Aishwarya's sideburns

Aishwarya, the perfect looking goddess has hair on her face too like you and me:). Thought i would share this photo with you.

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She is very beautiful even with her sideburns and just perfect.

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that is disgusting.

Ummm.. so?

"To make it worse she has dyed it blonde"

Um no she didn't... those are tiny hairs you can only see under light... everyone has them"

I just came across this reply to my post and feel compelled to reply. First off not everyone has them. The vast majority of Indian women do have side burns, but a few don't. That is why people say Aishwarya is common. She has a lot of traits that you see on girls walking in the streets. But, isn't that why you like her? You don't see it on people like Rekha (even as a young girl) or Lara Dutta. This girl, low forehead, hairy, very common. I personally have had Indian friends with facial or arm hair who have dyed it blonde. Yeah, blonde hair against tan skin, that will really hide it.

Woohoo, she's a real woman, let's celebrate!!

I don't like her that much but ya its natural so whatever

everyone has big deal. she's gorgeous as ever

its natural and they are tiny hairs who cares

"To make it worse she has dyed it blonde"

Um no she didn't... those are tiny hairs you can only see under light... everyone has them

big deal

Ms.Anon she never said she is perfect...infact she is always said that is just a title..i wake up with zits/n acne ..bad hair dayetc..and i am surprised to see the caption for the pic too ..smita she is a woman like u and me will have every thing normal/natural

i've always noticed was pretty evident in a pic i once saw: a candid of her on the sets of sarkar rag where she's wearing those sunglasses and has her face turned. it was really noticeable in that pic. no biggie though. just wish she would stop pretending to be perfect...since she is not and no one is.

Glad to see she is human like the rest of us. Always looks like a beautiful goddess to me :-)

oh wow thats so funny like ha ha ha ?For god sake ppl get a life

but obvious.... after all she is human being....

Perfect face? Not all Indian women have hair like that. I'm all for being confident, but this always annoyed me, adds to her common look. To make it worse she has dyed it blonde, please get a wax, not at all attractive.

It is natural stop picking on her.

i dont think the person who made this post is pointing out a "flaw" in aish. instead what she/he is trying to say is that this is NOT a flaw and that having hair is completely natural and NORMAL. and this is not petty, this is something all indian girls are conscious about especially those who live in america where there are girls that don't have as much hair as the average indian woman. so seriously, lets not go there.

wow..and i thought she was an alien! anything to get her down! what the hell is wrong with you? are you that mesmerized by her? or just that jealous? she is just like US... nothing out of the ordinary! just well put up together and diplomatic. i dont think there is anything wrong with trying to portray a perfect personality ... which may not be so perfect for some.


It is so natural. I have seen really hairy girls who shave that area and when it's so hideous to see spikes of hair when they grow. It's better the Ash has it. I have it as well

Nice watch though! Longines Evidenza Rs. 5 Lacs + Taxes, but she surely got it for free

nothing bad .....whot to do with side up down corner or back ......let see those features of her face....which are most beautiful in world

so what? some girls have it. can't help it.

i dont like , i think she is fake and photogenic but dont forget she is
HUMAN... i wont criticise her over petty things , sorry. i have a life

wow..finally, some similarity with Ash...*phew* thank God!! :D:D:D

I think people are forgetting that she's a human being too just like the rest of us. Everyone has flaws! However, if majority of your career is based on your appearance and if your always under a microscope then you should be groomed at all times. But she's still beautiful!

Hehe thanks for sharing smitag :0

aww thats nasty man!

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