Flashback Friday: When Rani asked Kajol on KWK 3 - "Why don't you like me as much as I do?"

It is a known fact that Kajol and Rani Mukerji are cousins. The two talented actors worked together in Karan Johar's blockbuster directorial Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
Their professional relationship has been amazing, but offscreen, these ladies do not have a good rapport. There have been reports that their ego boosted talks about who career is getting better started happening often in media.
Now, Rani is on a sabbatical after her marriage with filmmaker Aditya Chopra and their newborn Adira. Whereas Kajol made a comeback with Dilwale opposite Shah Rukh Khan and now she is all set to be seen in Anand Gandhi's next and also a Tamil film with Dhanush.
During her stint in Koffee With Karan season 3 in 2011, Rani was asked by the host Karan Johar that if she was a journalist what would she ask Kajol, to which Mukerji said, "Why don't you like me as much as I do?" 
Well, that was quite a heart-touching question we must say!
Moreover, when she a popular daily asked Rani about her relationship with Kajol over the years, she revealed, "I call her Kajol didi. I don’t think there is anything to be speculated about our relationship. Things are blown out of proportion because we come from the same field, the same profession." 
She further said, "There are so many cousins of mine but people obviously don’t talk about how my camaraderie is with them. Thankfully, both (Kajol and Rani) understand that."
Rani concluded by saying, "It's as if we should be kissing, hugging each other all the time. Kajol and I have different family and set of friends. Today, when we meet at a family function or at our family Durga Puja, once a year, I think we are very warm to each other. We share the same vibes and I respect her the way I did earlier."

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Credits: Koffee With KaranPinkvillaHindustan Times

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Love Kajol! Rani is such a pretender and wants that everyone feels sorry for her. Really damaging Kajols name and reputation in a clever way.

i think the question is cute... but what was kajolji ka answer...also if they r really cousins or sisters,this question should have personal and not on kwk...kajol and rani both r beautiful,natural and highly respected actresses and i myself out of experience think coz they r siblings there should be no hatred/dislike between them...and maybe it true that maybe there was something negative but who cares?thats how it is...I personally love both...and both were AMAZING in KKHH(kuch kuch hota hai,director Karan johars debut)...

Kajol and Rani are super beauties, I love them alot!!!

Rani is nowhere near Kajol.
Kajol is surely bigger star then Rani.
Rani was always a second lead actress in Yash Chopra type movies in which Kajol is a lead actress.
Rani has not any personality and also her acting is not so spectacular like that of Vidya Ji and Kangana.

Rani Mukerji earns the title of "The most talented actress" by her hard work and dedication. Jealous haters go die in your agony since your fav actress is nothing but a tub of lard now. Kajol And Vidya are a grt actress no doubt. But dont put Rani down to make your Favs look better !!

#1 Post.

Kajol is the most overrated actress ever!

do you even know the meaning of overrated?? kajol deserves success and fame coz she is talented unlike katrina kareena.. famous for doing flowerpot roles and claiming as their career defining ones. Kajol is one actress who is stuck in our minds and still she sparkles the screen

Kajol hams and overacts. Rani is a better actress.

if rani is the better actress .. then almost 80% of her films were offered to kajol .. what do you have to say about that.. kajol goes ott sometimes but she is natural.. rani does good acting but her scenes dont make an impact ( sometimes forced) exept for black (sanjay leela bhansali talent off course) kajol created impact and is remembered for famous dialoges and has sheer screen presence.. both are really good actress .. but i like kajol more

Actually .... NO! I could see Kajols dislike for Rani in KwK. Kajol thinks she is the best actress alive and no one comes near and actually seemed jealous with Ranis success so I doubted that she recommended. I do not know why people make it sound like cousins are siblings, no cousin would ever recommend the other. I also do not care wht ppl say but Priyanka did NOT recommend Pareeniti either. PC actually seemed a bit distant first thn started all sista crap after she got a bit famous.

love kajol

Long live Kajol!!

Rani is much better than Kajol

Why so ppl make it out they have to be BFF? They aren't even first cousins they are 2nd and how many ppl even speak to hear 2nd cousins?

She asked that? Oww. Personally I find kajol arrogant, rude and so overhyped.

At the time Rani said this, Kajol was more popular in the industry and it was in Rani 's interest to be friends with Kajol, now the tides have turned. Rani would care less if Kajol liked her or not.

yes drama queen rani asked that in media not personally to kajol.if she really loved kajol she should have been asked that to kajol personally. Personally I find rani Arrogant,Rude and So Overhyped.

Queen Rani, where are you..lol

Love you kajol

I'm sure Kajol loves you Rani she the one Who recommended you kuch kuch hota hai she always said nice things about you I saw her old interview how she is proud of you in the movie Black !

It was SRK who recommanded Rani after seeing her acting talent in RKAGB.. *Insider

Rani was bashed by critics for her acting in those early years.

To this day Rani was never bashed for her acting skills. Even when her movie didn't do well at the BO, her acting was always praised by the critics.

I'm Kajol fan I also like Rani both sister are wonderful stop creating hatred

I love Kajol! She's very natural! Very special human being!

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