Priyanka Chopra opts for a bronze look at NYFW, attends Marc Jacobs show!

Priyanka Chopra attended NYFW today for designer Marc Jacobs show.

The fever of New York Fashion Week has gripped Bollywood and how! While Deepika Padukone created ripples attending Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren's shows, Priyanka Chopra attended good friend Prabal Gurung's show a few days back. 

PeeCee got us all jealous when pictures of hers surfaced online with Sex and the City fame Sarah Jessica Parker, Huma Abedin and actress-model Diane Kruger. That time, she looked like a million bucks wearing a black top with an asymmetric white thigh-high slit hem skirt and black boots and a fur jacket. Hair styled in a wavy do, she wore an earthy makeup and dark plum lips.

For Marc Jacobs show today, Priyanka has opted the bronze inspired look, brown lips, hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a shirt for the designer's Spring 17 collection. She was seen wearing a blue fur coat, continuing her love affair with fur at the NYFW. Triggering our interests, we are eagerly waiting for full-length pics of PeeCee!

Chopra is already ruling the roost, ongoing with her global domination stint. Be it Quantico, her Oscar appearance, twirling at the Emmys or her recent big win at the People’s Choice Awards, Priyanka, apart from her acting chops is making heads turn, thanks to her fashion choices. 

Currently, back in Bollywood, the rumour mill is abuzz that PeeCee is all set to join hands with Sanjay Leela Bhansali for a new film. Priyanka is expected to roll this tentative project by second half of 2017. 

Till then, Ms. Chopra is slaying on the global fashion runways! 

Credits: twitter

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She looks like one of the kardarshians ..but looks younger in this look

From past 3 days I commented abt how bad her plastic nose & mouth looks & this PV hasn't posted a single comment of mine.

anyone here saw Marc Jacobs Fashion Show for NYFW Feb 2017? That the laziest fashion show. Everyone laughing for that fashion show. The most grand fashion was RL and MK.

This pic is photoshopped and filtered to the core. PC is flop. NEXT!

Her face goals

i love your makeup. love your original nose

does she realize her nose used to look better?

Priyanka's the hottest

You have to own your success and don't rely your success on link ups with your costars people will think you are a wannabe especially in Hollywood

Beautiful my baby

Beautiful beautiful my baby

cold vibes

Priyanka doesn't usually wear eyeliner but it looks so good here

Priyanka looks nice and tanned from her beach trip with her BFF Mubina

ms opportunistic chopra only shows her real skin tone when it conveniences her,when in India she whitewashes herself to the max and her fans have the audacity to come at deepika.

she does not whitewash herself like deepika. whatever priyanka is the queen of world .i like her so much now i am her new fans

BRAVO for the best comment so far. Thanks

Sit down. She was part of the Marc Jacobs theme and her makeup artist responded with a smart creative look to resonate with urban motif. Makeup is good theatre, not bad self-deception.

Blame the Indian magazine that whitewash everything

kash mein rub se rujhe mang sakta priyanka

Her skin mashallah sooo beautiful

The bronzed look, highlighter, Beyonce's mua , priyanka, the best combination ever...

She looks great, love her glowy, bronze skin here. All great, except the nose. Nothing wrong with a nose job, but this is a bad nose job. Her nose is simply too short for her face and has an unnatural shape.

Says you. Says us: She is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Freaking hot. omg

interesting .. she is a fun dresser

barbie doll look of priyanka

very much gorgeous

Finally we get to see her true shade

Slay bae slay

Orange is the new brown?

Obvious nose job

Sorry sweety you can never be DP stop trying to copy her

Reverse direction. DP tries to copy PC. Notice I said tries.

Thank heavens sweety you are nothing like DP

yes she is nothing like dp .priyanka is so beautiful

Yeah that's true, PC could never flop like dp.

My sexy woman love her

just go back to india and take deepika with you - neither of you can be successful in the US

I don't know about Deepika but Priyanka has achieved a lot of success in the US.

