Salman Khan & Aishwarya Rai's Full Story (Cine Blitz 2001)

Salman Khan & Aishwarya Rai's Full Story according to Salim Khan (Cine Blitz 2001)

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Salman bro me usse nufrat krta hu jisse tum iss baat ko gehrai as samjhna I like u bro

salman shadi karlo bhai

Salman khan is a very good person I like him bcz he is a Muslim: Bilal from Kashmir

I love you salman,Agar mai aish ke jagah hoti to kabhi aapko chod ke nahi jati anyway aap to bahut cute ho aishwarya se bhi pyari mil sakti hai mere salman ko but i like you so so so much salman...

i love u salman khan

I am a very great fan of both Aishwarya and Salman since HDDCS because they really have an undying chemistry on-screen (including off-screen), but for all those blaming her as the reason behind their break up creating lies just to slam him, that is not fair.

If we come to think of it, Aishwarya didn't directly say that he hit her, she just mentioned in an interview that she really loved him and held on to him through his good and bad days. But when she was abused (verbally) and knew that he was unfaithful to her and being an alcoholic, she couldn't stand it and decided to break up with him for the sake of her family.

Salman also mentioned that Aish is such a traditional girl and she admires her more because she respects her parents, and his love for her was pure as it is not a teenage obsession. This reveals that they really loved each other, but it is just that they have different destinies and aren't meant to be. He also said that he had fights with her but denied hitting her which is true.

Let's also be clear on one thing, Aish became far more famous internationally as she was crowned Miss World in 1994, being a model before she made into Bollywood cinemas. They are both right in their own viewpoints about their relationships. However, it is so sad that they arent together but at least they have moved on and they are happy now.
So let's just be happy for them both :) cheers !

To all those people concerned about Salman Khan's marriage, mind your own business! You have no right to say who is a suitable bride and cry over when he should get married, just as you wouldn't want anyone (but your family) to interfere in your matters! I wish there was a source (of media or others) that would truly reflect these people without making assumptions and speculating off of their greedy minds to earn profits off of everything!

As far as the above article goes, I feel that the Khans are truly blessed! Some people weren't lucky enough to become a part of such an adorable family, and I pity their thinking and the decisions they made!

simple !! wht goes comes back! salman may be a very gr8 person or god , but he had been very unfaithful to somy ali. same happened with him. somy was in love with salman and she even came to india to become actress only for him. salman left her by excusing that he cant marry her as she is not a mature lady. then y the hell you dated her for 5 years!!!!!!! . only for your own use.? salman was not at all serious with somy and just left her as garbage for the most beautiful women in the world ashwarya rai. see now he got same treatment wid her!! simple wht goes comes back!!
its so hurtful when the person whom u love the most replaces u suddenly!!!!!!!!



aish is a good person..if salman changing his gf so aish y not..

salman is a very good person. salman ko ash se bhi achchi ladki mil sakti he.


salman is very good person. i love salman.

ashwarya is a bad girl. uski kismat hi acchi nahi he k wo salman se pyar kare. i hope salman like other girl

You know, if a woman is abused, she does not go out in public attending, and accepting awards as when abused, it is very hard to pull yourself together and get the courage to show yourself in public, knowing everyone will definitely ask questions about your injuries. Aishwarya said Salman did not abuse her in public, if he had, she had the physical evidence to pin on him, but she did not, not because she was been generous, but because that was the truth. Salman did not abuse her. It is very easy to use someone as many people including the media do celebrities. If Salman had physically abused Ash, believe me, she is not the type to take it lying down, She is a very independent, strong headed individual. She takes no nonsense from anyone and goes after what she wants. Also, Salman was at the top of his career when Aish came to Bollywood not knowing anyone or anything about the industry, and he did help her launch her career. She stayed with hi until she got established, then saw no need for him for she had found other benefactors. No one is saying Salman has not made mistakes, but let the person who has never made a mistake in his or her life be the first to throw the first stone. Apne girebaan me dekho, doosre per ungali udhane se pehle. Live and let live. Be the humans God intended us to be, don't try to pretend to be God. It's sad how quick people are to put someone down, that too without getting all the facts. Thank you.

