Katrina Kaif looks lovely at Neil Nitin Mukesh - Rukmini Sahay's wedding reception

Katrina Kaif is clicked here at Neil Nitin Mukesh and rukmini Sahay's wedding reception.

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Katrina Kaif is seen here gracing Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini Sahay's wedding reception. The grand reception ceremony, held at JW Mariott, Mumbai, is being attended by the who's who of Bollywood. Amitabh Bachchan and wife Jaya Bachchan were one of the first guests to arrive at the do. Others attending the event are Zayed Khan, Aftab Shivdasani, Bipasha Basu and Rekha, to name a few.

Katrina is seen donning a lovely, greyish pink saree teamed with a blue blouse. The Jagga Jasoos actress teamed her look with open hair and flawless makeup. Ms Kaif smiled for the cameras as she mingled with the guests. 

Katrina and Neil Nitin Mukesh have worked together in the movie New York. The 2009 thriller film directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Aditya Chopra also featured John Abraham and Irrfan Khan. The movie was a hit at the box office and was much loved by the critics and the audience alike. 

On the work front, Katrina will next be seen in Jagga Jasoos opposite ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. The movie that experienced many delays, was said to be releasing in April. However, rumours are rife that there could be some more unfortunate delays for this project helmed by Anurag Basu. 

Katrina will also work with Salman Khan in the movie Tiger Zinda Hai.

Credits: Viral Bhayani

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She looks like a wallpaper cutting

Please Old Deepika aunty fans, stop, Sometimes you people say Priyanka Old Aunty, sometimes say Katrina old, sometimes say Kangana Old, don't even come with true facts, But truth is they all are same age groups, there is 1 or 2 years age difference in them, Kangana 31, Priyanka 33, Deepika 32, Katrina 33, but deepika fans think that deepika is young just because deepika got success at age of 30, but Kangana, Katrina, Priyanka got that success at 24-25, even Priyanka won Miss World when she was 18, So people think that deepika who got recently success is Young. Amazing!!

She looks stunning without trying hard..beautiful look done wth a lovely saree

My god she looks soo old

Ran and kat are still together, because both of them are eating together and gaining a bit on the face

her age is for sure 45+

I feel scared of her the way she is standing there

why hiding your face

Katrina isn't looking lovely at all....in fact she is looking old and that dark makeup makes her look more aged........

Old Aunty.......

Omg...just in love with her..wat a simple look..yet she is lookng stunning!!that gentleness and calmness adds to her

I just wanna to see katrina as a dulhan.I bet she will be the most beautiful bride of the decade just like ash was of previous decade.I hope she finds a good young man who would love her so much (Not a chalks like Ranbir). And she lives happily forever.Lov u kat so so so much from bottom of my heart.

Bloated swollen face

She needs to experiment with her hair. Always looks boring with open hair. Should try buns with saris...it would really suit her.

She looks like she has a new face since a few years ago.

I love her simplicity. Absolutely anyone can wear this saree for an occasion.

Yes she never tries to be something else than her own self is best, Glory Priyanka is also in same category because Our PC too never tried to make herself white and fair, PC just being herself, check pics, but DP paying to make all her pics white, in over lights,deepika is in white skin surgery and see deepika hair which is dyed in other color but please check Katrina hair here and Priyanka hair too, they don't do dying and all in other shades, maybe deepika dying to cover her old white hair

Katrina stay in my heart forever!!!!!!!!!

If you see the video on youtube. The woman in picture number 14 is looking olive skin. What is Indian TV and Bollywood using?

This is what I love most of her, just being so simple, never tries so hard and generosity, even after her tooth surgery pain, she is smiling and coming to attend the wedding and giving her wishes

The purest you are, the purest your looks, the purest your eyes, Kat listen, In dark you are shining like moon, No matter how much pictures are tried to make bad with photoshop, you still shine, tries getting mad but you still shine

Gosh katrina looks gorgeous..saree is not so grt but she looks effortlessly beautiful in it...nd plss..her hairstylist shud cut down her hair length,gv thm layers nd curls..plsss

Love Katrina Love Katrina Love Katrina Love Katrina Love Katrina Love Katrina Love Katrina

Katrina stay in my heart forever!!!!!!!!!

