Salman Khan on blackbuck poaching case hearing: Did you think I was going to go in forever?

Salman Khan reacts to the question of his impending hearing in the Jodhpur Sessions Court in connection with the blackbuck poaching case.
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Salman Khan found himself in troubled waters recently when the Jodhpur Sessions Court convicted the superstar in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case. Co-accused in the case including Saif Ali Khan, Tabu and others were acquitted by the Court while Salman was sentenced to a five-year imprisonment. The actor was granted bail shortly after spending two nights in the jail. 
The hearing in the case was recently deferred for July. 
Today, at the Race 3 Trailer launch when Salman was asked if he was worried about the money riding on him during the court case, he in his natural style said, "Did you think I was going to go in forever?" When the journalist answered in negative, the superstar added, "Thank you. Because I was worried."
Meanwhile, about Race 3, Salman maintained that everyone in the film has been treated equally. The movie also stars Anil Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Bobby Deol, Saqib Saleem among others. Race 3 is slated to release on June 15, 2018. Race 3 is being helmed by Remo D'Souza and the trailer promises a lot of action in the movie. 
Coming back to the case, Salman and the others are accused of hunting and killing two blackbucks in 1998 in Rajasthan's Kankani while the actors were the state for a film shoot. Blackbucks are endangered species and hunting them is prohibited under the Wildlife Protection Act.
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We knew that you are too rich and famous to be in jail.

just like bachchans, devgans and kapoors fact they are too rich famous and powerful that their case(s) is not even talked about anywhere and by anyone including you..

If you know such a case where any of them killed a human and animals and got away with that then tell me I'll talk about it... Salman and his fans who can blame anyone but him.

Saif and others were also involved in the animal case but u never talk about for the 2002 case it was an accident not murder even if he was driving God himself doesn't punish the one responsible for accident like the murder and those victims themselves said they did not want him to go to jail they just wanted some money for the damage which was their right but the authorities wouldn't allow that...besides are you NOT aware of the child's rape and murder case?!..but u r not talking about it simply because Salman is not involved in it...and one more thing amitabh has done far worse things and not by accident but on purpose...

If you're driving under the influence of alcohol it is no longer an accident. It's considered a criminal offence.

They didn't kill people or animals, like Bhai.

Not forever. Couple of years may be. 5 years would be a good start for this case. The hit and run might get you another 10.

What about tax evaders

They should too...whatever the court deems necessary punishment!

Evading tax isn't the same as killing innocent lives.

it was just one life not lives and the victims themselves don't want him to go to jail why are you bothered?!..focus on the other horrendous crimes committed every day instead of focusing on an accident just because it involves a star that u don't like..bty I'm no Salman fan but it is so disturbing that every one is focusing on his case while all those crimes are committed against us and no one is doing anything about the criminals...maybe we should hope that next time Salman is the one who commits the crime against us so that people would care and do something.. pv please post cause it is too much...

Yeah, after all these replies to everyone, we believe u r not his fan. LOL And Salman didn't just take one life, animals lives matter as much human life.

Of course not Salman. You were acquitted of killing a human on footpath, toh blackbuck kya cheez hai.

salman trolling the indian justice system. how fitting ^___^

If he didn't do it then he shouldn't worry..the other FOUR people certainly weren't even though they were there so they should get some responsibility but they didn't..and please don't say because they did not pull the trigger because even if they didn't they still participated and they weren't punished...I'm all for punishing the wrong but do it fairly and punish all who r wrong don't pick and choose...the others have moved on already and they were never bothered by anyone while Salman took all the heat and that's really not fair especially if he is innocent.. pv please post and don't be biased

Obviously not the law or rules don't apply for you. You are above everyone why would anyone think you would be in forever

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