Aishwarya is not a great person... she could not stand by her love!!

salman realy love aish

salim khan is nobody. T

i wnte salman story

Salman is a wonderful human being. His family and friends and hhe himself maintained dignity and didn't about Aishwariya while Aishwariya went on to every magazine and trashed them. SHE IS AN ATTENTION SEEKER. Salman is perfect,he's amazing. Any girl would die to marry him but i think he still loves Aish. Aish on the other hand married that lame Abishek Bachan to get the Bachan last name. It's really sad,honestly. All in all sallu is the best and his fans will support him NO MATTER WHAT!! WE LOVE SALMAN.

so true - she just got married for name ... salman made her laugh ... love make u do crazy things... salman truely loved ash ,no matter what ?? he still does


This guy has made me like Salman again, he is so well-spoken, he sounds like a lawyer. Everybody should have a dad like Salim Khan.

You are great actor and i like you and i think when i will in mumbai then you will help me coz i want to be actor like you that why and yes you take care good by your friend karan/kanhaiya

salman is a helpful nature person and he is gold hearted person me zamakhan

salman is a good hearted and helpful nature person he cannot involve in bad things

kuchh v ho sallu bhai es 2012 me saddi karlina

get married soon

salman khan now you should and must get married

oh gosh! What are you guys talking about hers?I was reading the comments and this makes me sad. Let the man be and Ash too. They have moved on with there lives long time ago and you all should too. I don't know why people still talk about the break up that happened zillion years ago. And why are some people making decisions for him? Let the man decide that. If he wants to get married, he will and if does not, then he won't. Who are you and I to make decisions for him? Being a die- hard fan of Salman myself, I think the best thing for us is to keep watching his movies and make them a bigger hits. That should be our contribution and nothing more or less.

salman ji aap 20000000000000000000000 main shaadi jaroor kar lena

Being his diehard fan, I personally Feel that Salman should remain Bachelor. It is disinterest to me to Question when does he marry. It is ridiculous question and those who are Salman-Aishwarya Fan wud also agree with me. He deserved Aishwarya and Aishwarya deserved Salman. Both are replica of each other! Since he lost aishwarya because of his egoism, He must not marry because no lady is better for him! This is Sad but True! :(

sallo bahi marize kab kro ge

Salman khan bhai 2012 me aap shaadi kar lena plz

what an arse Salman turned out to be!

Salman is a very good person I like him cz he is Muslim: Bilal from Kashmir

Barbie girl I love Aisha but plZzz don't say anything about my sallu I'm a big fan of ash I loved there Jodi but u cannot deny that fact that sallu has a heart of gold it's just that ash parents did not approve of salman but I love salman and aishhwarya rai if if a true fan of ash u wouldn't have said that okay thxs peace

You know, it is very Saddening, Painful and Undigesting that None of The Family Member of Salman came forward to comment on Statements by Aishwarya i.e. None Talked of What actually Happened to the Extent that Aishwarya Chose not to have Professional or Personal relations with Salman? Since, She had accused that whole khan family of Attacking her dignity! :(

salman bhai is a very good guy i love u salman bhai

i love salman and aishwarya dono ki judi bout achchi hain aap dono ek saath film kab aaho ge

Tue, 2011-04-26 15:33 — barbie girl


salman bhai has good future after aishwari rai had gone 4rrm his life salman bhai is a 1st batchlor i m proud of u sallu bhai i wanna b like u

Aishwariya Rai is an educated woman, she's been Miss World and she had caring parents. Do people really believe she herself would have allowed a person to beat her black and blue?
She's just trash- she's used media and Salman to get to where she is. I believe her when she says she might have been abused- but I strictly believe the abuse to be anything but physical.
Salman has a heart of gold, it's unfortunate he's been targeted by the media in such a harmful and mean way. Everyone makes mistakes, but normal people's mistakes don't get splashed by the media and rich people use money and sources. Salman's case has been neither.
I don't think he's the best actor in the world. I'm not fond of bodybuilding actors, and I'm definitely not fond of mindless masala films.
But I can see he has one of the best humble personalities a person can have, specially in b'wood, and he has a heart of gold. He's an amazing amazing person, and I wish he has a future brighter and happier than his past.


