Wife-swapping story

Bengali actress, Paoli Dam has created quite a stir with her bold scenes and Hate Story as well as her bold statements. Audience is divided-some consider her courageous and some consider her remarks to be impolite. But one thing is for sure, Bollywood has noticed and her work.

After Hate Story, she will be working on a film that is based on wife-swapping with director Vikram Bhatt once again. He stated, "Why do you say wife-swapping is taboo? You’d be surprised to know how many urban couples indulge in it. It’s prevalent, almost rampant in the big cities. Go on the internet. There are websites devoted to wife-swapping. That’s what we’ve come to. I want to explore the psychology of wife-swapping. How does a man tell his wife to go and sleep with his friend and how does the wife give consent to her husband’s sexual tryst with another woman? More importantly, how do the husband and wife look at each other in the eye the morning after? These are questions that haunt me.”
When asked, Paoli confirmed her role in it and that her characterization is being finalized. She is not camera shy and has proven to go beyond barriers when enacting certain scenes.

That's new information to me! I knew that wife swapping is prevalant but not to the degree that Vikram Bhatt has spoken about. I am for once, interested in watching a Bhatt film after ages. The premise sounds interesteing.

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so basically it's a film about married swingers.

Mon, 2012-04-30 15:06 — Anonymous
Newew wtf. Has he run out of topics to make a film on???
Well, the Bhatt's have largely enjoyed making films on controversial topics, one way or the other, related to sexual relations. I am not a fan of their films usually, because all their films (at least recently), has been just about sex and sexual encounters which gets a tad bit boring to watch repetitively. But this plot to me sounds interesting. I would like to see how it plays out with the Indian audience.

Mon, 2012-04-30 15:06 — Anonymous
ew wtf. Has he run out of topics to make a film on???
Actually its happening.We all know that. when I reached my early 20s and adult female start gossiping in front of us ...i was surprised it happened among indians.But thats life. and everybody has their choices.But I guess the main issue here in this movie is the psychological effect it has , which will be interesting to see.

ew wtf. Has he run out of topics to make a film on???

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