Anisha padukone[deepika's sister] spotted with Ranbir kapoor

Photos,Ranbir Kapoor
Photos,Ranbir Kapoor

Deepika padukone's sister Anisha padukone with Ranbir kapoor. Anisha is the girl in pink.

Photo submitted by Atyanth Ahuja. this is an old photo obviously

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really vidya ballan is too hot , too qute , mann to karta hi ki usko ek achii se kiss dene ka

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Ranbir Deepika should just kiss and make up. A WOW couple

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one got the good genes the other one didn't xD

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hey wht she is doing wth her sis`s ex boyfrnd

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kucch nahi dikhta

hrithikrules's picture

definitily not worth the effort of u posting or me viewing.
too small.

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It is so sad that these two so well matched couple broke up. Hope Ranbir and Deepika get together again, they look like made for each other.

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its a very small picture...was not worth the effort lol


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