WHAT? Justin Bieber releases his phone number and Beliebers can't keep calm

Justin Bieber's latest tweet had Twitterati, especially the Beliebers, in a major meltdown as he accidentally revealed his phone number for the world to see.
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Twitter is a wonderful place to be for celebrities as it keeps them one step closer to their millions and millions of fans. Unfortunately, they are also victims of account hackings. It has happened on several occasions with both Bollywood as well as Hollywood celebs' accounts being hacked. The most recent celebrity to undergo this is pop sensation, Justin Bieber. Beliebers were in for the shock of their lives when they got a tweet notification from their idol. The tweet happened to reveal the What Do You Mean singer's phone number.

"Had to change it. Hit me at +505 5853 1341. I’m on WhatsApp too," was the shocking tweet by Justin which had Twitterati, especially the Beliebers, in a major meltdown. Within ten minutes, the tweet was deleted but the freakout was insane. While one fan tweeted, "Justin’s dropping his phone number like it’s nothing damn I luv him," another fan tweeted, "Is this Justin Bieber’s phone number or what?" Check out some tweets of fans going crazy about seeing Bieber's supposed phone number:

We wonder if it was actually a hack or just a split-second move? What do you guys think? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, on the personal front, Justin is leading a happy life with wife Hailey Baldwin, who he married at a New York courthouse on September 13, 2018. The couple recently adopted a new member to their family - a pet puppy who they named Oscar.



Meet our dogson his name is #Oscar

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Justin is also focusing on new music and collaborations with Hailey by his side, supporting him at every step.


Hey Justin Bieber I love you forever make me happy happy new year

I think it's fake because this number is not on whatsapp...but i am his big fan...and my birthday is also comming on 12 jan that's why i want one time to talk with justin...please only one time please please



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