Super 30: Hrithik Roshan's latest post sparks nepotism debate

Hrithik Roshan took to his social media pages and wrote, "अब राजा का बेटा राजा नहीं बनेगा..." This led to many people calling him as nepotism product.
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Hrithik Roshan will next be seen in Super 30, where the talented actor will be seen playing the role of ace mathematician Anand Kumar. The film is directed by Vikas Bahl and has been extensively shot in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and other places. A few months back, Duggu had unveiled his first look from the film and people loved his simple and rugged look. Now, the teaser for the first look of Super 30 is all set to be out tomorrow.
But before that, Hrithik took to his social media pages and shared a cryptic post. He tweeted, "अब राजा का बेटा राजा नहीं बनेगा..." This tweet generally indicates that it's not necessary for the child to follow in his parents' footsteps in the matters of career. Soon after Hrithik posted this, people started talking about nepotism and started commented that nowadays actor's son is becoming an actor. People also started calling Hrithik as the flagbearer of nepotism.
Check out Hrithik's tweet and people's reaction to it below and tell us about it in the comments section.

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In a recent turn of events, it has been reported that Super 30 may no longer be a biopic on the reputed mathematician Anand Kumar, known for coaching students to crack IIT entrance exams. The conjecture is that the film must be presented as a fictional account of a mathematician’s struggles. However, a while back, the writer of Anand Kumar’s biography, Biju Matthew, was spotted on the set of the film in Mumbai. 


Hrithik is our last real superstar

Well, Roshans struggled for 3 generations before they tasted success due to Hrithik. They deserve it. His family supports him, he also supports his family. Will any of those movies make as much money with any other actor other than superstars who need their cut. Rakesh Roshan was in debt before making KNPH. He needed a hit movie to recover. He tried for SRK's date and did not get. So he took a chance with his son , borrowed more money and made a movie and the gamble was successful. Rest is history. This is not like other star kids whose parents wont risk one rupee also on their children, but use influence to make other people cast them.

Uff bores of nepotism topic now... sit back and enjoy good films...who cares who’s launched whom for me all that matters is good movie

Nice dialogue. Film seems to be interesting

Maaaaasss dialogue. Mazaa aa gaya! Super 30 looks like a commercial film to me. Aur haan, Hrithik se zyada talented puri duniya me nahi hai.

Beta ho tho Hrithik jaisa jisne apne Baap ka naam Roshan kiya. Warna nobody knew his flop actor father until KNPH.

Love u Hrithik. Super excited!! Mindblowing Hindi dialogue!! Ignore the jobless jealous haters.

What debate? All we see is people curious to know about the poster or announcement.

Hahaha overhyped Nepotism issue se hi ab yeh film Blockbuster banegi dekh lena. Bcoz that argument fails on a Talented star like Hrithik, Ranbir, Alia, Aamir.

True! lolololol

I see 10 posts praising him. But, u pick and choose ur own narrative. As usual.

this from dialogue of his next movie #Super30

this from dialogue of his next movie #Super30

Yeah but look at his face of course he became an actor he looks like a Greek god!

Says a father made actor, who has no career without papa BTW, He is good actor over controversy he sud concentrate his film.

Rakesh is not a big star , so people had no expectations from Hrithik . The attention went to the Shahenshah's son - Abhishek- who allegedly refused to share a cover with Hrithik . KNPH was a strictly average movie which turned superhit for him while a Lakshya in which he really acted his heart out went unappreciated .

KNPH became superhit only n only due to Hrithik.

My point precisely !

You are a father made human. Btw you are nothing without your father. Post it

No father can make his son a superstar or successful. He work hard to achieve it. Why abhishek uday fathers fail to make their sob a star ? Hrithik is not a actor over controversy. He can dance, act and good looking. Btw why haters always find negativity in everything? Get a life father made son.
PV post this plz pv don't ignore n biased towards hrithik. Be fair

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