Photos: Baby Aaradhya & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan return from Chicago

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan snapped with Aaradhya Bachchan at the airport. They were returning from Chicago with mom Vrinda Rai. Amitabh Bachchan came to pick them up.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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Overrated talentless woman.

Ash+Aaradhya look alike

Ash lookalike

aww she is such a jaanu doll

This is a cutee baby. I hope she stays natural and cute. God Bless!

Her mom has so much make up on! Does she not leave the house without makeup? that eye shadow makes her look like a witch!! She puts the make up on a the entire flight? It is ridiculous. I wonder what Abhi has to put up with every day.....

Awwww Cutie...can't take my eyes off the first pic...and yes she looks like ASH

She has Aishwarya eyes [SHAPE] and her father's lips - therefore she is beautiful!

Ash is only protecting Aradhya's eyes from camera flashes. Aradhya always sleeps through flights and airports and only seems to stir from camera commotion!

why she is tourcharing this baby always covering her face in this way?????!!

Sun, 2012-10-07 15:10 — Anonymous

ok, and from where she is strawberry? plase explain.
Jaya Bachchan's nickname for her is strawberry.

Wow! this post has been #1 on PV for 2 days now, kya hua???? No news in Bollywood?

Cant believe people think she is not letting the baby look at people!!

Cummon! It is a sleeping baby probably blinded by flash lights from all the cameras!! What would you do if your baby was hounded? Expose them to the entire battery of photographers? Pose for pictures at the airport??

i can't help noticing her sweaty upper lip. :/

@Sun, 2012-10-07 02:54 — Anonymous- Ash doesn't need to get people to get curious about her, anything she does makes NEWS! After all she is the BEST and obviously you are gaga over her even though you won't admit it lol because your reading about her!

Awww Aara looks cute and she really does look like Ash here! Ash looks beautiful as usual!

Sun, 2012-10-07 07:10 — Anonymous
ok, and from where she is strawberry? plase explain.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha u r so right!

NOT a fan of Ash...but even i had to say AWWWW...cute baby!

Aaah yeah VW, how could I forget the big B's b-day... party time for the Bachchans! :)

Awwww she looks cute..Ash needs to lose her weight seriously..what has she done to her face after the delivery.....

Love the way she dress the baby. must copy that 4 my baby

the hand that hold this Amitabh and mother of aishwarya.olha for the bracelet ....


Baby looks cute....Cute like any other baby...Nothing extraordinary...Ash looks just OK....

ok, and from where she is strawberry? plase explain.

Sat, 2012-10-06 19:32 — Anonymous

The baby has clearly outgrown the baby bjorn, please let the kid have a normal life...
I thought so too until I saw pics of Padma Lakshmi and her daughter. 0_o
I checked the Baby Bjorn website and it states that the maximum weight is: 14 kg/30.8 lbs Yikes!

@Kitty I knew she wasn't gonna stay long in Chitown because Big B's bday is on the 11th and he's turning 70. Even Abhi must be packing his bags as we speak lol. :-)

nice lip job Ash. the look so full now


why i am not suppose to post my comment...ppl who are ga ga abt ash are only allowed to post pinkvilla owned by ash PR.....she has one mantra in life Less Visbility=high level of curisoity among fans, thats why she wants to hide her baby im D biggest Celeb in India....U need to pay me before u see my daughter not like madhuri,sridevi,aamir,sharukh or anyone

The baby is really cute..looks like Ash a bit here...Ash looks tired but beautiful nevertheless!!

less visibility == more curiosity , aish knows very well how to keep herself top in d news among list of celebrity...

she wears soo much makeup even while travelling?

baby does not look like ash. but why shd these things matter? its just a baby.she will hav eherown identity

Fri, 2012-10-05 21:19 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture


choooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeee

muuuuuuuahhh......bless u child! God bless u! :*

-- you kidding me??? GOD ALREADY TOOK CARE OF THAT BABY!

Awww..she z so cute..nd aish as always b'full...

I think the baby girl looks like Aish to be very honest maybe slight from fathers side but she looks like a baby version of Aish. God bless.

Why does she have to hide her face??She resembles Ash.She wouldnt be cute if she resembled dad abhishek.

The baby is cute...The first pic gave an impression that she looked like her dad, but this pic she looks a bit like both which is gr8!!! Happy for them :)

awww cute...

Really Aishwarya mother is always with Aishwarya. Aishwarya must have a great mother as support. Great to see that. Most of the time when a daugther is married the bond will go lost.

seeing her after a long time with straigthend hair... she looks different... baby is cute.. in the photo she looks a bit like aish (the brows, looking at baby ash photo ). the eyes make me think of abhishek. but I think as she grows she will changed...

They walked through the airport and the baby never lifted her arms or moved them from that position? Seems odd for a baby of that age.

