Amid separation rumours with husband Imran Khan, Avantika Malik snapped with daughter Imara; check photos

Imran Khan's wife Avantika Malik and daughter Imara were snapped at a fitness challenge yesterday. Recently, there were reports that Imran and Avantika are heading for a divorce.
Photos,Imran Khan,avantika malikAmid separation rumours with husband Imran Khan, Avantika Malik snapped with daughter Imara; check photos
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Imran Khan's wife Avantika Malik was snapped at a fitness event in Mumbai yesterday along with daughter Imara. The mother-daughter duo worked out on the ground along with their friends. In the photos, Imara Khan can be seen having a good time on the field as she is running and even lifting the dumbles.

Avantika is helping Imara as she tries headstand on the ground. They had gone for a fitness challenge and we can see how truly Imara has nailed it. This is Avantika first public appearance since the reports of her troubled marriage with Imran Khan made the news. There were reports that Avantika and Imran's marriage has hit the rock bottom and the former shifted to her parents' home.

However, Avantika Malik's mother squashed the reports of their split. While Avantika's mother revealed that there are differences between them, they are trying to sort them out. But they won't get divorced. The couple has not given any statement regarding the same.


Imran Khan and Avantika Malik got married in 2011. Before their marriage, they were dating each other for 8 years. They welcome their daughter Imana in 2014.


Leave them alone.respect their privacy.

Ranbir-Imran, Ranbir-Ranveer, Alia-Shraddha, Alia-Parineeti, Alia-Deepika...we are clearly seeing how KJo’s game has ruined everyone except Ranveer and Deepika! God save them

If she didn’t come from a rich family she would have had no chance with Imran. He used to be the hottest thing and is a very articulate, nice and attractive man. She is the one who lucked out.

Very true...the Ranbir or Imran question ruined Imran’s career. KJo continues the ploy by pitting Deepika and Alia and Ranbir and Ranveer against each other. Hoping Deepika and Ranveer will survive KJo’s dirty politics to always put his fav nepokids above everyone!

now kjo is doing same thing with ranveer and ranbir,deepika and alia.everybody says ranbir and alia's name just to impress kjo,if someone say's deepika and ranveer's name watch how kjo's face turn's black

I always found them to be one of the very few genuine couples in Bollywood.

Imran Khan never seemed passionate enough about Bollywood. When he came on KWK, he was kind of putting himself down too. He is too nice of a guy to compete with the cutthroat competition unfortunately. Btw, his wife needs to hit the GYM.

KWK ruined Imran’s career as PapaJo was comparing him and RK just to make RK look superior to him and like his wish, everyone rated Imran below RK. KJo has preference even within nepo he destroyed whatever was left in Sonakahi’s career coz he wanted to hype Alia in Kalank.

KJo continues doing it with Ranveer by pitching him against RK.. talent ultimately shines. Currently Ranveer is way ahead of this aging druggie.

She’s a adorable little girl. Imran’s career was ruined by Coffee with Karan where lot of celebs were saying he’s too overrated.

So same true. Tha ranbir or imran the brighter future question and karan s poorly hidden glee at the answer always being Ranbir is fresh in my mind.

All these years nobody bothered to stalk the wife and that they are separated suddenly the spotlight seems to be on them..leave the poor kid alone...

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