Salman is such a closeted gay man's creep.  He has no talent, no brains and his so called brawn (for a guy who's only 5 foot 6 inches tall without his lifts, brawn is a silly word) is all steroid created. His use of steroids for so many years no doubts leads to all his problems with breaking the laws, running over people in the street and killing them (and getting no punishment for it) and his serious problem dealing with people who are not paid employees or sycophants.


Salman is the best....

salman is very nice, very cute I am biggest fan of salman khan I love him.salman started being human.salman is my heart I love salman very much I am crazy fan of salman khan. all movies superb of salman khan. salman is most better than aish or other hero's

About time this 50yold grew up

Wed, 2011-04-27 04:56 — Anonymous

Haha, no wonder Salman has fans like you who believe in 'slapping' women. All following Salman. He can escape jail despite being a criminal cuz he has power. Btw, if you are a woman, shame on you.

to the person claiming salman gave aish a "black eye," please post the proof here you dumbass.

on a humorous note, even if he did hit her she probably had it coming. she's so annoying no wonder abhishek is caught looking exasperated with her in photos. i'm sure he thinks about strangling her often. the woman is a loud narcissist with a major god complex, a slap now and then might be necessary, who knows.

Salman is abusive guy who also gets in alot of trouble with the law including the hit and run case and etc, I can not list all the stuff I heard about him , It would be a mile long, as for The Salman fan who says Ash used Salman, please Ash was a superstar from the moment she stepped into Bollywood everyone wanted to work with her Salman actually tried to mess up her career and he cost her two movies Chalte Chalte and Veer Zaara, and Salman has no impact on who Sanjay Leela Bhansali chooses as a actor I mean I heard he wanted to do Devdas and look what happened Sanjay said NO despite all the tantrums Salman threw but he took Ash in three movies, he knows Ash is a great actress and a superstar.

There were withness in the case and they said Salman was driving.. but suddenly they were gone or took back their statements.. some fishy.. and why would the driver drive the car if he is drunk.. he is professional.. so I think Salman was driving.. and he is regretting it.. and is paying the family for their lost.. and he thinks that is enough..I'm sure he isn't only rich person .. who got away with drunk driving.. if you have the money.. india is know as the country of corruption..

i heard rich teenage boys in india drunk and drive? they go to jail only 5 hours until their parents show up & gives money to the police and free them is that true?? by the way i red on world magazine that india is one of most drunk drivers and most road accidents in the world. rich kids in india run over homeless people and get away with it because they pay money. if thats true why people being after salman who wasn't driving the car? isn't just applied to country and its people equally?

Hi Naveed... yes I posted the same article link on another thread, and who knows if or why he reportedly didn't show up for court to appeal his jail sentence, but you are right, there is a file from that case that is being reviewed by a higher court because the state of Rajasthan wants him to serve longer jail time than 1 year. After all, he was sentenced to 5 years in a different poaching case (also being appealed) so they feel that 1 year is a slap on the wrist. There is also a third poaching case of Salman's which is completely stuck because of a "missing file"... well! All I can say is that between all of the missing files, missing witnesses, and the occasionally missing defendant, I hope that justice is finally served! :)

NO it has nothing to do with salman! itz just to make some sexist idiots realize that salman is no God either! why AISH left him! she had her reasons. and to think twice before point fingers at aish who gets all the blame for this! salman just gets away with everything be it murder or abuse!

It has nothing to do with hating Salman.. it has to do.. that Salman hasn't been punished for his criminal crimes.. he gotta away with what he does charity works now.. that doesn't erase his crimes now.. I hope he gets punished .. sometime..

