Aishwarya looks breathtaking in these Dabboo Ratnani calendar 2017 BTS pictures

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We saw Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looking stunning in the calendar shot of Dabboo Ratnani's 2017 calendar. The calendar, which is hugely popular, and which features Bollywood's A lister stars, is out and is creating waves. 

Here are some behind-the-scene pictures of Aishwarya posing with Dabboo, his wife Manisha and their lovely daughter. Aren't the pictures just lovely?

Do you dig this look of Aishwarya?

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Credits: Dabboo Ratnani

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Aishwarya is better then Sushmita Sen

Gorgeous!!!! Is there a way of getting a calendar?

such a stunner,goddess like features,she is hollywood material truly

why does she overdo everything?She's a better actress in real life when it comes to faking

Not a beauty anymore , iulia is more beautiful.

hello salman! still obsessed with ash I see!

More beautiful than any current actress. The actresses who came in the 90s, Raveena, Sonali, Twinkle, Shilpa, Aishwarya are still so gorgeous!

She looks amazing!

Love U aishuma

These days Ash looks very happy

Glowing with the help of makeup

Ash is stunning. But the calendar looks basic AF. does anyone actually buy it or is it just a yearly tradition or something? I am very confused

He did something different with Ash. Year after year he was capturing only her face.

Like chodhvien ka Chand:heema,rekha,sri devi,vajyanti mala


Daboo has lost so much weight. He looks a bit like Neil Nitin Mukesh now

ash borrowed feathers from her FIL's movie jhoom barabar...

I laughed like anything after reading this comment

ASH looks stunning... what a Gorgeous face...

He did something different with Aish (which is great), but this isn't her best photos

she is beautiful but nothing new. always the same pose. i wish he would show her in a different way, but he always routing for her face and that boring

Ash looks so nice posing with his family.

Like dabboo expressions more than hers!


So pretty!!

Very cute pictures. It's always nice to see him and his family pose with her.

She does look pregnant...the way she's covering her jacket over.

Beautiful! Btw, wonder where they hang these

Out dated yearly ritual. no one cares.

She's good looking mother also Lara,karishma,rani...


What's happened to her cheeks?! Clearly had some work done so obvious. Poses look fake too

She is over proud.. which is not a good thing..

Treat for our eyes

gorgeous as always

What a stunner

Aww these Eyes..they will kill me man

Chawdavi ka chand ho ya ...this song is even understatement for Ash's beauty! This beauty is beyond words! Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a beauty to remembers for many eras. .Ash is only one!

why does pinkvilla add hastags on these pages?

She is glowing

Love the way they have styled her this year compared to bland previous years.

Actually good. She looks different than usual.

Glad he experimented with her looks this time.

i was just wonderin if she had a dusky complexion would she still be so popular knowing how hysteric indians are about skin color

In that case karisma should be more popular tright ?? if u see karisma..preity all are really fair compared to ash..but what makes ash stand out is her perfect face shape and features

Don't talk like stupid. Karishma, Aishwarya, Kareena, Katrina they all are in same league in terms of complexion. If she is dusky like Bipasha or Nandita Das, would you be still call her the most beautiful woman of this world. If that so, there would have been no complexion disparity in India. Many beautiful girls are denied for marriages just because of their dusky skin tone.

Beauty is about features, not complexion. Daboo looks more white than Ash here. She worked hard to be so popular.

Beauty is about features, not complexion. Daboo looks more white than Ash here.

Her beauty shines even in black and white pictures.

Is Aishwarya pregnant? Hope she is

I remember him once saying about Aishwarya's worldwide popularity and that when he was traveling and offered to give his calendar to his foreign friends the only thing the asked was whether Aishwarya Rai is in it. She is a global icon and has been shooting for his calendar right from the beginning for 18 years! Hope you will post PV

Creative! Ash looks stunning

Glad he is doing something different with Aishwarya this time

Aishwarya looks like pregnant woman to me.

If so, it will be a boy since her thin face, the last time she began to fade immediately, but this is just a guess, though, we would like)

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