Alia Bhatt at Filmfare Awards 2013

Photos,Filmfare Awards 2013Photos,Filmfare Awards 2013Photos,Filmfare Awards 2013Photos,Filmfare Awards 2013Photos,Filmfare Awards 2013
Photos,Filmfare Awards 2013

It was a gala event last night at Filmfare awards. Bollywood’s biggest names attended the event which is considered the Oscars for Bollywood. Movies like Barfi, Gangs of Wasseypur, Kahaani dominated awards night. Saif Ali Khan & Shah Rukh Khan hosted the event.

Check out the Winner's list Here.

Anonymous's picture

alia bhatt look so hot and pretty

onlyrani's picture


Miah-freak's picture

Err stop it aalia..u r just a need of this much cleavage !!
Although gorgeous outfit but horrible makeup ruins it completely..nd the dress is not appropirate for her age !

Voiceswriter's picture

No. Sorry.

natexoh's picture

OMG that lengha is beautifulllllllllllll! I want!

bebo_pclover20's picture

All I see is cleavage.

Real Talk's picture

except the push up bra everything else looks nice..

sharon_diva's picture

I understand she is excited but no need to show cleavage!!! even in manish malhotra dress... she is forgetting that she is a teenager...

She never gets anything right neither western nor traditional!!!

dipziebaby's picture

Gorgeous Outfit....!

Destiny Invites's picture

She is looking good but she'd have looked ultra cute if only her neckline were a bit higher. It is now distracting looking like she wants that attention.

kohinoor's picture

Her make up is scary

greenforv's picture

OMG! I was thinking the same thing, that only Shriya Saran can pull off the sexy back look. Alia looks like she's imitating Shriya here.

Naveed's picture

Alia is a pretty girl and only a few years younger than me but she looks uncomfortable here (I could be wrong) and leaving her large chest aside ;) she looks about 12 years old.

Only ONE lady pulls of the sexy back pose... Shriya Saran

starlight's picture

the back is supercute..the front was embarrassing

milanax's picture

her cleavage is so inappropriate for her age.

penguinsRus's picture

epic cleavage show. it's disgusting.
i saw the back view and thought wow...horrendous.
but it was nothing compared to what i saw in the front.

seriously, if your gunna wear indian attire, dont make it SOO vulgar!

MakeupCritic's picture

Monstrosity. She is trying too hard to look sexy. That squashed up cleavage is just.. NO. The face is grey, yet again.

shumaila's picture

she looks amazing and manish malhotrais the best

Catharina Amalia's picture

Alia seems to be proud of her back.

DorianGray's picture


PrincessRuchi's picture

Like what I see! Cute as a button Aalia :D

Pink_villa_Boy's picture

SEXY back ;)

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