Salman is the real deal with the good and bad. But he does more good for the undeserved than the whole industry put together. Ashwariya needs no mentioning, she eventually scored Big because of her looks and became a cougar. Salman and Karisma would have been the best best best pair. The best looking people in India.

Lol Anon Aishwarya doesn't speak to Salman.. because he made her life living hell.. and she almost lost her career because of him.. thats why she doesn't speak to him.. why would you want to speak with your ex.. who abuse you mental.. hope you never have abusive boyfriend.. they are horrible to have...

Anchal, good points.

People try to turn new a new leaf all the time.. but constantly get put down by jeerers who WANT to hold onto their wrong past because they WANT villians in this world. There are sadly a lot of people who actually still want Salman to be bad (even if he's rehabilited). Believe it or not, some people are addicted to hate-- and WANT Salman (or abc celeb of their choice) to be wicked demons so they can keep on jeering and hating at them and in the process, feeling better about themselves in comparision. Hating (in the form of cyberbullying, looking down on others as inferior, to actual in-person conflicts) is the #1 plague in the world now! And hate never works. never.

The newer genreration of ours youngers will learn to let go of this massive judgements and hate and allow people to change-- thankfully- and finally there will be more peace.

But Anchal, keep being positive to everyone, and keep encourgaing people to change for the better. don't give up!!!! cheers.

I still don't know what Salman saw in Ash. seriously she is so FAKE, AND ALWAYS politically correct, she messed up Salman's life, Vivek's life, and will mess up Abhishecks life.

Up to this day Salman is still good with all his past girlfriends except Ash, that speaks volumes, and I have never ever heard him say bad things about her.

let them be people.. there's no point picking on 10-year old topics to create fights, anomonsity and hate between the fans. even Aish, Abhi, Salman and Vivek probably have less hate between each other than their respective fans do. and this 'do you still like Salman'/Salmanites post thing has gone out of hand on pv and created a rash of unbearable hate- to try to heckle and jeer a set of female fans. there are battered women who keep going back to their abusive bfs-- would you jeer and heckle them? absolutely not ! if you have some empathy within you, you need to realize a lot of people come from abusive backgrounds and don't deserved to be heckled or jeered --but their psychology UNDERSTOOD as to why they may emphasize with an abuser (( because deep inside they lack esteem )). So the answer is not jeering and hate, but to create a sense of esteem among our youths so that they don't idolize ANYONE.. yes not anyone (that includes AB, Aish, Abhi,Salman , Vivek or anyone).

people-- Salman, Aish, Abhi, Viviek are doing something productive. If you REALLY care about these topics, go out and make some REAL friends who are in need-- and TALK to them. cyberjeering and hating each other online is just destrucitve-- not construcive.

We all know if Salman wasn't a big star, he would be jail a long time ago, for the crimes he commit.. but if you have the money and power.. everything is for sale.. Salman is really.. lucky he isn't in jail right now... his dad should be glad..
No parents .. would want to have Salman for their daughter.. so good thinking of Aishwarya parents.. i believe Aishwarya thought she could change Salman... but what was she wrong.. glad she listen to her parents.. and ditch Salman.. she paid a high prize for it.. she lost a lot of roles.. of it... but still she choose her dignity before her... careeer.. And now.. another of his girlfriend ditch him..

the fact that aish was offered rani's role in kkhh was well known for a long time! kjohar said it openlly on the first season of koffee with karan!

rani is a hag why someone even bringing her up here salman didn't even want that trash

that was out way before! karan even admitted on koffee with karan the first season on rani kareena episode

hey she was offered Rani's role not Kajols in KKHH. But she never told this in front of the media until now she got married bcos, of course, now she wants to claim everything Rani deserved was hers :), after she married that guy :)!

salman is a retard i am happy aishwarya was smart enough to ditch this loser

divaa sweety, you havedone your research but you gotta admit he has more good side than bad side.
Yes salman is a brat,drunkard but he also has that golden heart to care for people that you and I dont have.

