Aishwarya Abhishek Lux soap ad

This is the latest ad from lux featuring the golden couple aishwarya rai bachchan and abhishek bachchan.

Directed by Stephen Mead, the ad has music composed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. The couple was styled by Aki Narula.
They were apparently paid 25 crore rupees for this ad.

Credits: youtube

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aishwarya chikni dikh rahi hai


Amir khan is a very handsome and a kind hearted fellow.

aishwarya new photos

Anonymous on Sun, 2009-10-25 18:37


i agree ash is heavenly..da one n only..

completely agree with you...anon..

they complement and fit together beautifully

Abhi' tall frame, stature and charisma add to his charima.

She looks so beautiful and hot. She is the most beautiful. I'm so glad she found Abhi, he makes her so happy

copy cats they are trying to pull of a saif-bebo. their airtel ads are wayyyyy better.

there love shows through these pictures that is what makes it beautiful

Fri, 2009-10-23 02:50: awesome you've seen her.. can we hear more stories of Aish's beauty in person?? tell tell people.

definitiely she's the most beautiful

25 flippin crore just a mere 2-3 mins ad. WTF??

I want to see Aish too, so lucky

she luks a bit like juhi chawala,in 2nd pic

wow.. you guys are so lucky to have seen her in person. bet she's far prettier in person than even on films and photos.

oh wow beautiful couple. aish is the prettiest!!!

ABHIASH are 'Worth IT!'

The comment below ..thyroid? are you dumb... her figure is natural.
She is def. gorgeous, people are just jealous cause they don't have style.

this woman has a serious thyroid prob she needs to check her thyroid iam serious

hi guys even i have seen aish in delhi when she was staying in Taj..that was now almost 2-3 yrs back ...and she luks extremely beatiful..the most striking is her blueish green eyes on her face..and her hair is always kept very prim n proper..when i saw her she has just below the shoulder 1 length cut and it was nicely ironed..she looks very groomed not a hair here or there..and she comes across very delicate n fragile.she was wearing just a nude lipstick with shine.Anon, i dont know if she is the most beautiful in the world(thats subjective) or not but she can give a good competition..

beautiful couple

Anonymous on Thu, 2009-10-22 22:01: wow.. good for you !! Aish must look very young in person because it's rare that someone in their mid-30's is referred to as a girl. she must have been very pretty to get this admiration-- is she really the most beautiful creature you ever set eyes on?

Anonymous on Thu, 2009-10-22 22:01: great that you met her!! tell us more!! all the details of her beauty. was she in your view the most beautiful woman in the world-- and the most beautiful you have ever seen? what was her charmisa, arua, mood like??..... tell tell tell !!

Ash looks heavenly! I was sitting on the Delhi airport waiting for my flight announcement...And I noticed crazy crowd in a nearby distance...When I got closer...I saw Ash...I actually saw her walk pass by me...I was stunned...she was wearing a white top/blue jeans/tied up hair...and totally w/o makeup...she is one of the most prettiest girls I have ever come across...she has a extremely small face...gorgeous eyes...and perfect skin!! I had always been an Ash fan but never thought that she could be soooo pretty personally...and she had like 6 security guards surrounding her...Anyway,I typed all this only because I read below, that ash looks good only with makeup/lighting etc...well sorry to say but thats not true!

LOL unthinkable why is it that the filmstars have to act wise with their money all the time? why cant YOU do something better for a change? when you are sitting pretty in the comfort of your homes it's always easy to advice others. You almost sound like the communists you know : we should have our pockets full but others should be happy with their income levels. Do you even know how much charity aishwarya/abhishek/amitabh and Jaya does? Don't even ask me to get going on the contribution of the others like shahrukh khan/salman khan/hrithik roshan. I think bollywood is the ONLY industry which contributes the maximum for the underprivileged lot.well atleast some do...ash and abhi are the best examples of that.IMO they are fat better than people like shabana azmi and aamir khan who only talk big. moment their films are released all the tall talks are forgotten.rock on abhi-ash.i love you guys..let the jealous freaks burn in hell

dunno why ppl bash abhi?? i think loyal ash fans have the kind of mentality where no one is good enough for her. i find him more normal and down to earth of the duo. ash has attitude issues, either she's too sugary or too high and mighty. abhi is always himself. i loved him on oprah, he stole the show, was funny in a very subtle way and maintained his identity.

