Shamshera: Vaani Kapoor to play the female lead in Ranbir Kapoor's film

Vaani Kapoor has been roped for Karan Malhotra's Shamshera. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role and Sanjay Dutt is the villain in the story.
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Vaani Kapoor has been roped for Karan Malhotra's Shamshera. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role and Sanjay Dutt is the villain in the story. Vaani , who was last seen in Befikre (2016), will now romance Ranbir in the movie.
In an official statement, Karan said, "Vaani plays Ranbir’s love interest in the film and is a very important collaborator in his character’s journey. Her character graph is interlinked to the plot of the film making her a crucial catalyst in our hero’s rebellious mission."
He added, "Vaani is a perfect fit for the role. She is a fine actor, a fabulous dancer and a gorgeous Hindi film heroine. We wanted someone absolutely fresh to wow audiences on the big screen and she beautifully fits that brief."
Talking about the film, Ranbir said, "Shamshera is exactly the film I was looking for. While growing up watching Hindi commercial cinema, I had an image of what a film hero should be doing. Shamshera allows me to do everything that I had imagined and its a very exciting project for me. Karan is going to take me completely out of my comfort zone and Im looking forward to this challenge."
This high-octane adventure is set in the heartland of India and will have jaw-dropping action sequences. Shamshera is set to go on the floors end of this year and shooting will wrap by mid-2019.
Meanwhile, Ranbir as Sanju in the biopic has already got everyone talking. His uncanny resemblance to Dutt has left everyone shocked and overwhelmed at the same time. The movie also stars Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Karishma Tanna, Paresh Rawal Manisha Koirala among others. 


Sounds like a big joke Ranbir kapoor as Shamshera.
Better call him hadi ka dukaan!

DHARMA is CLASS and Indian Audience can watch their films on other hand yrf tries to bring more of western culture befikre had so many lip locks indian audience are not comfortable watching film with their family with so many lip locks...Hope after the inappropriate female cast the execution of the film is done in way which APPEALS INDIAN AUDIENCE...Otherwise nobody can save this film...

Vaani Kapoor seems to have something on Aditya Chopra and threaten to expose him, maybe he will end in a worse situation than Harvey Weinstein hence why he's trying to shut her up

Wow, disaster written all over, wonder why Ranbir is doing this film. It will flop for sure,, has lost his sense?

Dharma much much better than yrf what i really like about Karan is he nails it when it comes to casting...

I dont think so yrf is even Bothered what so many people has to say....Even television actress looks better than vaani atleast take one of them they will work free for yrf...

Beauty, what angle does alia looks like a leading, plus, she has no chemistry with RK, yet, KJO cast her with RK, At least she looks a lot better then Alia, who is over rated ! just hyped by KJO!

Please, kjo, Yrf , they can't see beauty if it stare them in the face, both were hyping Rani, as the most beautiful, while back, too! now , every sees the truth!

On one hand Dharma got so much bigger and better after Yash Johar departed on the other hand YRF has been stale and bad post Yash Chopra departure.

Forget YRF, they're committing professional suicide. Why isn't Ranbir worried? There is no reason for him to be a part of this and ruin his own career! Hope he realizes he will become another flop starkid with these kind of movie choices.

I just hope they are casting her in this to get done with their 3 movie contract with her. Nobody really likes her and it should be obvious that no other production is interested to sign her for movies looking at the gap between Shudh Desi Romance and Befikre. Vaani better look for a backup job already. She totally ruined her career the day she chose to go under knife.

I hope she is getting enough buck for her bang considering how ugly Adi Chopra is. A movie with HR, another with Ranbir. Rani doesn't seem to mind as long as she remains the Mrs.

yrf and aditya doesnt seem to genuinely care about their talent. they care about the money coming is so obvious. they make the worst low budget films and then bring in a star for 1 or 2 huge films per year and that is how they work. doesnt invest or mentor his talent with care at all

Almost everyone agrees vaani is not perfect for this film even after reading all these comments if they continue with their decision it really means they only care about money and not other people"s career....

vaani has a nice figure and can dance really she does have this conventional heroine vibe, so maybe thats why. but her comment. anushka would have been the best choice in yrf talent pool

ok i am pretty sure the role isnt that great, and thats why she is cast as the female lead. aditya has failed to use his best talent which is anushka and parineeti to his full potential imo. offered them the same medium budget roles. and are now just finding ways to make a mark with other production companies. horrible mentor. looks at karan johar and how he mentors alia...

Why do i get the feeling Hrithik put his foot down with his movie and she is no longer part of that so now YRF got her into this one. What is wrong with Aditya Chopra??

Aditya is ruining his father's legacy now. He already ruined his own with Befikre. How on earth could he cast Vaani? From no angle does she make a good pair with Ranbir and I'm not even a Ranbir fan! Hope Ranbir pushes back or opts out of this movie.

If the script is about Ranbir falling in love with a transsexual then it can work

The movie in itself is a bigger concern than Vani. This movie looks more like hero-centric and she may just have few dances and dialogues. YRF has been churning out bad movies one after another in recent years. Ranbir's not thinking straight when choosing scripts.