Sat, 2012-10-06 13:31 — Anonymous
Man she is an exact copy of Ash!!!! Except for the eye colors,beautiful or not I just pray for her good fortune and well being

Seriously , you pray every night for this child?Did you give birth to her? I hopy you include your own family in your prayers. And I hope you take a couple of moments in you day to pray for the people who are so not celebrity kids. Maybe you are a kind person who already does pray for world peace and if you forgive me.

This is one cute baby. Not chubby as Aishwarya when she was a baby. Has some features from the mom and of dad.
She is soooo cute. Aishwarya has so much makeup on for a flight. Why are you ruining your skin Ash?

loving caring mom....god bless her

Cutie! Hello baby Strawberry! :)

I'm surprised Aishwarya is back so soon, I thought she was staying in Chicago with Abhi?

Hi Fiza, thanks for posting those side by side pics, it's true Aaradhya has similar features to baby Aishwarya... so precious. Seems Aaradhya has the best of both parents' features, she is gorgeous.

the baby is going to become 1 yr old and they still carry her that way???

Man she is an exact copy of Ash!!!! Except for the eye colors,beautiful or not I just pray for her good fortune and well being

the lil girl is so cute and aishwarya still looks gorgeous:)

Lara Dutta's baby is the cutest and her parents are willing to share. Why all this song and dance with Ash?

I agree, except for her eye colour, all her features look like her mom's. She is a cute baby and will grow up to be a beautiful girl.

awwww! Aaradhya looks like Aishwarya! how adorable!

guys amitabh always drives - he loves driving so i dont see him using a driver much.

Agree w/ some last time the baby looked like Abhi, but this time she looks like Aish awww so much cuter than last time.

this is just aishwarya show always to get limelight

Aaradhya willbe a supermodel when she grows up.

The baby has clearly outgrown the baby bjorn, please let the kid have a normal life, as i said before , have family pics taken for vanity fair or people, let the world see the baby. the curiosity goes down, reporters are not chasing down other star kids like hritik's or shah rukh's. i think the bachchan family is deliberately causing this madness.

Ash is smothering the baby. if this was in US she will be sent to parenting class while the baby is with CPS.

Aishwarya is so pregnant again can see it because of her swollen feet. She looks beautiful face wise.

So tru she looks 90% same as Aish
Thanks for sharing the pic :)
Same eyes nose lips & face cut :)
but she is too tall for her age :)

Sat, 2012-10-06 17:47 — Fiza_Khan
@Voiceswriter, dnt visit PV tht much these days :)
Can't say I blame ya, nothing has changed.

woah check out that wheel :O

What is she trying to do for the love of GOD?? Let the kid breathe. Everyone has already seen her pictures, its all over the net. She acts as if her daughter is the first celebrity kid born in this planet who is being hounded and basically blocks her nasal cavity and mouth when she is walking her out. That is just so unhealthy.

Ash looks good. Please let that baby breathe, smile and be natural!

@Voiceswriter, dnt visit PV tht much these days :)

u will understand what I mean, if u see this, they have the same "Exact" eyebrows & nose.....eye shape looks "SLIGHTLY" similar as well..... :D -

i love aishwaryna all photos in one blog

Hi @Fiza_Khan long time no see.

"Baby looks like her mom slightly in the 1st pic! Has the same delicate features like Aish" :)
I thought the same thing too with this pic:

Baby looks like her mom slightly in the 1st pic! Has the same delicate features like Aish and comparing with Aish's young photos, the baby does look like both Aish & Abhishek :) Which is a good combination :)

She might have dark eyes & might be darker than her mom slightly, but why will that effect her beauty or looks in any sense? :/ Plus, she is a tall baby & only a few months old :/ It is hard to decide if she is gonna have a sharp nose or fat nose at this moment :| I see babies changing A LOT.

she looks kike jaya...after 20 years we can see 6.2 hiegt jaya....

she should let the child be, I can see how uncomfortable the child is. And ya she looks grown u long legs, curious big eyes like abhishek. Poor thing is so tied up, I am sure she wants to play and be free like other kids.

हवाई अड्डे पर ऐश्वर्या राय बच्चन

The lady in beige jacket must be their helper and her mum must be the main care taker when aish is away

she looks gorgeous. adorable baby!!

The baby looks very cute, She will be 1/2 tones darker then her mom, a little taller with more cute feature than sharper....
Aish is looking very pretty here... if she loses weight ... she can do any role :)
She is actually glowing :)

The baby is cute :)

Would have been nice to see baby in a car seat. I would be using a car seat for baby to protect her life from India's unpredictable traffic chaotic drivers than shielding her face.