Once salman kisses you divaa, you will fall for his irresistable charm.

If salman was so well mannered and innocent why would he kill a buck that was helpless and needed to live?
Why is salman not explaining the black eye that aishwarya got before?The media captured it.

I dont believe salman khan is as innocent as his father says but he is definitely a very generous man.
Salman does not fake things, he is just himself.I am a straight guy and I love him not for his style/body but for being TRULY HUMAN.
You cant help falling in love with salman khan.He has that innocent look and when you hear how he goes out of his way to help friends, you want to be friends with him forever.
Srk is a selfish individual who just cannot stop showing off his star power,wealth.He should learn from salman to use star power to help people instead of hoarding more wealth for his future generations.

Aanchal- I agree Salman is a better person now. I also agree with you regarding his mom--she seems a nice woman. She says Salman never hit,,, prolly she is right. I don't think he's that low grade.
But then Ash never said that she was hit...she used the word "abuse" Abuse can also be 'mental', 'Verbal' and Physical.
I believe he mentally and verbally abused her by- screaming at her, pushing her to the ground, banging her door, breaking her sets, not letting the shooting go on, making 40 threat calls to her friends...list goes on and on .........!

Anyways I agree they have moved on and so should we.


Aanchal- I agree Salman is a better person now. I also agree with you regarding his mom--she seems a nice woman. She says Salman never hit,,, prolly she is right. I don't think he's that low grade.
But then Ash never said that she was hit...she used the word "abuse" Abuse can also be 'mental', 'Verbal' and Physical.
I believe he mentally and verbally abused her by- screaming at her, pushing her to the ground, banging her door, breaking her sets, not letting the shooting go on, making 40 threat calls to her friends...list goes on and on .........!

Anyways I agree they have moved on and so should we.


@ kitty - you always seem to bring up Salman missing his court appointments (for a better term)

The appointment he missed on Feb 20 2011 was due to the rescheduling of the required papers that were not sent to the sessions court from the high court. Whether Salman appeared or not, the hearing would still have had to be rescheduled, pending the arrival of the papers.

Now the court could have told this to Salman coz he was in Bangkok at the time shooting for READY (who knows but what did the media write TOI - this was the headline 'Chinkara case: Salman gives court hearing a miss again' Heres the link

Now how does that sound kitty. Again am not targeting or attacking anyone just saying that everyone should be treated equally. Salman AGAIN and AGAIN is bashed by the media and his haters through the media find avenues to hate him even more. Like recently most media channels said that Salman had a showdown with Bazmee on sets of READY False coz bazmee himself said this. Before this Anil Sharma then Prem Soni then Vipul Shah etc etc etc. The media always want to attack the guy whether profesionally or personally. Is that fair?

All the directors he's ever worked with talk nothing but highly about the guy and same with his co stars (now if anyone else thinks there lying then why would they work with him again and again).

Now in regards to your beloved ash. I would never condone a man hitting a woman thats extremly shameful and wrong. I have seen domestic violence and its not cool. lekin every side has two stories. I have heard Salman say a few times he has NEVER hit any woman and I could see sincerity in his words. Heres a link where he says he has never hit a woman

Also kitty is it not strange that Salman who is this woman beater (Big B at the time of babul tried to get them to move on) I will find the link for that. Again Big B worked in GTGH with Salman which released not too long ago. I think its something to think about. Preity Zinta, Karishma all these women have nothing but high regard for Salman. Salman has said I quote 'that if am this animal or bad guy that they say then why do women allow there kids to come and meet me and hug me'

Also is it not strange that all the legends of Bollywood Dhamrmandra, Dilip Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Jeetendra, Shatrugan sinha, Feroz Khan, Big B etc all treat Salman with utmost love and respect. Something to think about?

Many times on PV I read Salman haters say Salman poured coke over Somy Ali's head. Ok listen to what Salman has to say
They also said he slapped Katrina Kaif (she clarified this herself and said that people need to stop maligning Salman's name coz its damaging).

