They're here! Dabboo Ratnani 2017 Calendar Pics!

Here are pictures from Dabboo Ratnani's annual calendar for 2017. This year marks the 18th anniversary of the calendar. The calendar was launched in a star-studded event in Mumbai today.

The calendar features Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan, Parineeti Chopra, Akshay Kumar, Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh, Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani, Arjun Rampal and Sunny Leone  among others.

Which one is your favourite?

Abhishek Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Akshay Kumar

Alia Bhatt

Anushka Sharma

Arjun Rampal

Parineeti Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Ranveer Singh

Sidharth Malhotra

Jacqueline Fernandez

Varun Dhawan

Shah Rukh Khan

Amitabh Bachchan

Disha Patani

Sanjay Dutt

Shraddha Kapoor

Sunny Leone

Vidya Balan

Tiger Shroff

Kriti Sanon

Sonakshi Sinha


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Credits: pinkvilla

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Arjun Rampal all the way, Mr. Bachchan and Ranveer Singh....

Alia,Jacqueline and SRK have the best pics... Piggy Chops also looks stunning...

SRK looks so sexy. What a fit body and sexy face

Nothing special about the pictures. Over rated photographer!! Why does he always chose the same people like Aish, Abhi and Amitabh, its boring!!

THE most overated photographer ever! Give me some starts, photo shop and digital software bingo you have some photos! There is nothing "photographic" about his images!

Sunjay Dutt's picture is hilarious! The most awkward pose and picture in general. LOL can't stop laughing

this guy is an overrated photographer. taking pictures of rich people doesnt make you better.

I think it needs to be a little more innovative. Besides Tiger and Shahrukh's pics, I don't see anything that a regular photographer can't create with beautiful people. Include more celebs, take some group shots. I would like to see more yesteryear actors besides Amitabh in it. When you have so much beauty at your disposal, why be so repetitive.

Jacqueline looks awesome...surprised!!!

Daboo Ratnani is stuck in the 90s...utterly ordinary.

BORING!!! Why is he even famous? I have no ill will but I am glad that there are no pics of his wife and daughter this time. It was cute once, twice not always or at least take pics for your personal collection, not to show them.

Lol dp fans FOR YEARS have gone on about dp supposedly being a stunning goddess and ranveer being average looking but he seriously looks so much better than her nowadays

ASH looks Gorgeous...

I like Aish's. Reminds me of Zeenat Aman in Hare Rama Hare Krishna.

Alia and Shraddha are absolutely stunning. Love Vidya as well. I wish Arjun got a better setting as it's not doing him justice.

I only like Amitabh and Tiger of the guys.

Only Alia is the queen rest all peasants. All hail queen alia

Hi Karan

Hi Sonam

Why on earth would Sonamsay that? It's clearly Karan Johar.

vidya, alia, shradha, kriti and parineeti

Disha and shradha both look hot

This Dabbo Ratnani calendar is like Filmfare award, once it was prestigious to be in it and interesting, now it became predictable, boring and biased. Even before seeing these pics I already knew that there will be a taxi, an animal ( dog, cat or horse) some boob show and topless pictures. It's funny how Daboo stuck with Abhishek, I mean he had to include him every year in this calendar because if he'll not do that then can not include Big B and Aish either which is prestigious for him

Arjun poses really natural, the other men tries too much to show their bodies, especially SRK and Tiger. The women are beautiful as usual but no pic is really outstanding.

ranveer..aalia..shraddha..varun..disha..aish..parineeti and akki

obviously its just pretty pics of celebs. its not calendar about social issues, though that would be a good idea, imagine if Aish could be photographed in a slum....but thats my idea. just get over it. this calendar is only about beauty, fame and hotness.

better this year. but i find Aish boring, cause he always targets her face, i don't know maybe its her choice. Parineeti is too simple, would prefer something more sophisticated. and Srk is looking cheezy, he is 50 with ripped blouse and tires....not the best thing. loved Vidya, Alia, Sona and Sid.

scrolling scrolling kept scrolling yawn scroll some more, then BAM stop....shraddha's pic. how gorgeous does she look in this styling. she like the 90s beauties type in this pic

Aishwarya always look good as usual.

