Flashback Friday: When Gauri wished her son Aryan to be a good boy and SRK wanted him to be a spoilt playboy!

In 1999, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan sat down for an interview with Simi Garewal 2 weeks after Gauri gave birth to their first son Aryan Khan. They spoke candidly on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last year and they are considered as one of the most celebrated couples in B-Town. They have three kids - Aryan, Suhana and AbRam and they are one big loving family.
Years back, two weeks after Gauri had just given birth to Aryan, she and SRK appeared on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal where they spoke candidly about their young love, working on their marriage and becoming new parents. 
When asked about the qualities they would like Aryan to possess - Gauri said that she wants her son to be a good boy whereas SRK quipped that he would love for his kid to be spoilt and do whatever he wanted to do. He also claimed that he wanted his heroines who have a daughter to complain to him about Aryan.
Gauri also spoke candidly of how SRK was disgustingly possessive about her initially which gradually changed to protective. SRK reveals that he loves how calm and at peace with the world, Gauri is in comparison to him. 
He said, "I'm an actor because I don't like being Shah Rukh. She is Gauri because she loves being Gauri." 
Romantic, indeed!
Watch the full interview below:


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Credits: Rendezvous with Simi Garewal

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Nice couple, bless you...

Gauri looks very beautiful here..

What's all those funny excuses?!!what if a wife feeling same way?bored or Caz his looks changed,or he is aging etc then she should leave her children and family?or start an affair? people will be labelling her all sorts of bad titles...

Gauri was actually the better looking one when they started their relationship and got married. SRK looked so bad and was so skinny which made it worse, this was actually when his good phase started he gained a bit weight and got groomed. This is when he started looking good and she was pregnant here. She may be laid back or whatever but he became a star after marrying her, whether he still loves her or not he will never leave her. I did find that from years, Gauri did not give him attention especially during interviews and seemed cold which was bad but that is their issue. King SRK once ran after this girl and she got married to him because of pressure from him.

the first and last sentence...wtf! lol


I have never understood the hate and negative comments that Gauri gets on this platform. Whatever there is between her and her husband is their busniess and no-one else should bring her down like that. She is his wife for as long as we can remember and has always been by his side. Even if SRK has/had an affair with priyanka or anyone else for that matter it will never be Gauri's fault. If SRK got bored and decided to have an affair its his fault not hers. So please if you can not say anything good about her stop giving her so much hate. Gauri is fine the way she is and does not need to change because people think she is laidback. She is who she is. All the love and luck to her and her family!

when the wife was simple and natural.

SRK is too tense and passionate man. I can see why he had/has an affair with PC. His wife is too plain. Maybe fun at the beginning in a marriage but with time such men can't cope up with laziness and laid-back attitude. Gauri herself naively stated last year in an interview saying that the one trait SRK dislikes about her is laid back attitude in life and want her to change it!

I knew it since then that SRK will get bored of her. She is slow and hardly good looking. And he works with the most stunning women and some seem passionate and mind stimulating to him.

So Sad, they looked so much at peace together with Gauri's charming smile. Every marriage goes through trials, what matters is how one comes out on top. Pinkvilla and majority of its users are waiting for them to break up reading by the comments. Don't forget that when no one was there, Gauri was. Now that he is "King Khan" you expect him to abandon her. Shame on you! Let's wait till you get married, and people wish you a divorce then tell us how you really feel.

I know there are a lot of haters here who don't like her. You will only get dislikes for writing positive stuff about their marriage here. They think he's too good for her and she's lazy this and that...no respect for marriage or their kids or her role in his life..trolls are stupid..what can you say!

SRK is very hyper. Probably ADHD. Gauri is a calm and a simple person. SRK ran after Gauri and not she after him. They get along well cuz they are opposites and she balances and calms him. He is very career focused and she is not. She also got luck for him after their marriage. Their match was made in heaven before they were born. Don't know why people judge and are jealous. They both don't care and go on with their married life.

Correction; first time they met at a party SRK asked her for her number and danced with her and she given to him. No one ran after another.

SRK is intense and energetic. Not ADHD for sure. Don't use these terms lightly. And Gauri was the one to ask him to marry her before acting in films . SRK was already chose career over her and left to Mumbai when his mom died. You can read that in the king of BW book by Anupam chopra.

He ran what!! LOL. Just go and see the interview again. They both knew each other since teens and married as a natural progress to their relationship. Gauri herself here stated that he didn't even proposed to her! And in the "king of bollywood" book it is stated how SRK broke up with her before going to Mumbai to act and she was the one who asked him to marry her since he refused to leave working in films for her as she wanted. Nothing against the woman but be frank yourself. zzz.

