Vision in White! Mahira Khan spotted during Raees promotions in Dubai; hugs SRK's wife Gauri Khan in the hotel lobby

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We were the first ones to say that Mahira Khan will be joining Shah Rukh Khan to promote their upcoming film Raees in Dubai. Though they weren't spotted together during the promotional events, both have made sure to do it separately so that they don't irk any controversies.

Read Story : Exclusive! Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan have been promoting Raees separately in Dubai!

Today, we got our hands on Mahira's picture from the Dubai event and she is truly a vision in white. A Twitter user posted a series of tweets about the updates of the event that is to be taken place. He posted this picture with the caption saying, "Here you go! Our #zaalima nailing it in white. Get an ambulance! And a fire brgde #mahirakhan @TheMahiraKhan #Raees"

He even stated, "#GauriKhan just hugged #MahiraKhan & they r talking and smiling. All this is happening in a carefully guarded lobby! @TheMahiraKhan #Raees"

As reported earlier by Pinkvilla, both will be promoting the film separately today.

Check out the tweets right here:


Very elegant and classy, the "fashionista" should learn some fashion tips from her

Why can't she promote the film with him !? That's so stupid it pisses me off! Please solve your issue India and Pakistan!!!!

How we know it is true or whatever. This sounds like anything. No pics...No proof. Zzz. And why not meeting SRK!

Looking pretty

I have a Pakistani friend and Mahira looks JUST like her mother... so beautiful


She looks lovely here

She is so stunning!

Who is the designer? Please name him/her.

Why does she need so much security in Dubai? Is MNS there also?

No ! Its Dubai not India but SRK is promoting MNS in Dubai in front of Indian and Pakistani audience.

will srk and mahira give interviews together ???


So pretty.

Am I the only one who gets a creepy feeling most of these comments have been written by somebody's PR?

Off-shoulders allowed for Pakistani women?

I'm Indian Canadian and have been to Islamabad and Muree or Moori ( can't pronounce it well). In-house disco/ dance parties in big mansions and farm houses everywhere. Skirts and backless dresses were the dress code. In muree, I've never seen any woman without tight jeans and long boots! Pakistan is not what we are shown. People are much more modern than Pakistanis living in UK and Canada.

I love her outfit and she's carrying it off really well too.

elegant lady

The dress is so elegant and she sports it very well.

I love how she is natural. Everything about her is 100 per cent real. Including her hair. Pretty.

She should wear dresses with thigh slits , fake hair extensions, fake eye lashes etc and use professional photographers. Then she will look very sexy exotic type.

She looks stunning. Her hair is wow

So pretty and dignified always as person

Classy, elegant and simply beautiful. Carries it off with such panache

I like this look simple and elegant. She looks beautiful. Bollywood ladies take note

Take her and yourself to Lollywood!

Mahira, Bollywood women have nothing to learn from you

One of the numerous insults to Indian actresses we will no doubt be subjected to during Raees promotions. Bollywood ladies do not need any notes from Mahira, sorry.

Why do you feel its an insult to "WE" as a whole nation if this stupid anon made a comment of " take notes" ? We always bash other actresses and praise our favorite, don't we? Don't make everything a cross border war.

So don't single out ladies fool. If you don't create static there will be none.

Now there will be a breaking news in india - Why Gauri hugged mahira khan ? What was the use of doing that ? Did she forget the sacrifices of soldiers ?

Spoken with the cynical mentality of someone who cares and feels nothing for recent events. But wait. Why am I not surprised.

no one cares about Gauri tbh. So move on..

Where are Gauri haters?!

Not surprisingly, they are the same as Mahira supporters. Do the math...

Accounting needs correction. Mahira supporters and Gauri supporters are on the same side planted in place by Raees PR crew. This is Dubai not Mumbai. It's all well tooled.

Surprisingly, your math is wrong. Mahira supporters have pulled in Gauri to make the Dubai promotions stink-less. All are tools.

That's some majorrrrr hot stuff! Wowza mahira, welcome to bollywood. Hope the ban gets lifted soon

what a stunner she is and this reporter sadiq saleem is totally dedicated to his work! well tweeted :)

Absolutely breathtaking. Purely white Mahira Rocks

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