Tanushree Dutta: Not every victim of harassment has documents to prove their word, do we disclaim heir claim?

Tanushree Dutta speaks about why she isn't taking a legal route in the Nana Patekar controversy. Read her comments.
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Tanushree Dutta has opened a floodgate of opinions and questions ever since she opened up about the alleged harassment by Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn Ok in the year 2008. While a swarm of Bollywood celebs have come out in support of Dutta standing by her, there is another lot of superstars who have taken the silence route and frustratingly so. According to Nana's lawyer, the actor is in the process of sending a legal notice to Dutta seeking an apology for what he claims to be a false allegation. 
In an interview with Indian Express, Dutta opened up on the questions being raised on her intentions of raking up the subject 10 years on, even though, not many remember that Tanushree had opened up about the same earlier but was not covered this extensively. When asked why isn't she sharing the copy of a FIR, Tanushree said that she may have documentations to prove her claim but what about victims who don't? Do we not hear them out then? "I would have if I didn’t realise how sharing the paperwork can deviate the issue. I am repeatedly pointing out that people cast doubt on women who speak up but instantly believe the perpetrator when he slut-shames the victim. I may have documentation to prove my word but not every victim does… Do we dismiss their claim then?" Tanushree said. 
On why is she not taking a legal route, Tanushree added that she tried but that ended in harassment which her family suffered and she doesn't want them to suffer. "I tried and it ended in harassment that my family suffered. I have moved on and live in the US now. And we all know the legal process can take a long time. Also, this battle is no more about Nana Patekar or me; it’s about empowering women to speak up. But if I get justice and people stop working with Nana or Ganesh Acharya, that will be icing on the cake."


By that logic, anyone can say anything to anyone.U say you had issues with dance step. Then, u say, u had issues with Ganesh Acharya. Then, u say, Nana patekar only "must have" introduced dance. Then u say, he was aggressively pushing me with the dance step. Then u say, media created the tamasha. Then u go on and put down another woman bcoz u think she is below ur league. I think she has some inherent racist issues that makes her insult people.

Adhyayan said Kangna abused him 7 years back. Said same again. How come everyone mocked him and his failure as an actor? Male abuse is always ridiculed

He can try again now and say metoo..

Nobody knows what happened. Shame on celebs who are jumping in without even knowing what happened just bcoz they want to fit in the fixed narrative of media. This mob justice is no justice.

Rakhi Sawant asked all the right questions. Tanushree has a history of holding Producers to Ransom. Even Raj Kanwar faced same issue when she refused a scene with Jimmy Shergill. Now he is dead so cannot corroborate. But she made his life hell. That is why she got no work

Why you did not go to court 10 years back? Why did you complain only against Rakhi n Producer for damage to vehicle? I doubt her intentions. Law works on court. Innocent until proven guilty!

While I agree that every lady who dares talk must be taken seriously ,there still needs to be proof of some sort to validate what happened .No innocent should suffer because someone cooks up a false story having their own agenda -for publicity , to take down a rival or personal reasons . Bollywood is full of murky men, unfortunately there are women too who have in their turn deliberately made use of influential men to further their careers...and accept everything that follows thinking the end justifies the means. It would not be entirely accurate or fair to club these in the same category as harassment , intimidation or the casting couch by the lady herself or anyone else.

Thank you. Pressing charges is the only legitimate way to handle this. There is no due process to had by way of twitter/etc..

Why only lady? Why not men?

Precisely what I said ...it can happen with predatory women too or people in same sex relationships. There are 2 female movie makers ,both from Bollywood families ,who are known for their casting couches . There was this famous case last year of an ad agency head who was being stalked in the filthiest way by an anonymous woman & finally the police discovered it was a trusted , married female friend of the family . It was hidden later to protect the guilty lady's children but my point is only the guilty should be punished .

Three eye witnesses on the set have validated the story !! People like Farhan, Sonam and even PC who worked with Nana Patekar is supporting Tanushree.. how many more people you want???? For a non- star like Nana Patekar????

Oh ! Tanushree is telling the truth - no doubts about that . I remember reading about it decades ago when she spoke about it & was shocked at the bald head ,religious phase which does not happen unless someone is deeply shattered . My point is you will have unscrupulous women who may misuse it if u have the power to lock a man up with no proof . Haven't you seen how the Dowry Harassment Case is slapped on many men & their families just because a marriage breaks up due to many other reasons ? U don't need any proof & it's a non bailable offence .There are so many women who genuinely suffer due to dowry demands (& the Anti Dowry Law is sincerely needed ) but these false cases are pulling their credibility down & may end in the total ban of the law itself. That should not happen with Sexual Harassment too as the innocent should not be punished for something they have not done .

Press charges. Have the eye witnesses submit sworn/signed statements. Tweets don't count.

Wat eyewitness? Janice only made an "assumption". She never saw anything. There r more eyewitness on Nana side. And do u think any Actor will misbehave in media presence?

So your going to cause uproar and go back to the states? You have no legal route inspite of eye witnesses, FIR's and complaints to the cinematic board? Thats just straight up weird. She clearly has no documentation if she is not seeking legal recourse.

Legal route will take 20 years, Nana will be dead by then after happily harassing more women.. stop banking on the legal system.. the time to act is now.. #timesup..

The legal system, flawed as it is, still beats he said/she said speculation. A proper investigation should be encouraged by anyone seeking truth-proof. Remember, Bill Cosby was only found guilty because one woman filed charges within the statue of time-limitations. ...Over 60 claims of rape and found guilty because of one victim's "official" case. Results are better than mottos. #presscharges

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