Please? Priyanka Chopra is onöy a mediocre TV actress in a boring serial. And without the help of her lover SRK she would never have seen a door in Hollywood! Calm down!

today each actors and even actress seem to praising priyanka.. she is fav of everyone

they only praise people who they do not perceive as a threat. that is and always has been a fact of bollywood.

yar yeh bahot sunder hai,

She looks very good here with this skin tone . When an Indian celebrity shows confidence in her colour , others will learn to be proud their complexion.

This is not her real skin tone either.

Confidence...It crossed my mind too. The whole look, with ponytail, her hair line, loving it a lot.

The problem in Asia is we have been conditioned to think that a darker shade is not good enough , so it does take a lot of confidence to overturn that mindset & come out in ur own skin.

priyanka is the most charming and beautiful personality of the industry. i like her style .whenever she appear on ant tv shows then each and every person seem to be a praising her beauty ,

She appears in the show, just to save his TV series, ABC is really desperate to raise the ratings with regard to sight, beautiful skin, but a terrible nose and he spoils (

love her makeup. will you marry me pc

No, I'm in love with Shah Rukh

Shoutout to stylist who did her hair Jennifer Johnson OMG I love it

She looks like a Barbie doll.

love the make up...the blouse not so much..

The most beautiful woman on the planet

Koi naya planet hai kya? Definitely not on planet Earth.

Just saw her Modi ad video in Daily Mail. She looked beautiful.


She looks soooo good!


super stunning! love everything about this look!

this is the best makeup i've seen on an Indian actress

the nose though

WOWWW.I'm just blown away! By her intelligent choices of makeup and looks! You can see she has earned her success through such conscious effort.She has learnt to woo the American audiences.HATS OFF Priyanka.


Pretty woman love her

that's true her pics is not correct here. . i have watch her in add with sid then i realize why her face counted in most beautiful womens,.i have much inspired by her beauty

mashallah pc l want her face now she sooo beautiful oh god

And fans like it?
Yes, the horror just where Priyanka?
I see botoksnuyu plastic and Kim Kardashian, and not Priyanka (((

Priyanka looks amazing! You should learn more about makeup and new styles... you're clearly ignorant!

uff. this pic is not taken by correct way you know this. beside of this she look here is also hot. .she is gorgeous. i have watch just her interviews she is really amazing looking girl.beautiful

Wow stunning

Priyanka looks amazing

inspired from kim kardashian

Don`t like such plastic faces without any expressions. She looks not natural!

She's in performance mode and she rocks it, Jacobs show was all about street and attitude, PC you rule. Love you xxxxx

what a joke ????her face expression make her beautiful. she is so attractive .her lips her eveys her smile every thing on her face so natural

She looks great! I can't wait for more pics.

She looks pretty with her hair up but please ease off on orange tones.. or you will be compared to Trump.

My god she is stunning. She is killing the game in America

This is her one of the best looks but this pathetic competition b/w PC & DP is getting out of hand. PC is in USA so thats y she is attending these shows but why has Dp travelled all the way to US just for a show, isnt she shooting for padmavati? Is this gonna get them work in hollywood ? so much desperation !

Where is the desperation if you get personally invited by the designers? Bingbing traveled from china, and you think Camilla Belle is getting lots of work to not go to NYFW? Why drag DP down for no reason, this post isn't even about her!

Any girl would love to attend these shows .. where is the problem ?

Do you noticed that you starts the competition b/w PC & DP here again? Why? This is about Priyanka. Whatever reason Deepika had to attend the NYFW it was her decision. Let them and their fans live in peace and shut up finally!

She looks good, but I think she wears too much full coverage makeup. But she looks good when she works with her natural skin tone, like now. Most Bollywood actresses, except the fair girls like Katrina, Kareena, Tamanah, would look better with this kind of bronzy look than trying to look fair and wear pink colors. Deepika would look good in this too, definitely better than wearing that white makeup that makes her look ashy sometimes.

Actually she's looking beautiful. Still not a fan though but I will appreciate another woman's beauty.

oh God .i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her sooooooooooooooooo much . .my heart


picture is not correct. but she is so beautiful, i want to marry with her

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