Flashback Friday: When a married Govinda professed his undying love for Neelam in this 1990 interview!

Every nook and corner of B-town are currently echoing with the controversial statements Govinda has made during his many explosive interviews revealing the dark reality of the otherwise glitzy-looking industry. In an exclusive chat with us, the 90s shining star branded his Hero No.1 director David Dhawan as “the jealous kind” as he spoke out on his fallout with the filmmaker.

Govinda also slammed Karan Johar for scheduling the release of Badrinath Ki Dulhania only after a week's gap of his comeback film Aa Gaya Hero and called KJo “more dangerous and jealous” than David Dhawan. While these damning interviews might come as a surprise to some, the actor has always been this unrestrained be it be talking about his professional or about his personal life and this 1990 interview of him with Stardust speaking on why he couldn’t marry Neelam is a proof.

Here are some excerpts from his shocking interview:

“She was the kind of woman any man would have lost his heart to. I lost mine,” Govinda about love at first sight

Confessing being head over heels in love with his Ilzaam co-star Govinda revealed, “I remember the first time I met her. At Pranlal Mehta’s office. She was wearing white shorts. Her long hair falling straight, like an angel’s. ‘Hello’ she said politely, and I was scared to reply because my knowledge of English was embarrassing. It still is. And I wondered how I would communicate with her on the sets. I had never imagined I would work with her. She was a distant dream. I had seen her in ‘Jawani’, and seen the film again and again only to see her.”

Further speaking on how their relationship shaped in spite of he being committed to Sunita (his present wife) he added, “I was very conscious of her. Of the difference in our backgrounds and upbringing. But gradually, we crossed these obstacles, and I started opening up. I would play pranks, crack jokes and she would laugh. We became friends. And we had so many films together. We met so often and the more I got to know her, the more I liked her. There was dignity in her. A kind of piousness in her eyes.And strength of character. There was no vulgarity about her, no loudness. She was the kind of woman any man would have lost his heart to. I lost mine.”

“I had never meant to get so seriously involved,” on his relationship with wife Sunita

In a no-holds-barred interview with the magazine, Chi Chi as he is lovingly called admitted that he never intended to take his relationship with Sunita seriously. Says Govinda, “I had never meant to get so seriously involved with Sunita. I was looking for a girl to go around with. I had signed a few films by then, and one day, my elder brother Kirti came to visit me on my sets. I had to do a romantic scene, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt very uncomfortable and awkward holding a girl in my arms. So, later, my brother told me, ‘Why don’t you have an affair just to get some experience of romance? You’ll at least, learn how to hold a girl in your arms’. At that point in time, I met Sunita. I admit that my involvement with her was a totally calculated move on my part. And I paid a heavy price for it.”

realised too late that one needn’t experience death to perform a death scene, similarly one needn’t experience romance to perform romantic scenes. It came naturally, one only had to let oneself go. But the harm was done. I had already committed myself to Sunita. I am very impulsive,” he said.

“Sunita said something about Neelam, and I lost my head and called it quits,” Govinda speaks on his obsession with the actress

The then 26-year-old Govinda disclosed how he was obsessed with Neelam and even called off his engagement with Sunita at one point. He reminisced, “After I started getting busier, my relationship with Sunita went through a change. She began feeling insecure and jealous. And I was of no help. She would nag me and I would lose my temper. We had constant fights. In one of those fights, Sunita said something about Neelam, and I lost my head and called it quits. I asked Sunita to leave me. I broke off my engagement with her. And had Sunita not called me after five days and coaxed me into it again, I would probably have married Neelam.”

“Yes, I wanted to marry her. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I feel love and hatred are two emotions over which a man has no control. If you love somebody and they reciprocate, there’s nothing one can do about it. It is instinctive. What is under our control is our sense of duty and commitment. Neelam was the ideal girl, the kind every man visualises for a life-partner. The kind of girl I wanted. But that was getting emotional. There was another practical side. Just because I had fallen in love elsewhere, I couldn’t overlook my commitment towards Sunita. If there was no sense of duty in a man, this would go on. Leave one for another and another for another,” he unabashedly said.

“I did exploit my personal relationship with Neelam for professional ends. I played dirty with her,” regrets Govinda

Speaking of his marriage to Sunita, the Coolie No. 1 star said that he married her because his mother wanted so. He also stated that Neelam was ambitious and wanted a “handsome and well-to-do” man. On the other hand, he was a “dehati.”

Talking about the real bone of contention between them Govinda recalled, “But there was always such a conflict going on in my mind. After meeting a girl like Neelam, any man is bound to lose his balance. I lost mine totally. I was so confused. I liked her tremendously. I was in love with her. I wanted to marry her. But I couldn’t. And yet, I didn’t want to let go. Even today, I feel jealous when I see her working with other actors. I wish she would start signing films with me again. If not anything, we could at least be friends.”

The actor who secretly married Sunita and hid it for almost a year explained, “I probably did not tell her (Neelam) because I did not want to break this successful screen pair. And to be honest, to a certain extent, I did exploit my personal relationship with Neelam for professional ends. I played dirty with her. I should have told her that I was married.”

I will never deny my love and reverence for her,” Govinda professes his undying love for Neelam

Though the actor was then happily married and even had a daughter Narmada, he maintained he experienced the purest form of love for Neelam and iterated, “…It’s pure, simple love. Maybe there was nothing from her side. But I will never deny my love and reverence for her. I will always care for her. For me, it was love, not lust. Love in its purest form. I know she was too good for me. She probably deserves better. And I do wish her all the happiness in the world. The man she marries will be the luckiest man on this earth.”