Love Katrina Love Katrina Love Katrina Love Katrina Love Katrina Love Katrina Love

Woah way too much filler in her cheeks

My Natural barbie doll, the only person I love in Film Industry. Love you to the heights. LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK GORGEOUS BABY. Heart is beautiful so is you.

Iulia looked way better than her....hhahahah Salman really got away with this one

After gaining few pounds she is looking super super sexxxyyy...god her back side pics are so hott

damn looking so old

Going by the current looks of his exes it seems that girls should never even dream of dating RK ....as we have seen already with Deepika and Katrina dating him has made these girls go through huge stress thereby losing their looks completely

this is not sari this just lapeta


Katrina lookin great !! uber gorgeous kat !@! ;-)

She looks very beautiful in sarees & Indian attire.but she doesn't dress up usually

Katrina always look the same..she have to change her stylist

Katrina always look the same..she have to change her stylist

whats wrong with her

looking extremely in bad condition - she is hiding her face

Queen is slaying my entire existence

Her dress is great, so has been her beauty, whats not good is the side part and her puffy face

Katrina looks good ,but she's not the same as before .

Another fashion disaster by katrina aunty. The saaree is not draped properly. And that face is.. yawn

Flop katrina looks so average.

Gosh she looks soo beautiful...lovely saree..wish she wears saree more often

Lulia also attended Neil reception with Salman, so kat, don't try your dirty tricks on Salman there.

Katrina is best dressed there,im not evn biased..othrs wore outfits as if its their marriage,,she kept it as simple as possible

nice saree. but should have considered pulling her hair into a soft bun

Katrina was stunning in da video released my media..saree is also very beautiful...buttt i wanna see her in more vibrant colors..plsss

She is hiding behind her hair.... what is she hiding?

please focus on your deepvin face because she looking is bad day by day.. kat is stunning

lovely sari, she is looking good..

love the sari not the drape.

Quite elegant. At least she didn't dress like a bride.

She always wears the same type of sarees.Her saree look is monotonous.

Heavy on the blush and creamy dewey look.

She looks good as always :) simple and sweet . p.s DNA said that Ranveer Singh will attend too , but where is he ? :/ anyway, happy for u guys Niel and Rukmini, Be happy , keep smiling

Katrina nvr overdo the outfit..beautiful saree..she looks goregeous nd pv u bttr post othr pics as well

Is this katrina?thanks for telling as she is unrecognizable .

too much of makeup and not properly blended.

hahaha tooth infection is till on?wasnt she was going for a surgery last week?

She always looks beautiful in a saree

Love her saree
She looks gorgeous as always
Pv you should post HQ pics with better lighting,your pics are always the lowest quality that I had to look for other pics on twitter to see the saree

hehehehe, look at what she has turned herself into


She used to be so arrogant when she was on top. Now she is so desperate that she attends any and every event she is invited to so that she at least gets noticed. How the mighty have fallen!

even salman attended and he is the no 1 star in bollywood today....

Beauty Queen Katrina Kaif

Arey yaa pv..do u do it on purpose or wat!!!there are far bttr lkng pics of her all ovr media but u care to post these..phew...y y y..post ds pv

Katrina in a saree is always the best..

Katrina. I look beautiful but u will look out of the world if you do something with your hairstyle.

pv u always bad lightning pics of kat...there r so many good ones on twitter

She has no idea what saree to wear. Plus it is draped terribly.

Once upon a time Katrina used to look beautiful. Those days are long gone.

hope u still enjoy yr "being beautiful days"...btw she looked stunning

I used to be her fan, but I can't lie anymore to myself.

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