Another Bombay Velvet for Ranbir.

jGuys, please stop bashing Vanni left and right. She is a good actress!! Give her a chance and stop shaming someone. You don't like her, deal with it!

Sorry but Aditya is ruining the YRF legacy created by Yash Chopra by producing these mindless assembly line films without any creativity and by casting undeserving actors. Makes me wonder about the rumours that DDLJ was actually directed by Yashji.

Pleaseeee Ranbir don’t cast Vaani pleaaaaseeee!!!!!


its already a flop! Ranbir Kapoor has poor choice in films! who the hell is his manager!!

Vaani was actually very cute in shuddh desi romance. Don't know why she went under the knife and spoilt her good looks

Rani ,Vaani Rhyming word LOL Well~ What can I say !!

Yrf is weird when it comes to casting because they actresses on based of their personal equation and not what is required for a film...I mean seriously they have so much money to waste...Vaani will not add any value to film...just look at her pic...Gosh

it would be a cast if they are playing brother and sister with the same nose.

Aditya must be obsessed with Vani. There was a time, whenever Yash Chopra annouced his next ventures, people couldn't wait to run to the cinema and now look what his son upto?

If this continues YRF end is near...they are really stupid to cast her..she has no looks, avg acting skill and zero screen presence

seriously, ranbir is right about 1 thing: 80% of blinds are true. when an actor with flop films, below average acting skills gets YRF's big film opp Ranbir, you gotta wonder why.

nothing to do with acting skills..its just that Adi has a thing for Vaani

Because Adi has thing for vaani he is casting her but he is playing with Ranbir's career...

Ranbir, walk. Better to be jobless than sink your brand into the cement

Because Adi has thing for vaani he is playing with Ranbir's career...

Please reconsider female lead for god’s sake!

YRF has good talents like Parineeti yet they cast an actress with horrible acting skills in a big budget movie? As it is investing in Ranbir itself is a big risk since we don’t even remember when he had his last hit and they are taking another big risk by casting her opposite him.

seriously, yrf hasn't done shi* for pari in the last 3 years or so, despite getting her into a mess that was dawat-e-ish (and kill dill). isn't she their talent too??

um yea yrf basically put parineeti's career in the trash bag. im happy parineeti is branching out, smartest thing she could do. but vaani doesnt seem to get offers so i think yrf offers her films only

Heard it is big buget film and vaani in it disaster...why wasting money?

Ranbir ka career itne saalon ke baad stable ho raha tha ki tabhi Aditya ne laga di uski wat.

It’s actually nice to see a fresh pair

You hate Ranbir for sure...

This is such ODD PAIRING...Revise the female cast...

Why is she in the movies seriously most average looking person and blah acting

Take anushka shetty or richa chaddha or padman actress. They have powerful screen presence. She looks too urban to play anything in a movie related to a dacoit

Yeh bhi chalega paar vaani nahi chalegi..

Why her? Nooo!!!!

Though it would be fun to read all the reviews of this flop movie lol

I like a good laugh but honestly this is too pathetic, doomed from the get-go, her face, her everything, he looks like her nephew

I'm not watching this film already

I'm actually glad since Ranbir is also a flop so he deserves a flop actress opposite him. Nobody would state out his failures since he is a Nepokid ( they are always treated specially and given movies despite numerous flops and average looks) pv pls post my opinion

Look at vaani's face scary...

Why invest so much in film people has already lost interest with inappropriate female cast...

YRF trying hard to promote her... wonder why!!

Vaani got no acting skills but still she is getting movies.Aditya chopra ka kamaal

Ayee hayeee.

Bad choice, she can never make it so give up

Well then it'll be a flop

fresh she is not. the female part in this film must be inconsequential

not a surprise at all

Im sorry to say. I dont know how she become a heroine.. Might be she is good in acting..

My excitement level for the film has already gone down..

Zabardasti ka casting hai yeh. Aditya ki meherbaani. Aur kya. Bechari Rani.

So many good actresses sharddha, anushka and even priyanka..vaani sad choice..

TRAGIC they have casted her m not excited...

Damn! Aditya Chopra is dating Vani! Rani back to Bengal lol

Rani Mukherjee belongs to the famous Mukherjee Family of Mumbai and was/ is an acclaimed actress, by her own right. She is the only one who managed to give Superhits even with Abhishek Bachhan.
Vani Kapoor is the loser Delhite who can't get movies without trapping a Film producer.

Doesn't change the fact that Rani got to where she is by doing what Vaani is doing now with TWO married men Govinda and Aditya Chopra. Difference between them is that Rani is talented

Govinda? I didn’t know that

That's a famous affair, and I was like a baby, lol, everyone knows.

Abhishek had bigger hits with other actresses so stop telling us about Rani. Rani would not get any films outside YRF production. Vaani is Rani's sauthan

Yet another befikre in the making

This will be a flop film like Besharam

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