Suniel Shetty speaks on nepotism; questions why his kids Athiya and Ahan can’t be actors too

Suniel Shetty recently shared his opinion on nepotism and spoke about his daughter Athiya and son Ahan
News,suniel shetty,athiya shetty,ahan shettySuniel Shetty speaks on nepotism; questions why his kids Athiya and Ahan can’t be actors too
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Nepotism is a term which suddenly became very famous in the Bollywood film industry. It all started with Kangana Ranaut’s comment on the chat show Koffee With Karan in 2017. Kangana had said that if her biopic was made, Karan Johar would play an important role as the flag-bearer of nepotism who is completely intolerant to outsiders. One simple statement had taken the entire industry and internet by storm. Many actors had opened up about nepotism and many star kids had to face the wrath of internet trolls.

Speaking about the same, superstar Suniel Shetty recently told a website that kids watch and learn from their parents and that is exactly what his children are doing. His daughter Athiya started her Bollywood career with the 2015 film Hero opposite Sooraj Pancholi and was last seen in Mubarakan with Arjun Kapoor, whereas his son Ahan will be making his debut in Milan Luthria’s next. Ahan’s film will be the remake of Telugu superhit film RX 100.

Suniel Shetty further said that an IAS officer would want his child to be an IAS. He also told the website that star kids get a break, but after the first Friday they have to prove themselves. According to the actor, the debate around nepotism sparked because of social media.




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Meanwhile, Athiya Shetty will next be seen alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Motichoor Chaknachoor. According to reports, Suniel Shetty too will grace the big screen. 13 years after Phir Hera Pheri released, there are reports that the franchise will see a 3rd instalment.


someone to explain that it is nepotism please!!!!!
  or give him a dictionary. LOL

Mr Shetty
Your children can become actors, nobody has yet said a single thing about ‘star kids’ with actual acting capabilities. The issue is having to endure ‘star kids’ who are better served to society as socialites.
Someone who is tired.
“Plays song from Parampara”

My god, if you children aren't star material please put them in different business, applies to Nysa, these two and SRKs daughter, they are a CLEAR no


Why does article mention sunil shetty as a superstar??

Athiya has totally been rejected by audiences and would never have been given a chance at all in the first place were it not for Daddy and Salman's consistent stupidity.

They can if they are qualified for the job but nope, athiya sucks and she needs to accept it as much as the producers shoving her down our throats.Give talented people choice,not people who can't act.simply logic MR shetty.

*facepalms* They'll never get. I think the only solution is to put these nepo-kids in a tank and have them fight it out Hunger Games style for the same roles every single time. Like, instead of launching loads of nepo-kids, they write ONE movie, and every kid fights to be launched. That way at least there was some sort of audition.

Um. No one cares that your kids choose to do the same thing you do, what we care about is that NO. ONE. ELSE. GETS. A. CHANCE. There is NO system of FairPlay from a casting perspective there. There is no rules, system, metoo is the norm, actors can choose their cast mates, there is no one who actually gives a shot to general public. Karan can pick and choose his possee of wannabes or star kids meanwhile accepting favors from the rich and famous.

Really..For IAS there is entrance and study for the same is required. But these kids everyone is like since I was born I wanted to do this and they start acting, no classes no preparation and very average acting. If you are good with your job only then do it, learn it well, none of this nepo thing shall matter(Example Ranbir Kapoor) but then there’s Karan Johar who doesn’t want them to learn anything.

This !!!

He was never a star never had any iconic films either.

He is inviting more hate to his two full old-daughter and yet to be launched-son by making such cringeworthy statements! More respect to Aamir Khan who asks his son to do theatre and prove his worth before thinking of entering Bollywood whereas Suneil Shetty feels he and his kids are entitled to everything!

Lol! This is cringeworthy!

They can't be actors because they can't act! Imagine if these uggos weren't his kids, they'd be where they belong, NOWHERE.

They can be actors.No ones watching them.

If your kids have talent no one can stop them

He clearly doesn't understand how nepotism works. An IAS officer's child will still have to meet entrance exam requirements. In other words, they get into the profession on merit. Star kids aren't given their first film based on merit, they get it based on their surname

Thank you for saying that. I hate that argument nepos make- doctor ki beti doctor, engineer ka beta engineer” - NO! They passed entrance exams, clinicals, board exams to get where they are today!

Now this is just plain funny. These 3 should actually be given films and more work. That way we have unlimited material to laugh at.

I think Sunil Shetty is just being a bit annoying I expected him to show a bit more intelligence then trying to justify nepotism. My personal opinion is that most of his earlier movies were bankrolled by him/taken more seriously as he came from a wealthy family. No disrespect to him he was a bad actor that had some memorable performances thanks to his directors. Accept nepotism and move on.

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