Watch! Aishwarya Looks Lovely As She Accepts Her 'Global Indian' Award

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is clicked here at the 'NRI Of The Year' award ceremony. The award ceremony which felicitated the efforts and contributions of NRIs to the country, saw Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as one of the distinguished guests. The ex-Miss World also won an award at the do. She accepted her 'Global Indian of the Year' award with lots of gratitude and humility. 

Aishwarya has always been involved in charity work around the globe and this award honors her efforts on that front. Aishwarya spoke to the media and said, "I would just like to say thank you for humbling me with this felicitation. It is wonderful to be in the company of such incredible Indians who have done so well and remain connected to our roots and take pride in every vocation that they have chosen. This award took me down memory  lane because that was where I was introduced. Even though it was a beauty pageant, for me it meant representing India as a young woman internationally. You all have given me such love, blessings and good wishes. You are the reason I am what I am."

On the work front, Aishwarya will next be seen in Sarbjit and Karan Johar's Ae Dil Hain Mushkil

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So beautiful, and congrats!

could not be by husband's side , out with PA to have the windfall of glory

Aishu is so gorgeous!

cheap and darker copy of angelina jolie

Somebody tried to finish her career,somebody tried to kill her in a car accident and she is still shining as a star,happily married with a kid. Feel proud of her.

Her eye lift is clearly seen in d pics these days.

I like her.

She speaks well

Congrats Aiswarya..... Stunning as always

Award for what achievement ?

Queen Panama bought another undeserving award!

That dress is stunning!!

Congrats! Last year Sharukh Got this award.

She is looking more beautiful in video.

Amitabh, SRK, now Ash is the recipient of this award..nice

Looking beautiful as usual. liked her colorful dress.

Congrats! Stay blessed

Wtf is she wearing? the dress is horrendous.

Do people really like this horrendous dress. The colors remind me of a circus ka tambu.

deepika deserved this one! mehhh

She looks old and the dress is awful. People are blind!!!

never seen a celebrity whose photos are so strikingly different here she looks very very ordinary ,45+ ,evident dubble chin,plump body,huge arms and darker skin...unlike previous images

she tries so hard let's see whether she can survive


Not a big fan of dark underarms! yuck. her face is so made up. too much makeup.

This is the third year of this award. First year in 2014 Amitabh won,second year in 2015 Sharukh won and this year in 2016 Aishwarya won.

She is so polite,so humble.

Looking sexy. Congrats!

Last year Sharukh Got this Award. This award is decided by votes.


Looking lovely. I liked this colorful outfit.

i Cant help it, i seriously irrevocably want to f**k her.

OTT is her middle name.

this is beyond ridiculous. rewarding Ash is like belittling the real women who have no resources but still make a difference in the lives of their family and/or society.

Femme fatale!! She looks so sexy.

LOL @ that poor reporter who tried to ask a question at the end. I can't......It's just too funny how Aishwarya ignored her and walked off. ROFL. =D

Sorry but she looks like a clown

Ash looks fresh after a long time.

one can conclude how things are so shallow in bollywood considering aishwarya rai

why all these stars become rich? because you fans make them rich. you will be payed less than you need to live like a normal human being but they are getting your money. blind fans

Yes... ur right... i got this dress from Panama!

why is she wearing a tamboo?

Paid award......

There's always next year.


LOL PC Should Have Won Not Aish.

She nailed this look.. everything looks perfect from head to toe..

My dear ASH looking Lovely as always..

I have yet to meet an outrageously devoted mother like Ash. I work with children and I'm aware that her mothering skills are a mirror reflection of the depth of love she has the power to give. Those around her are blessed with gods hand. I Wish she was my sister. X

Aishwaray you are soooo hot soooo sexy i cant help it i want me inside you, right here night now

Aishwarya Rai you are the only one who match beautiful, hot & sexy, to make a man can call a women hot and sexy its easy but to call her beautiful its takes a lot and for so many years and so son and so on if he feel the same about her she must touch his heart, and Aishwarya Rai you are that one who were always able to touch my heart and made me call BEAUTIFUL hot & sexy. i want to make love with you, i want to make you smile, i want to make everything to you. The women i fell in love since i saw her until now and and forever

Who gives a thumbs up to such comments? Weirdo stalker :-/

Nice gown and Aish looks like a 25 year old.
But have to say this award is kind of pointless in 2016. If Priyanka have won , made sense.

She is smoking hot....looking lovely as ever, love u loads Ash

Don't care about the award, but man Aish killed the outfit yet again!!


I don't care what she got. I am lost in her eyes! Damn beautiful!!

WOW! Beauty!

She is very humble


She is totally worth the way she carries herself, she is totally rocking it, soo busy shevis..loving it

Why the heck is she getting this Global award anymore?? It should go to people like Irfan, Priyanka,Nimrat who are working bothe in India and outside. These awards ate so ridiculous and are unnecessarily hyped by the circus of every attendee winning something.

Amitabh Bachchan won the very first one in 2014, SRK won in 2015 and now they've given it to Aishwarya.

Well in that case she is the only recipient to back the award with some credibility even though it's almost a decade late. It's ceremonies like these which hold the circus to dole out 'prasad' irrespective of the relevance and just based on attendance.

shes looking confident and attractive. its odd to see her winning the global indian award would have been more apt when she was doing british/ american films and international brands around 10 years ago.

She is such a diva, can't deny it man!!

She's made nearly half dozen appearances in the last one week and no one has dared to ask her about the Panama papers. Just goes to show she's no sati savitri. She has the power to control media on what they can and cannot question her about. Really starting to hate BW!

Are you kidding? You think the media is daft like you? They have been asking and both Aishwarya and her publicist have been saying "no comment" duh!

