Ali Zafar's brand new shoot

Ooh La La ;D

Credits: fb

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eww... must be using the PS trial version :))))

He is so photoshopped!

Lol Lol Lol Lol...... If Ali Zafar is good looking then I think every guy walking on the street in Karachi and in Lahore are also good looking!

he is so gayyyyish

i dunno theres something disconcerting about it

nice pic thou i wish it was n t that photoshopped he is
good looking so no need of THAT much of photoshoping

LOL did 12 year olds photoshop this?

i think this is photoshopped with him on some other dude's body lol

OMG, really bad photoshop of the six pack! really bad job

oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhh.damn cutie Ali.
thanks for sharing.


why do every actor has to show his boxers?i guess they dont understand it is supposed to be an underwear.

wtf he's so girly

couldnt they have minded the foto shoping - photo shopping should be made illigal - just look at the line betn the belly and underwear?!!!!


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