Flashback Friday: When Sanjay Dutt scared the public by holding a deadly weapon!

Right since his arrival in Hindi films, Sanjay Dutt had been in the news due to his drug issues followed by heavy drinking habits. He also kept the gossip magazines active, with the incident of firing a gunshot at Rajesh Khanna in his drunken state. After all these incidents, Sanjay decided to keep it low and started focusing on his career. Just as when the entire world thought that junior Dutt has learned to control his anger issues, in came one big news which brought the angry Dutt back into the limelight.

Sanjay Dutt was shooting for his movie Jeene Do in Nasik city. There were many important scenes which were shot in the crowded parts of the city. The crowd out there was super notorious. Whenever Sanjay used to start his shot, the public out there kept teasing him. They also kept commenting about Sanjay’s bad acting. Later, a particular group started targeting Sanjay by passing personal remarks and taunts related to his family. The actresses were also not spared. Furious Sanjay started losing his cool and kept giving angry looks to that particular group. These mischief mongers instigated and provoked Sanjay to come and fight. They kept daring him to come out from the shooting unit and fight them like a film hero. Sanjay was not able to concentrate on his act and once the shot was over, he went back to his hotel room.


Next day the same group was waiting for Sanjay Dutt and his team since morning and this time, they were more in number. It was very difficult for Sanjay to shoot as well as keep his cool. Luckily that day, he had very few scenes to be shot thus by afternoon was relieved from the shoot. Later in the evening, all these notorious comments kept haunting him and he knew that it wouldn’t end until he took some serious step against these attention seekers.


Next morning, Sanjay Dutt reached a bit early at the shooting location and waited for these guys. When they came, they started teasing Sanjay and again dared him to fight. This time Sanjay accepted their challenge and stepped outside his shooting location. Before these guys could react, Sanjay removed a long and shining sword and held it in his hand. Just like his reel-life image, Sanjay removed his shirt and started screaming on top of his voice. He dared these guys to come in front of him and swore to God that he would not spare any of them. The trouble makers got scared looking at this angry man’s image and started running helter-skelter. In a span of ten minutes, the whole atmosphere changed and there was pin-drop silence among the crowd standing there to watch the shooting of the film. Sanjay resumed his shooting and kept shooting out there for a few days. The impact of his angry man image was so strong, that whenever while shooting Sanjay heard any sort of comment, all he had to do was to remove the sword and hold it in his hand. The angry man image used to do the rest.


Fun Facts –


Sanjay Dutt was in the news for his drug addiction followed by his visit to the rehab centres.


Sanjay Dutt kept all the gossip magazines active in the early 80’s due to his romance and heartbreak. This heartbreak got him into a severe drinking habit and it’s said that once in a drunken state Sanjay wanted to shoot Rajesh Khanna. He was seen holding a rifle in his hand and as per many magazines had fired some gunshots in the air as his outrage towards the ex-superstar.


In the 90’s Sanjay Dutt was arrested for possessing illegal arms under the TADA act.

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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Lmao.. It's hilarious visualising him holding a gun a going after Rajesh Khanna..

Why the gun shots for Khanna? Was it because of Tina?

Yes she left Sanjay for rajesh

Tina was one hot chick !

but bad personality no good person would leave one for another

Saju Baba...the last of the real men in bwood

Ranbir is an animal!

I suspect that Ranbir would do a damn good job with the biopic.

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