Remember guyz theres always two sides to a story. Salman and somy are great friends he vists her and vice versa and she even gifted him some shirts (look at Nikhil Diwedi recpetion pics and he's wearing them) All his gfs have invited him to his wedding except ash (her choice ofcourse). Like i said am not trying to paint Salman as a saint but hes not the animal the media and many haters paint him out to be.

Most days I read on Salman and I hear he did this good thing or that good thing but do the media pick up on it and do people talk about it. No naa its coz they dont want to. Anyone Im no one to judge anyone only God can do that.

chalo thats all I wanted to say I dont think I will change the opinion of any and I wont change my opinion/s so lets just leave it that

Take care

@ WED 2011-4-20 9:19 "Anonymous"...

Wow, Anonymous, that's quite the fantasy novel you wrote! :)

But how do you figure that Aishwarya used Salman for roles? Why don't you go and read Bhansali's interview in the latest Collector's Issue of Filmfare? He wanted to cast her long before Salman came into the picture. Even Yash Chopra wanted her to join films... again, waaaay before Salman ever came along. Face it, Salman only made her LOSE roles (Chalte Chalte). Thanks for the laugh, though! :)

Hmm... And this interview was BEFORE the drunk driving/ hit and run incident even happened... sure it seems like old news but the court cases are still pending. And according to recent news reports, Salman failed to appear in court in February. If he was innocent, wouldn't he want to just get it over with so he could clear his name? Seems fishy to me.

It's very nice to hear this issue from a POV closer to Salman's side. It's a rarity.

*aishwarya is happily married so let her live her life*

On Koffee with Karan when Vivek and Aish were dating, Vivek said jokingly "I have to deal with tiger when I get back home" he was referring to Aish they were just joking but this implies that they had a live in relationship he said a lot which kind of made it obvious. The fact is .... Aish is no "devi" as she portrays herself to be and being in the industry in which she is obviously SHE'S NOT and CANNOT be "sati savitri". Aish parents were completely ok with SALMANS PAST until he was making their daughter popular .... they're complete hypocrites. Aish has already kissed on screen but yet she's a hypocrite and says she hasn't .... guess what!? Salman is the only actor who HAS NOT kissed on screen .... SRK went nude in Maya Memsaab and had hot scenes which Salman never did. Haters will be haters.

Wed, 2011-04-20 11:07 — Anonymous

To Wed, 2011-04-20 09:19 — Anonymous
can you tell me ' what vivek meant-- deal with 'Tiger' thing.... I am not joking here looks like i am the only fook not understanding this. also when he said that, after or befor breakup with ash.

Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Break up / Split
Salman Khan and Aishwarya broke up officially in 2002. As the actress, said she broke up with Salman after he inadvertantly admitted that he had been unfaithful to her.

The controversy was a great news when Salman stormed onto the sets of Aishwarya’s upcoming film “Kuch Na Kaho” with Abhishek Bachchan. Salman Khan pushed Aishwarya to the ground, prompting intervention from spectators, then left the spot with retaliation.

A similar incident occured months later, in 2002, on the sets of Aishwarya’s film with Shahrukh Khan. It was reportd that when Shahrukh Khan attempted to intervene in the couple’s heated quarrel, he was verbally attacked by Salman, and the relationship between them was also worsened. This also caused serious damage to Aishwarya career as no actor was ready to work with her.


this is from another website
Salman Khan is always in news especialy most of his controversies are relating to girls. He was spotted by the media when he was dating former miss world and bollywood queen Aishwarya Rai. Salman and Aishwarya fell in love during the shooting of “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” which turned to be a blockbuster hit of the year. They were in good terms for two years thats from 1999-2001. Later misunderstandings arose between them and they couldn’t make it. There relationship didn’t end quietly, it was both a personal and legal problem, Salman constantly filled gossip columns for months together.

salman is a fag loser drunk should retire

this is from imdb board. rest is b*** s*** you guys are invent to lift that jungly janwar up.

