Rangoon third poster: Kangana seems to be the only hope in the war-torn world of Saif and Shahid

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The third poster of Rangoon has also made its way to the Internet and we are exceptionally glad to finally have the trio-Saif, Shahid and Kangana-sharing the same space.

The poster shows Shahid, the soldier, amid some serious action and Saif, on the other hand, can be seen in a pensive mood.

However, the “third hero” Kangana with her emotive act of playing around with a whip seems to be the star here.

The background, much like the first one seems to be dark and reflects upon their world, which is falling apart.

Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, the epic drama will hit the cinemas on February 24. 


Google photos of Begum Para, a 1940s Indian actress. You'll see her with her hair bobbed and tightly curled (much like Kangana's in this movie), and she's also wearing lots of Western clothes and even smoking a cigarette. So far, the film and trailer both look really good, and Kangana was the perfect casting choice. By the way, she is also the best onscreen kisser in Bollywood (along with Katrina); best male onscreen kissers (before I see the kisses in this movie) are Ranveer and Hrithik. And even if this movie ends up having the fate of "Bombay Velvet," it still will not be the most colossal Bollywood flop of all time because that title goes to Hrithik's film, "Mohenjo Daro!" Finally, anyone who thinks that this film will be Kangana's "test," needs to realize that MD was Hrithik's test (to see if he actually could carry a film on his shoulders), and he failed spectacularly. If his career can still continue after that, Kangana’s will too.

Thumbs up!! This is the best trailer out of all 3!

saw the trailer. Boring.Unnecessary love story.

I am looking forward to it and all the best to all.

I Am remembering Ranbir's ridiculous curls when I see Kangala's short curls. Like srsly ppl. Nope.

It looks good. Can't wait to watch movie. Movies about WW2 and India are rare or nonexistent so this will be interesting.

Can be seen as bombay velvet, but the "IMPROVED" version hahaha KANGANA QUEEN!!!!!!

Nobody cares flop next

You commented though..lol

The posters give Bombay Velvet vibes. And Kangana looks hilarious here. If this flops, it will bring and her fans to earth who gloat about her everywhere.

This does give off bombay velvet vibes, no doubt kangana can pull off an extreme role tho. This is my least favorite poster but it's just a poster, the trailer will be a good indicator

flop all over...

Another Bombay velvet.


Ladies and Gentlemen, make way for the QUEEN!

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