Surprisingly, Jacqueline's is the best here. Ranveer's is second to that. The rest are all very generic and felt like I have seen them do that pose one too many times.

shraddha should have been model looks great in photoshoots

shardha .priyanka .jecki

Why is Abhishek and Parineeti in these calendars? Thought it was meant for celebs not losers

i think ranveer priyanka and disha .shardha looks hot;

for me shardha priyanka look best and aish and alia also look good .sharukh and sid look best

priyanka ,alia,shardha .sid sharukh are best

Alia's is nice, Anushka actually looks good. Priyanka hot as always and it's a cool picture. Ranveer, Sid, Jacqueline, and Shraddha are actually really great photos. Other than that, it's the same gimmicky bakwas. I am happy to see more good photos though, it's better than previous years by far. Akshay wtf

Jackie, Ranveer, Sona, PC and Arjun R stand out....... but to be fair these are mostly tacky and lack creativity.....

AISH, Jackie, Disha, and Kriti and Sunny oooohhh la la the men all look hot !

sunny leon looks so bad.otherwise disha shardha and priyanka win

Yawn.....Nothing original - look the same from previous years.

SRK looks so fine and sexy.

Ranveer & Jacki! my fav and I didn't like: Anushka & Akshay...but why Abhishek? Why does he qualify to be in the calender?


i always wondered, is this calendar just an excuse to take hots pictures of celebrities? because there are only 12 months in a year (thus only needing 12 pictures) but there are well over 12 pictures here.

Priyanka with same pose, Alia trying too hard to look cute, shraddha trying hard to look sexy, Kirti and disha no personality, sonakshi is the official boxer of Bollywood it seems like. Who pays for this mediocrity?

so right ... I was just thinking the same while seeing these mediocrities pic
i really don't get what Babbo wants to convey ... no theme ... no message
just top notch actors

Some are really good like Aish, SRK, Alia and some of the pics look quite awkward. He could've done a much better job with Parineeti and PC.

Hi, Deepika, maybe next time.

dp is not here so ranveer pc anu looks hot

NO DEEPIKA??????????????

Can't afford.

true. can't afford to mess up his calendar of hotties by taking a lesser

well said !!!

This guy always put SRK and PC pics above each other every year! He is so close to SRK and takes most of his ads pics! Does he know more about them?? Mmmm..

I was thinking the same. He always does that!!!


SRK,PC, Aish are the best ones.

ASH , SHRADDHA & SRK look good

Ranveer never posts his daboo pics . Wonder why 0_o

why is everyone so nange?

like shraddha amitabh alia.

shardha pc ranveer

LAME!! Average pictures. There is no creativity or unique about these pictures. We've seen these pictures from him before. Girl laying the bed, girl on chair, tires, water over face. He does the same thing every year.

Shraddha looks like young Rani from ghulam, gorgeous... wish she could act a fraction as well as though, or even have decent dialogue delivery

most of these are terrible!!!!!!!!! I cant believe im saying this, but Ranveer's pic looks the best!

Abhishek has the same expression and Sonakshi is always doing these boxing shots. Ash and Arjun Rampal look great. Overall I find Dabbo's calendar not creative at all. He is a photographer and should be able to do wonders.

VD, you ain't no George Michael!

His calendars and pictures are over rated. LOL @ Anushka Sharma. She is unrecognizable. Talk about messing up your face! wow!

At a quick glance i confused sid to br fawad sushmita with Jacqueline and shraadha with never scroll thru these fast n always pay attention :))

That's Jacqueline, not Sushmita Sen. Lol.

I only liked Aishwarya, Shraddha, Jacquline and Ranveer's.

Only SidHeart MalHOTra

sid & arjun are so handsome. ranveer is sexy & aishwarya's beauty is still unmatched

Arjun R is not a top film star but the calendar reminds me how his looks can be smoldering. Photog's dream. He works his shoots.

Aish Alia Sid Rano

Same ol' same ol'

Aishwarya, Ranveer, Sid, Disha and Jacqueline.

like most of them but daboo is meh as usual. shraddha & ash look beautiful, sid + ranveer + priyanka look hot

Meh! These actors had better photoshoots. Alia looks supercute.

It's Jacqueline not Sushmita :I

Are these pictures pirated or something?such very inferior quality.

no kajol?

ranveer singh stands out

It's Jacqueline not Sushmita !!!

Amitabh Bachchan! Hands down! The rest are meh!

Amitabh Bachchan! Hands down! Adorbs.


Sid ️Rano so hot alia so cute

Ranveer!!! Omg that is so hot!

Arjun Rampal and Priyanka

PC, Sid & Ranveer are my faves!

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