Goodness Gracious....what the hell is she doing to her only child, aishwarya is definitely not a normal person. stop being cruel to your own baby, don,t spoil your baby just let her have a normal life, stop carrying your child like this she is very tall and unfit for this. from what I can see the baby looks more like aishwarya rai and she is very cute.

the baby will grow up to be a stunner...way taller than ash is...not just a pageant model but a real supermodel...

i am so glad the cute baby has abhi's eyes, they are big brown pools of warmth and love...i know i am in the minority but i find ash's eyes, cold,distant and icy ........since she has gotten older ash has taken to doing makeup like a drag queen...maybe the lack of confidence or something..who knows...not a fan of pasty cakey foundation which is 3 shades to pale even for western skin...and dramatic eyeliner ALL THE TIME..this time with a leather coat?

All of ash's people walk next to her or behind her, not a single one walks in front of her, all the better to let the tipped off paparazzi get a good shot. and she is ready for them in full makeup, winged eyeliner and ironed hair. its good that she has time to dye her hair brown and paint her nails a different color every single day, but as she is a 100% dedicated hands on mom with no help from nannies she cant spare 20 minutes to get fit. we understand.

Actually I dont wish her any ill. she's beautiful and she has a lovely child, a wonderful family life and no doubt fully devoted to them. I used to be a fan of hers back in the day, and still admire this particular trait of hers. but after knowing more about how people in the public eye have to live and how they have to manage their fame, it is fairly easy (and entertaining) to see through her public dramas. as they say, the only bad publicity is no publicity. she complains that people are more interested in her personal life than her professional life, but she knows how much she has benefited from it. nobody cares about her movies because there is nothing interesting there. but people love a good rumor or controversy or best of all a scandal, specially one that involves pretty people who act all holier than thou. whether willingly or not she has benefited from all three throughout her career, infact many times they kept her afloat when her films were sinking without a trace. if she issued a clear clarification to rumors it would put an end to the speculation...but she doesn't want that now, do she? Better not to say anything. she does not reveal anything about herself. when asked about anything she gives vague answers that don't mean anything. This was the favored tactic of Andy Warhol as well. Say too much, explain too much and people begin to understand you and you become familiar and common. there is nothing interesting anymore. the mystery has been revealed. But be slippery and hard to grasp and people will be falling over themselves to get hold of you. This is why magic tricks enthrall us. This is what separates Ash and also Katrina from other actresses who are too eager to share everything about themselves and let people into their world. the girl/boy-next-doors or those who say/reveal everything make people lose interest in them (Rani, Preity, Sonam, Vivek and countless others who are nowhere today).

When you know how a magic trick is done you lose the awe that you once felt for it. Look a little closer at Ash (past all the glitter and glamour she throws in your face) and you can see right through her. It is really quite amusing :-)

The baby is very cute. Just adorable.
But, everyone need to give her some breathing room, especially the press frenzy.

Lear from Aishwarya ...Low Visibility=High Curiosity..........chill yaar evreybody has baby...Ur not d only Celebrity of INDIA...dont hold her head so tightly...

Can Pink Villa please stop putting up these "double photos" of Aishwarya's baby (and other stars', too)? It makes me think I'm seeing conjoined twins, which is particularly bad in the case of baby pics. Thank you.

Sooo cute!!! The baby looks more like Ash than Abhishek

OMG the frensy.... She has to shield the baby's eyes from all the flashes... But she is more relaxed about showing Aaradhya's face. She may not have Aishwarya's eyes, but she looks her....those cute , full lips... And how tall is this baby?....oh my! Love them! :))))

May be the baby Looks like Salman and Vivek Mixture... so she's hiding it from the world....
Or may be Baby looks like Amitabh and AIsh mixture look a like... hehe

I dont think there is any other reason to hide her face...

I know shes just a baby... but whats the point Aish to hide her face... when in coming next 15 years she's gonna wear tiny shorts and will shows-off her all over here and there......

PV post it

@@Fri, 2012-10-05 23:47 — Voiceswriter
Voiceswriter's picture

Sat, 2012-10-06 03:36 — Anonymous

you are right! child safety is huge in america/north america.... Im not too sure about india.
Maybe they should use all of their money to cushion the babies. ;)
especially shilpa, she should use her pre-nup or contract she nade raj sign to hand over all his money after they get married as her childs pillow at night.

@Fri, 2012-10-05 23:47 — Voiceswriter
Voiceswriter's picture

Sat, 2012-10-06 03:36 — Anonymous

you are right! child safety is huge in america/north america.... Im not too sure about india.
Maybe they should use all of their money to cushion the babies. ;)

@THe baby looks different from the previous pics.. now she looks like aish.. the other pics, she looked totally like Abhishek.

maybe she in chicago she get something done to baby ha ha ha so that she looks fair and like aiswharya ..ha ha well just kidding when we think aishwarya s past each time she returned abroad she was more fair,lips thicker ,eyes more crystal ...anyways ...nice photos except heavy makeup and those boring hair

The baby doesn't have blue/green eyes

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