EVERYONE globally, has accepted the #panamapaper leaks as truth, except bachchans.. they said , their name should not be in #panamapapers. LOL....look up Amitabh's interview... #Liars

Here comes Liz Taylor of India.

She is looking gorgeous!

ash and srk acted like husbanhd and wife in the reception of wiliam , it's very bad especially when abishek is ill.

It wasn't bad, it was just weird but she went home to her real husband so all is well, move on.

Love the dress

The dress is so amazing and so figure fostering love hear body face hair and makeup #goals as always everything is on point

Nothing new she is getting this global Indian award every year and yes they are waiting for Aradhya to join Film industry.

Looking HOT!!

The word 'humble' does not go with Aish.

Humility is her ornament...u must be blind to not see it...

The worlds most beautiful women and the one and only international icon piggy chops in your face

That's a fun outfit. I like.

she looks pretty in PRINTS.

Salman khan does charity and that is well known to us.But I guess the rest of celebs donate to charities just for tax avoidance.They are just to receive these silly awards and jump on the dais to lecture about social issues. Had the bollywood been so kind enough Maharshtra wouldn't have such water crisis.

Salman does charity to help him with court

Oh my god... she looks seriously hot. DAMN GIRL! Damn Damn Damn Smoking. (And before y'all say 'she's a mother stop', SRK is a father and there's lewder comments from the women, so let me express myself).

Loved her dress. She is looking gorgeous. I just love her expressions and specially the way she pauses 4 a while and looks in the camera at 00:32. OMG Breathtaking.
Dont care about award.

Let me guess all these people supporting her have not read of Panama papers. And even if they did, they think their goddess can do no harm. Wake up and smell the coffee! Prime Minister's all over the world are getting their butt handed to them. This is REAL! They are tax invaders! Amitabh, Aishwarya, Kareena, Saif! #shame!

Award?? For what?? hahahah!!!

what the hell is she wearing. why cant she hire the stylist longines uses for its events.

another pointless award

Ash is the only celeb that William and Kate googled last night.mher eyes are similar to Kate's and believe Williams insiders say he was struck by her Beauty, charm, grammar and intelligence. Thank goodness he didn't meet kareena, he would be bored to hell. Luv Ash so inspirational

Okay Ms XXX.

Thank you Miss iKaun.

WTH is wrong with Indian Media....Can't they ask her about Panama Tax????

Media knows it is wrong to treat someone as guilty until proved by evidences.!

There is nothing like Panama 'Tax'...first get the complete knowledge about it...whatever, truth wins in the end...

What the......

Aish makes me proud, also Priyanka.. My babes...

That dress is STUNNING! Being compared to Elizabeth Taylor is a HUGE compliment she was beautiful and tremendously talented.

She is very humble. Her persona attracts me more.

That Face!!

That dress is STUNNING! Being compared to Elizabeth Taylor is a HUGE compliment she was beautiful and tremendously talented.

award for what???? why hasn't nana patekar being recognized for saving lives of farmers who are suiciding in masses? because he is not a stupid bachchan? shame shame shame!!!

These r NRI awards, not state awards in which nana patekar deserves to be awarded every year..!!

These r NRI awards, not state awards in which nana patekar deserves to be awarded every year..!!

Award for what? goodness sakes, nowadays you can get award for being plump.

She gets this award every year really ????
I must say Aish PR is awesome, since she is always in news.

Why would she need PR when she has so many fans and haters to keep her in news..??lol

I'm beginning to think these guys give her awards just so they get a chance to meet or hang out with her! And what in the world is she wearing???

The Elizabeth Taylor of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone, will soon replace Ash & Priyanka as the most recognized Indian woman globally.

DP is nothing compared to the Angelina Jolie of Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra, who has ALREADY replaced Ash, DP, SRK and Amitabh Bachchan as the most recognized Indian globally.

Next year, Deepika will win Hollywood and get all these NRI awards. #QueenDP

Next year, Priyanka will win Hollywood and get all these NRI awards. #Quantico

She is so humble...makes my heart melt..

Ash, PC, Sonam make us so proud!

How does Sonam figure in this list?!

L'Oreal and Cannes.

Okay Ms XXX.

Okay srk's mistress

here comes awards reserved for the crucial comeback of bachchan bahu

Every year she gets global Indian award. She would get this award until Aradhya would join Showbiz.

for what?????

For her charity work...the outside people have more knowledge about it than resident Indians..

That's a really bad dress, imo. Congratulations Aishwarya!


So u r the troll on every post...grow up


lmao panama papers is proof!

It's not proof, it's a list of people having offshore accounts..Duh!

what is proof for you?

Congrats Aishu!!! Muah :*

Aish has done is tax invasion and came up in the Panama papers. Truly global! LOL this award is such a joke.

You mean tax evasion right? LMFAO dude....I can't with you. Troll, bye!

What is tax invasion?? lol also, Ash is one of the highest tax payer in Bollywood..the joke is on

Ash kyun bola? Tumhari class main parti thee?

WTH! Never heard of this one before! And Ash looks garish, loud and is totally undeserving of this award. Why can't they just have a separate Bollywood version for every award? Just think of it - even in film awards, though we have regional cinema in India, some of which produce movies that out-class Bollywood, the major awards/publicity always goes to Bollywood celebrities! Then the non-film awards, these also go to Bollywood celebrities! They should stop this nautanki, and for every award out there they should create a sub-category called 'Bollywood'! I can still try and reconcile with Ash getting a Global Indian (Bollywood) award, but please "Global Indian"! When there are so many more deserving non-Bollywood people??

Do nothing, collect awards! Bachchan family is a bunch of cheats.

Wrong.. KHANdaan holds that title..

Aishwariya gets this award every year for no reason. Everyone's trolling her on Twitter.

Not fan of the dress but its AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN and she makes everything worth it ;)

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