Vidya Balan CONFIRMS that Indira Gandhi biopic will be a web series

In a conversation with a leading tabloid, Vidya Balan revealed that Indira Gandhi biopic will be made into a web series as the material to be shown in too vast.
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Vidya Balan will play Indira Gandhi in an adaptation of journalist Sagarika Ghose’s book Indira: India’s Most Powerful Prime Minister. The book has the answers to lingering issues: from why Indira Gandhi revoked the Emergency to her son Sanjay’s curious grip over her; and from her bad marriage and love affairs to her dangerous religious politics.When she announced the news, fans and critics both agreed that she is the perfect choice to play the Iron Lady of India. Then, there was debate where it would be made as a film or a web series. 
In a conversation with Mid-Day, Vidya Balan revealed that Indira Gandhi biopic will be made into a web series as the material to be shown in too vast. "There is too much material for it be made into a film. So, we decided to turn it into a web series. We don't know how many seasons we will be allotting to it. We are in the process of putting together a team," said Vidya. She also added that she is glad that he long cherished dream of playing one of the most powerful personalities in the Indian history is finally being completed and she is really excited to be a part of this project. 
Vidya also revealed that Ronnie Screwvala would be producing the digital show. "We have to do a lot more research. Developing the script will take long, as there is so much information on her. We can't put a timeline as to when the project will go on floors," added the actor.
Ask her whether they will approach the Gandhi family for permission, she said, "We don't require permission, as it's based on a book and we have the rights to it." 
It will be interesting to see Vidya Balan step into the shoes of Indira Gandhi - one of the most powerful Prime Ministers of India. 




Not interested in a story written by the crap duo Sagarika and Rajdeep. Indira was no saint she looted the country along with her dad, sons and daughter in law. Enough of this family

Just check all of Kangana's airport looks in saree and we know she is the perfect choice for Indira. Her poise, confidence, hair, complexion...everything looks so much like Indira Gandhi! Vidya is a decent actor but she won't suit this role...she will have to work way too hard on the looks itself even before she starts filming! Please take Kangana....

Vidya has the best dialogue delivery possible. i dont want to hear kangana mumble her way through this

strange. Vidya with her chic dialogues - 1 national award, Kanganа whisper - 3. who will be biased, you or the jury?

MMMM it will be Indira behind the curtains but with dialogues? chic. Because Vidya is not an indira, not externally, not inwardly, but Kangana - yes

Vidya has nothing to do with Indira. awful choice. Indira is only Kanganа. Appearance, manners, facial expressions - everything is perfect. I expect dislike from the haters of Kanganа to my comment, but Vidya is wrong choice

Vidya is an average actress. Just that she's been given good roles. Kangana would have been perfect for this.

I think its a great idea for a mini series if they get the political intrigue part right. Vidya, watch the Crown and take some inspiration to design the show!

Sorry Vidya not interested in biopic of a Tyrant

This isn't about body shaming so please don't pounce - but seeing how good actors the world over (see Christian Bale's many roles or more recently Gary Oldman for Churchill) transform themselves for a role ESPECIALLY a biopic I really hope Vidya takes this part of the job seriously and tries to look like Mrs. Gandhi even body shape wise because the image associated with Mrs. Gandhi is always a tall, trim, fit, ram rod straight back lady and nailing just her personality will not do. Her hair and the way she carried herself in a sari - these are her trademarks.

she wasn't a vision in sari nor was she tall n trim..see her pics with dignitaries and then comment . Can see your north obsession in your comment!!

Im sure she will be amazing in it.. She has to do lot of hardwork though..

Bad choice! should have gone with kangana. She would fit the bill right.Have you seen kanagana in sarees and short hair , she looks just like her

You are absolutely right! Not just the looks, Kangana speaks and emotes just like the late Indira Gandhi (watch old interviews of Indira Gandhi on youtube to see it for yourself!)

oh please, indira gandhi should be played by a REAL trailblazer like Vidya and not a pseudo "bad ass" who sucks up to people in power, is "conflicted" about lynching and is a fake feminist

Vidya - Indira? LOL. in your dreams. Better let Indira be a bad ass, who is really exactly her copy

Not interested

Yes I too would rather watch a 52 year old beefcake Salman Khan being a Prem, romancing a East European 18 year old :p
Who cares for Hindi movies/shows that make us think ;)
Of course on my Insta I will act like I "love love love" House of Cards!!

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