Shah Rukh Khan is NOT quitting Saare Jahaan Se Achcha, confirms writer Anjum Rajabali

Writer Anjum Rajabali rubbished the news that Shah Rukh Khan is not a part of Saare Jahaan Se Achcha anymore. He tagged the news as fake.
News,shah rukh khan,Anjum Rajabali,Saare Jahaan Se AchchaShah Rukh Khan is NOT quitting Saare Jahaan Se Achcha, confirms writer Anjum Rajabali
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It seems like the failure of Shah Rukh Khan's ZERO at the box office has caused quite some confusion about his next film Saare Jahaan Se Achcha. Though Shah Rukh Khan had only recently hinted of being a part of it soon, there was a rumour doing the rounds that SRK is no longer part of this Rakesh Sharma's biopic. That's right. News had it that ZERO's debacle at the box office had caused Shah Rukh to quit this Siddharth Roy Kapur and Ronnie Screwvala production and head towards Farhan Akhtar's Don 3. Well, for those who were excited to see SRK as Sharma, there is good news on the way. Writer of Saare Jahaan Se Achcha - Anjum Rajabali confirmed to a entertainment portal that the news of SRK quitting the team is indeed fake. 

Anjum replied to a text message saying, "It is fake news," when asked if SRK is no longer part of Saare Jahaan Se Achcha. Well, that makes it pretty clear that Shah Rukh will soon begin prepping to play the famous pilot, who was the first Indian to travel to space. Shah Rukh had spoken about this saying that the script is beautful and that he would do the film when the timing has been decided by the team. 

Aamir had also spoken about the movie saying the sript and the story is fascinating. He added that he had called up SRK and asked him to hear the wonderful script. He had mentioned that he is glad SRK liked the script and that he has taken it up. Well, that makes us all the more eager for this one! 


If you cant say any thing good about any one please dont say any thing bad. Wish him well.

Shouldn't these writers be more concerned with the box office success of the movie? SRK has been failing miserably.

Another failure for this old guy. He should just retire with what's left of his success.

Isn't he a bit too old to play Rakesh Sharma if the story is about when he traveled to space. It will flop if he doesn't suit the character. Caking up his face to make him look young would be a terrible idea. SRK should think twice before doing any project from now on. Yes, the story is compelling but he should fit the role.

you may not like him but u gotta admit he has guts to experiment and try something new every time. He could have easily done a masala Film after his recent flops yet he chose this movie. Respect

He is picking terrible films - "masala' or otherwise. He needs someone to help him choose better projects. He is nearing the end of his shelf life as a "hero". He has to step up his game or miss out altogether. Look at all the great movies, of all genres, released this year of all kinds. The younger guys are getting and doing much better work. He is needs help.

He tried taking the masala film roud too when he did Harry met Sejal

It’s going to flop anyways. SRK is flop. Next

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