I have seen the interview on youtube. Straight from horses' mouth. SRK mentioned that he came to Bombay looking after Gauri who had gone to Bombay to go away from him for a while

lol! that was one incident that happened between them and years before they got married. In the book there are others when SRK also broke up with her and she used to send letters with her friend telling him how she missed him. At the end of it when his mother died he actually left Delhi without bothering about her wish of leaving him and then she asked him to marry her. ( SRK himself said it in Preity's talk show that she came herself to him then).

SRK is too sexy and smart for Gauri. #sorrynosorry

His wife looks like a different person! SRK looks very cute then and more sexier now.

People who bring PC into gauri topics, wait , one day god will create a situation similar like her , ' my nose is original' , and tell the world how that rumor with srk is fake and created for her own publicity.

People who bring PC into gauri topics, ask why rat SRK will not say one word to clarify this is all a lie so PC can live her life without bullying.

Since day one SRK desreved so much better. They don't seem to be in synic mind wise as well. They were too young then so no surprise that SRK grew over her and looked for other women. Even when he describes her in less older interviews he says how he doesn't connect with her beyond the kids. She herself in 2009 interview stated that she is yet to know him!

SRK really into hot,dark,with big lips women and he doesn't maind a plastic toppings...and both gauri and priyanka are from the north,libra and apparently easy to control/dominate...

SRK looks very controlling and doesn't let her speak.

SRK's eyes are gorgeous!!

SRK is sexy and cute all his life!!! damn!! Knows how to speak as well.

SRK doesn't even care to say anything nice about her now. so why we have this now!! Zzzz

Gauri changed her face totally. even the tip of her nose used to be HUGE! I think she did her eyelid as well since her eyes were too small.

His wife seems quite slow!! Like a bit simple minded if you know what I mean. That is great for him so he can dominate her!

SRK looks damn cute and beautiful. His wife is just plain lucky.

she was never beautiful. But looked okay then with clean hair and make up. SRK looks too cute here and those eyes and eyebrows and hair...damn!!! He doesn't smile much now.

SRK looks damn cute and HOT!!! His dimple smiles!!!! xoxoxox

All his three kids he named them. Gauri has no opinion or saying at all!

Gauri grew up insecure and fake. Only seeing in parties and her looks become so tacky and oily. and that since early 2000's. So, it could be a big reason why SRK fell out of love with her. Since what he liked about her is her simplicity then. Him choosing PC for an affair is funny though since PC is quite fake! ...

She was so beautiful!

every guy wants their sons to become a rich playboy and daughter a virgin housewife

Can you believe it! They had their son just two weeks before this show!! His wife didn't have any pregnancy weight at all!!

She looked decent before with nice smile. All messed up now!

How lovely to see two people so completely in love. I feel bad that Priyanka ruined a beautiful family. SRK is equally responsible. I hope SRK and Gauri have the same love like how they did in this video.

I feel bad SRK gave Priyanka Chopra so much grief. SRK has no guts to say truth that they are not together. Let her live in peace. Say it.

Arreh just now I discovered AbRam looks a lot like gauri..certainly it was the plastic surgery which deceived me..n I had been thinking all abt german gf...

stop lying. he looks nothing like her. he looks like SRK and SRK's father Taj.

They were really happy with each other and then that twirling creature arrived

Gauri was so beautiful ,they both looked really happy and i madly love with each other. I don't know but now they look so different together.. Don't know why.?

Lovely couple... hope they make it till the end.

You missed the train.

He needs to divorce her as soon as possible and marry Priyanka because she is not suitable for him and deos not deserve him. They look cute together

All the simplicity and innocence has gone away now.. Now it's all about flaunting....

She has a very beautiful smile. God bless you Gauri ♥

Burn priyanka. They are having another baby.

Screw you. She does not care. SRK hates PC. Go find another target to bully, Gauri fan.

What did he see in her? She is so average and looks dumb when she talks. SRK would have made the best couple with rani. We love raaaaaniii

People really need to get some life, why does the lady always get so much hate here on Pinkvilla? What has she done to you? She is a millionaire who is living the best life in the world and has everything she desires. What do people who come to bash here have? Nothing loooool

She had the clown eyebrows even then. Looooool

yeah! LOL. looking stupid. and those leathers looks and dark lipstic!! Like as if she is going to a disco party! lol

Gauri looked very beautiful then. SRK is an average looker with a huge nose

Too bad she messed up her face

wow... sad how life has turned out

SRK was obviously joking , though it may well come true.

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