Abhishek is a HOTTIE. He's tall, talented, funny, charming, and handsome!

i agree. every top couple does ads together for products. so aish and abi also have every right to endorse a product together. i think abi and aish look beautiful together.

abhishek did NOT kiss john in dostana. that was a FAKE kiss and they never ever touched lips. it was FAKE. the actors and directors all said it was fake and anyone with eyes could see it was not real!

publicty seeking ppl

unthinkable..this was said even during their wedding time that they will sell their wedding pics 4 millions ...but they did not do everybody had 2 shut up u say that they will sell their baby pics 4 millions..well lets see whether they make u shut up this time as well or not!! i think they have much more dignity than what u think they have!!
nd i mean y blame abhi ash 4 doin an ad 2gether..every couple has done it be it saif kareena,,ajay kajol,,john y blame them!!

something very special about the first picture

love it.......25cr...yaaa she is worth it.......looking like the ultimate seductress
......gorgeous from ever angle.

"he is not like dat cheapstake srk who was lying nude in dat bath tub showing his waxed chest!!"
yes jen, he is not but guess who is??? music plz.... his wife, yep she's "lying nude in dat bath tub showing her waxed"..... arms, hehe. plz dont bash other ppl when ur own faves r doing the same thing, well almost the same thing. plus, its all about the money in the end, for all of them.....

whats so great about her? i see better looking women than her during the day on the streets.

beautiful , they complement each other

gorgeous couple


What is your problem, baby pics hmmm. Over reacting. Why didn't we see any wedding pics then. Media were after them like dogs, still they kept it private. You are complaining about everyhing that Aish and Abhi are doing. It is just a commercial where they get paid to do so. Just like when we work we get paid too. It is not crime

yay ..... lets bank on our so called true love for each other ... all these power couples are doing it and its sickening ... how about doing something good with that money instead of being the limelight hogs ...ugh... i think they'll be the first bwood couples whose baby pics would be sold for millions for a magazine...

I want to see the ad, Aish looks too beautiful and hot

Aish looks stunning in the pics, and she will look even better in the video.

Aishwarya looks good ...of course its also because of make up , lighting and styling.However this applies to all Celebs world over. Additionally She did win Miss. Photogenic during Miss.World 1994. It quite sad that even after all that Abhishek manages to look so bad.Bottom line he is not good looking ..even Amitabh isnt handsome. He is great actor with tremendous screen presence.

abhishek is such a masculine handsome guy. he and aish rock. sexy ad!

wow i love it and i love ash and abhi

25 crores for one ad? wow! some people make all the money in the world.....while some others die hungry and thirsty....bahut nainsaphi hai!

what a waste of money....

i agree abhishek manages to look seen in oprah show...he just won the crowd over and overshadowed aishwarya...
and some blaming srk for being nude..didn't abhishek kissed john in dostana...god , i think indian culture is in jeopardy more in this

beauty and beast?

abhishek is only average, if he was not amitabh's son no one look at him and aish...she looks only good in makeup, camera and with the help of lights

abhishek at least manage to look real..may b he isn't damn good looking..some beauties r so fake

I don't see Lux brand a'where apparently seems some love romance sequence between husband & wife which people may not be interested to see...

wow..frm the looks of it,,it looks like a stunning n a sensuous ad..lets see!!
nd btw..bollywood..y would abhishek be bashed by d media,,he is not like dat cheapstake srk who was lying nude in dat bath tub showing his waxed chest!!

is she trying to seduce him blindfolding him! quite a kinky ad for a soap!

beauty and the beast xD
you can decide who's who :D loool

LOL..abhishek for a lux ad? will the media bash him like they bashed srk for endorsing lux?? may be not..he is a bachchan after all.roflol!! but yeah ASH is looking stunning

So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! They always look so happy with each other. That is what is best of all about them!

Aishwarya looks beautiful and alluring. Abhishek also looks handsome. They make a handsome and loving couple.

Aish looks and stunning, what a lovely couple

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