At a screening of Raja Hindustani (1996), Aishwarya Rai came up to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, shook his hand and told him that she loved his work in Khamoshi: The Musical (1996). Sanjay Leela Bhansali has said that her eyes were like fire, and he had been looking for a girl to play Nandini. At that moment he said to himself, "Yehi to hai meri Nandini (She is my Nandini)."

This movie also resulted in a real life romance between Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai, the most publicized love affair in the history of Indian Cinema.

Oh and just two let you know aish was far more accomplished when she met vivek. he might have been hyped as the next big thing. but she was the one that had won two filmfares (indian oscar equivalent)

oh and she was also offered kuch kuch hota hai. indian oscar equivalent

one thing i want to know is why Ash stayed with him when he was abusing her.. she should have dumped him immediately.

Initially she said he did not beat her. but later he gave an inetrview saying he used to hit her.

YEP YOUR SALLU IS A SAINT NO MATTER HOW MANY WOMEN HE ABUSES. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW HE HAS EVEN MURDERRED PPL WELL DRUNK DRIVING. But aish is a user and a bad women because she dated him when she was new in the industry. for ur kind info aish was getting movie offers even before miss world. she was the it girl in modeling. thatz why a lot women were afraid to compete with her miss india. she was offered raja hindustani and a lot of other movies that went on to become huge hits. but she didnt have star dust in her eyes she wanted to continue her education because she was someone of substance. after she became miss world she coundnt return to school right away she fell behind thus entered films. rajnikanth has wanted to work with her from the start of her career. by the way taal also played a big role in making her a superstar. not hdds. if you watch hum dil the making on DAILYMOTION. SLB CLEARLY SAYS THE REASON HE TOOK AISH WAS BECAUSE HE FELT THAT NO ONE ELSE COULD DO THE ROLE BESIDES HER. get a life you salman suckers. he still rocks no matter how many women he has been with abused. but aish is a user because she dated him. all he did for her was ruin her career by going on the sets of chalte chalte and acting like wild animal. the wild animal he is.

Oh for gods sake get over it some of you. Its been donkey years and same thing again and again. Salman is still ONE OF THE BIGGEST STARS ALIVE TODAY and his fan base is increasing day by day.

Yes he may have had a wild side but to say he hit ash I dont believe that for a second. Harassing a lady and hitting one is two completely separate things. (I have seen Salman interviews where he has clarified this).

In regards to his marriage NO ONE has the right to question that. If he doesnt want to marry he doesnt want to marry WTF has that got to do with some of you lot here.

My freind met him when IFFA 07 (bradford) happened and he said the guy rocks. Now people need to seriously move on. If this is all we can talk about then what sad lives we have.

Oh one more thing I request ash fans not to visit Salman threads on here coz you don't like the guy and all it does is just makes you angry and then post hatred comments which in return angers Salman fans.

I dont mean to preach above (trust me) lol


"So glad Aishwarya listen to her parents... Salman would always be obessive about Aishwarya... no a good husband.. I'm sure he would cheated on Aishwarya with Katrina.. lol maybe even take a second wife.. just like his father.."

SO true ! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He comes from a dysfunctional home, look at his dad posing with both wives, so shameless .

Salman seems very controlling ( maybe not physically abusive any more), he still picks these young starlets and then starts dating them and wants to mould them ( eg. asking them to lose or gain weight according to his wishes ) and control not only their personal life but also their professional careers. I'm glad Katrina broke free.

let me for a while accept wat all u hav said abt salman. but how can u forget that the man has changed today and how!!! every person derves a chance to turn ovr a new leaf rite???i can vouch for the fact that salman will nvr do it again. i again say, that if salman has indeed abused ash(to watevr extent), its indeed shameful.

now to reality, i knw wat u are talking abt. but i trust salman's mother more than anything. i cant believe that she wud evr lie. in fact she also said that during the buckbeak killing case against salman, that if her son is found guilty, he shld be punishd. i dont see why she wud lie abt ash.

whatever, this happend more than a decade ago and media is still stretching this thing like the mahabharata series.

Salu rocks!

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