sickening. remember the controversy breaking out'' tweeted Tandon. 

Read her tweets below!




Really Raveena ????
Let judiciary decide ??
Wow when has Indian judiciary given justice to a woman??? Why women never report sexual assaults against them?? It’s becoz they know they will never be believed by the judiciary and the woman will always be blamed for what occurred!!
If u had watched all of tanushrees interviews u would have known better!!
Sadly there is NO justice in India for women !!!!

Absolutely right

Finally Raveena did something right.

Just think if those witnesses came forward 10 years ago, a lot would have changed.

Wow! Raveena great you choose to stand up. Wher eis your sunday binge friend Shilpa Shetty?

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