Adhuna Bhabani wishes boyfriend Nicolo Morea on his birthday in the most adorable way

Farhan Akhtar's ex-wife Adhuna Bhabani wished boyfriend Nicolo Morea 'Happy Birthday' with an adorable post on Instagram. Check it out here:
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Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani announced their separation in 2016 after 16 years of marriage. They shared that they have grown apart over the years and issued a joint statement. Their divorce was finalized last year. Adhuna and Farhan share a cordial relationship and are co-parenting their daughters Akira and Shakya. They also continue to collaborate professionally with Farhan being spotted at her salon many times. The ex-couple has moved on. Farhan Akhtar is in a relationship with Shibani Dandekar and Adhuna is dating Nicolo Morea.

Nicolo Morea is Dino Morea’s brother and the couple have been together for more than a year now. Adhuna had hinted in April last year through a post on social media that she has found love again and is in a happy relationship. On her 50th birthday, she had posted a note, a part of which read, “I just love that the father of my children is a good human being, and that my new lover is a patient one.” Adhuna and Nicolo often share adorable photos with each other on their Instagram accounts.




A post shared by Nicolo Morea (@nicolo_morea) on

Adhuna took to her Instagram account to wish Nicolo on his birthday today and shared a lovely photo. She posted, “#happybirthday @nicolo_morea” with a red heart emoji.

Check out the post here:



#happybirthday @nicolo_morea

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Farhan Akhtar too made his relationship with Shibani Dandekar Insta official earlier this month. He posted a photo of them and captioned it with a red heart emoji. It was speculated since a couple of months that Farhan and Shibani are together.  



i recently turned 40 and felt super old, now i feel adhuna and feel inspired. finding love again at 50, when in indian society, women over 50 are treated as if they are invisible. and she is such a cougar. she didn't go for an older guy after her marriage with farhan failed but got another guy 7 years younger than her like farhan was. you go girl!

Happy for her. Look how she's glowing like a thousand fairy lights! This story has a happy ending. Keep her well Nicolo!!

i am so happy for Adhuna ,she is all smiles and filled with joy next to Nicolo. Even after the divorce she didnt loose hope finding love ,this is how women must move on ,with dignity and liberated . she doesnt give the bitter vibe at all, neither Farhan . They are both well balanced adults , shielding their kids and doing the best for them; hats off to both .

She looks so comfortable in her own skin , the environment and with him which is nice to see. For some strange reason she never seemed comfortable whenever I see her on tv or in pictures with Farhan even though she seemed such a nice person she would always be so quiet and fade into the background. She seems so at ease here.

Those Morea genetics are good!

She looks much happier and at ease with Nicolo. Good for her.

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