Shahid Kapoor's Kabir Singh is terribly misogynistic, shares CBFC member Vani Tripathi Tikoo; Read on

CBFC member Vani Tripathi Tikoo shared on her Twitter page that Kabir Singh starring Shahid Kapoor is a misogynistic and terribly violent film. Read to know more.
News,Shahid Kapoor,Kabir Singh,Vani Tripathi TikooShahid Kapoor's Kabir Singh is terribly misogynistic, shares CBFC member Vani Tripathi Tikoo; Read on
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Shahid Kapoor starrer Kabir Singh released on Friday last week. Directed by Sandeep Vanga, the film also stars Kiara Advani in the lead role. Kabir Singh is an official remake of Vijay Deverakonda's Telugu super hit Arjun Reddy which was also directed by Sandeep. Kabir Singh received mixed reviews from the critics as well as the audience.

While many are loving the film, some of them are not happy with the misogyny shown in the film. One of the CBFC members Vani Tripathi Tikoo slammed took to her Twitter page to slam Kabir Singh. She tweeted, "I'm serious about this thought that Misogyny is "Infectious" have been noticing the narrative around #KABIRSINGH past few days..What a terribly misogynistic and extremely violent film! Arjun Reddy was bad enough and now this remake! Am I surprised it's doing well ...Well Well!"

She further added, "I find it baffling that "Big Stars" make these choices who actually lead by Example! As the Cinematic journey of the country has gone beyond its "Traditional" Women as "Eye Candy" routine. Can we remember how movie characters are idolised? #StopMisogyny  #KabirSingh".

Her third tweet read, "Someone asked me after my last post what's wrong with an Actor choosing a role? Dear pal there is never a wrong or a right it's the choices that you make on screen to portray is what defines who you are! A character is only a piece of written paper if not enlivened by an actor!"

Meanwhile, in the 4 days of its release, Kabir Singh made a collection of Rs 87.75 crores approx. 

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I am very sad that this movie has become a hit .

I am an independent working woman. I earn my own money. Pay my own bills. Irrespective of whether I work or not, I will not take shit from a man. He dare raise his finger on me.
I LOVED ARJUN REDDY. And NO ONE take that right away from anyone who loved the movie.

What did you love?

Whether you love the film or not, it’ll not stop the film from being misogynistic.

It’s a movie, A MOVIE and what an excellent one!

It’s about one’s anger and the way one evolves around it, it’s just a person’s story.. it’s not promoting violence in anyway or glorifying it, infact it shows it from both angles.. the person who is affected and the people who are affected! It’s a brilliant movie.

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