“There is a second marriage in my kundali,” the actor hopes to get involved again

Proclaiming that he is a firm believer of destiny, Govinda hoped to get involved again and elaborated, “Tomorrow, who knows, I may get involved again, and then, maybe I will marry the girl I get involved with. But Sunita should be prepared for it. Only then will I feel free. And there is a second marriage in my kundali ... What has to happen, will happen. Yes, I like Juhi a lot. Even Divya Bharati. Divya is a very sensuous girl. It’s difficult for a man to resist her. I know Sunita is going to be very upset with all this. But she should know that I am still resisting Divya’s charms. I haven’t given in to the temptation as yet…”


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Credits: Stardust

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Neelam bach gayi

what the actual hell.
how humiliating for his wife.

and is he still holding out for that 2nd marriage in his kundli??

Govinda is typical Sagittarius.Meet any saggi around you and they will tell you similar stories of their love affairs it can't be simply one or two for Sagittarius.One is their true love whom they never marry , other is childhood love, some are time pass, and list goes on.
Typically their wise partners know this as there is no other way to handle it.
They are just telling you truth on your face.

Wouldn't it be FUN if Govinda's son ended up being the next Superstar? Just to see the from KJo to Dhawan.

Guess the punga with David Dhawan and karan Johar was not worth it!

I love Flashback Fridays. lol

Wish he would have an affair with me.

His wife should be given a gold medal for being so nice n ignoring his affairs...

Neelam had zero interest in him, He however was crazy about her. But he moved on quickly to other actresses.

Umm dude , they dated for 5 years, Neelam did interviews where she talked about her heartbreaks.

No they did not. In fact, Neelam has always said they had a good working relationship and they would struggle to communicate as she always spoke English and he could only speak hindi. He was desperate to date her but he always said, she was too classy and sophisticated for him. The heartbreak she talked about was her break up with Bobby Deol. She was in love with him and wanted to marry him but Dharmendra refused to accept her as she was an actress. Eventually Bobby cheated on her with Pooja Bhatt. She never dated Govinda and if you read Govinda's past interviews, It was always one sided love. She never looked at him as more than a co-actor.

Was he sarcastic or this was real? if this is real then my liking has reduced for him.

yes same here...I dont like such kind of men..men should be caring towards women..he is hurting his wife so openly!

Everytime i read these friday flashbacks, i thank the good God above that i was born in a non filmy family with modest income but with high morals and the ability to know right from wrong.

Is this for real??? WHAT THE HELL!! What a dirtbag. How did his wife stick with him through this shit show? He talks about Sunita like she's a pest who wouldn't go away. Terrible. I'm glad karma is getting back at him now. Eff you, man!

Please stop blaming him for having affairs, he never said he had an affair with Neelam. He is just saying that he had pure love for her in his heart and she didn't feel the same way as she wanted someone more sophisticated. If he places responsibility and duty above everything else, he will never have an affair, but he is not denying the fact that his heart longs for true love. We should admire his honesty. PV please post.

If only today's actors would open up like this. Sigh.

Sunita left him after Maha-Rani moved in with him into the bungalow gifted by Him, along with her family. Rani signed KKHT, and dumped him. Govinda ran back to Sunita.

Rani acts like a sati savitri, when her past has so many secrets.

His wife should have back then affairs too,just like he did,if only to make him jealous:-)

David Dhawan and his son doing some reverse damage to Govinda after he spoke about them recently. Pretty evident.

and this is why ladies and gentlemen, you shouldn't mess with KJo!

Govinda also had a much publicised affair with Rani Mukherjee. PV don't be afraid of Yashraj and please post.

govinda practically went around wid all females .. i feel sunita lukd better than him ...

CHI CHI is truly Chi chi! Ewww.

The main problem here is Govinda was forced to marry Sunita , who came from a normal family . His mother , Nirmala Devi -the singer, refused to accept Neelam who was an actress . And she was too Westernised & educated for his modest family. Govinda should have manned up ,married Neelam & stood up to his mother . Instead , he landed up making all 3 ladies miserable. He was jealous of Chunkey Pandey & Bobby Deol . If your partner is second best in your eyes , then that marriage is doomed from the start. Poor Neelam (who is no wild child) was rejected by her man's families thrice -with Govinda, Bobby Deol & ex husband -Rishi Sethia. Sunita must have loved him a lot to stay with him after his various flings -including that major one with Mrs Aditya Chopra.

I don't think that it was love. She was financially dependant on him.

Yes of course ,u are right .

Kjo probably got this posted for Govinda's rant a few day ago..

It's been on Stardust 's retro articles for almost 6 years .

imagine the wife is still the doorrmat after so many years

Naughty chi chi

what an idiot


Is he like, i dont know? his wife should've sue him and kicked him out then he would'v come to senses

He is so honest. A simple person really.

Mr.Govinda, is despicable inside out.

Govinda re Govindaaaa....lol

Awww poor Govinda, you should have married her. You both looked so good together.

Why the hell is his wife still with him

this is twisted!!!!

Absolutely no respect for his wife

Wow...poor Sunita...imagine what she had to go through with man!

Damn that was some real twisted stuff. Chi chi playin dirty LOL

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